hey guys Jimmy Anderson here now be an
awesome day today what we’re gonna be doing is
a preservation of wealth review. well we’re gonna take a look at what the
product is or take a look at one the celebrity
endorsements that they have very quickly and we’re going to bath also take a look and the preservation of wealth compensation plan and talk a little bit about the
advantages and disadvantages the compensation plan they’ve chosen and
finally will add talk about the unique selling
proposition that they have most businesses have some sort of the
unique selling proposition and I’ll talk to you about what I
believe preservation of wealth stick with me to the end
I’ll tell you how to generate leads not just for preservation of wealth but for any business and the
kinda person that you need to focus on and to generate a lead for your specific
business opportunity have an awesome day and enjoy
this review yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah go do thanks for joining me for this
preservation of wealth review and like I said before and
take a look at several parts at this company hope that you enjoy this presentation
you have any questions about the company itself banker GD click on the link below it’ll take you to want the associates
who is a part of this campaign E and you can learn more from now you can
call them on the phone I actually answer your calls I am NOT and preservation 12 at this
time so I receive no benefit from the review that I’m doing from a funny and ongoing finance
perspective I’m not going to continue to make money have because the people that watch this
video but if you do decide to join the company you can click on the link below this
video and get started with a guy an that I know personally and Ernie or
you can call him and ask him questions and heavy glad to help ya he also knows the person he also knows
the company owner speaks to him on a regular basis in PB
glad to connect with them as well so and the first thing really look at is
the product what do you get when you join
preservation well well and the main a idea the main thing that they provide is
a company is they provide you the ability if you
look down here to purchase medals and coins at cost by eliminating the middleman in
markets they’re kinda black a Sams or Costco club where you can buy a membership to preservation up well not membership
gives you the ability to buy wholesale gold and silver or medals are call Ehnes add all that
stuff and a highly discounted cost around a
wholesale cost compared to you other places as I looked
at online as I looked at different and testimonies from the company now given
some people are gonna make money because their testimonies and so they might be a little biased that a lot
of people just get this membership just for the product
which is a great thing when you’re looking to join a direct
sales company is the product stand-alone would you buy
the product even if you could make money with the product a lot other people do
join preservation well for the membership just for the savings
that the experience on purchasing Melvin Goins so that’s one other products coupley
other things that thrown in and our legal counsel & services
LifeLock identity protection services and then a turnkey gold and silver
business opportunity which is why most have your prime watching this video because you’re looking at the design
you’re looking at the business opportunity which means you can sell memberships to
other people make money so that’s a little bit about the product
itself am I didn’t want to go ahead and show
you a video the celebrity endorsement he can speak
for himself so check out this video and we’ll be right back hi I’m Kevin Harrington from ABC’s hit
show shark attack goods think like of got a belly kinda palm good I’ve seen thousands a business
opportunities and products from that show in my
business for the last 25 years what I look for in a company is a great
product at a great price when I met the people preservation a
wealth they had it all they’ve got gold and silver the most
unbelievable product number one but they guarantee you the best price possible that’s where I get my gold and
silver and I’m a recommended you do the same thing to okay so as you can see that somebody who
is successful as a entrepreneur as a business owner is
made millions and millions of dollars and he believes in preservation welcome what
they’ve got going on the next 30 minutes to take a look at is
the compensation plan so there’s three parts the compensation
plan the first part is the upfront commissions and they identify
this in fast start bonuses and there are two types fast start
bonuses you can receive with preservation 12 the first is direct
commissions and this is when you sell a what they
call their membership packaged and I believe it’s
called a yeah would see that P O W benefits
program you receive a Commission and for the
annual benefits package and that’s what they say most people purchase for that annual benefits package receive
a hundred dollars in commission and the Commission camps from the
membership package and not the sale that cost at the actual metals that that are
involved in the sale so you make your commissions from zone
membership and that’s something the upfront
commissions an additional up-front fast are opportunity is the indirect fast start bonus and that is where you can make fifty dollars on what the people that you sponsor
bring into the business and so when they bring somebody and you
make fifty dollars every time they sponsor someone they make a hundred with this certain package and then you
make fifty in some very quickly you could make some
upfront money just by providing people the product which is a good part this
compensation plan the second part of the compensation plan
is the team commissions are the residual income I went ahead and did a video for the on
the whiteboard for that check that out and I’ll be right back hey guys Jamie
Henderson here and I’m here to talk about the team commissions part the preservation
well compensation plan the team part which is typically designed to produce residual
income some kind and in order to qualify for
the team heart have the commission structure in P
O W you need to be at fifty BB I can do that in a number of ways you
can sell one of the packages and you can sell what the products or
you can be on what’s called option ship I like that they call it
option ship I think that’s pretty creative as its not on ownership its option ship
but you can choose to receive a numismatic coin every month and so
that qualifies you also for the 18 compensation plan their team
compensation plan is what’s called a binary compensation plan if you want
to watch the full video on the compensation plan just click on the link
somewhere around this video and you can watch the full compensation
plan from preservation well directly and probably
also get connected to the PDF for the compensation plan or you can click
on the link and go to you the associates website and
Ernie here and lvl singer PDF the compensation
plan but one part the compensation plan like
I said is this idea residual income it’s team building
residual incan and it’s done through by Aaron the way
it by ear works as let’s say is you have here and you come down and let’s just say and you are under
somebody who is a successful marketer and they began people angry and so that’s a start to get all the spillover
and against the bill what’s call power line so you can see that you get your
somebody who is a successful marketer you can quickly have want your legs
built for you and then what you have to do is you
start putting people on your other side and so you wanna yeah this way and start
running the ball down this way now I’ll couple things one a positive binary
compensation plan is you could be responsible for only
building one way at your business and and that be it
thing because you don’t have to like you level your responsible for
building on your front line people and then you get help them build their
team to help them build their teams and so that can be a struggle for some
people that some of the appeal of the binary compensation plan is that you can
get what youre likes built for you and the disadvantage if that is that you have to build your other leg or you
have to teach people how to build their other
way so let’s say you gotta yeah this guy down here and he’s he’s
built this like right here well this guy right here I’m he may at
his other leg for I’m and and then he as got finally
sponsor somebody okay now the average person in our
industry sponsors between two and three people
okay most people are part-time ninety percent of people never never get
to a full time income or anywhere close because they don’t have sponsored people
so what happens is you get this guy over here he is sponsored by this guy’s so
this guy was about to make some money because the binary compensation play yet
at some time balance in your lengths to make some money that
this guy right here is not in power you can see came off and
zone out this guy you can his peace Travers Joe he can
only sponsor 23 people and so a prince and his two people and he never achieves the necessary
compensation to make Mac and so he’s all alone on it on his own over here and he can’t
make the money that he needs today because
he’s all alone not only that wanna this is the edges
out the binary compensation plan is that I’m in you have to build your other way and yet
to teach people to do the same and so if you’re talking to somebody especially if they’re already in the
industry and you say hey wanna join me in this binary compensation plan they’re gonna say which one is your
power away that’s the 1 I’ll and so they join date: obviously wanna
join this leg right here because this is where me all the action it’s that’s where they
want to be miss you need to put them over here big as this is where you get to make
money and so the binary compensation plan that
can cause issues over time because people
don’t have a sponsor people and it also promotes you know sponsor
people because you want to be like this bill for you
than you realize away get a bill the other side now in the excuse me preservation well gets around so the challenges this based on me other parts of their
compensation plan they have Frank commissions at both
direct an indirect and their very lucrative okay that as memberships are sold in their program
you can make some pretty get money just by seeing the
membership sold those renew annually so I’m assumption
is and you had to go to the link below and ask the person who’s in this company my assumption is that
but has it that you can add those the when they were new annually that is form residual income
and some monthly but its annually if you get enough memberships
built up and your personals get enough
memberships Delta you make many every time you sell a
membership they make many every time they sell membership every time they
sell a min a membership you also make money so make
sure to watch the compensation plan you have any questions about the
compensation plan itself click on the link below that you can find more the associates
information there but and you can put in your name email
address their their site or give them a call believe their phone
numbers on the website and I’ll be glad to talk to you about it
I’m but just wanted to give you an idea of what the buyer in compensation plan
looks like so the advantages and disadvantages this
is the team Commission art the preservation well and the preservation of wealth
compensation plan so I hope you enjoy this and we’ll see
in the next area the final part in the compensation plan
is the matching commissions part the compensation plan and you can receive 10 percent executive matching
bonus on all your personally sponsored associate team commissions once you
achieve the rank of consultant and as you move up to the executive
level you can get a 10 percent match on all
they do and so there is Sam reward for building
a team here and matching commissions is set then
it’s definitely helpful as people build a direct sales business because it encourages you to help your team and
so that’s a little bit about the compensation plan and the next thing wanna talk about is
preservation wealth and what are there unique selling propositions if you want to be successful and
building any business you can identify what are the unique
selling propositions I believe preservation well up well has
has three pretty good ones one is they’ve had the advantage our current economy and it’s
no secret that the value of the dollar in
the United States is going down significantly inflation is rising and there’s all kinds of things
happening in our economy that I couldn’t even begin to describe because that’s
not my field of expertise the preservation well is capturing the fear people that are experiencing those things and so what they’re doing
is they’re their offering a solution to you what’s
going on with our current economy an people tend act based on pleasure or to
avoid pain and so many people had the fear and experience the pain and
where current economy is and so to combat that preservation of
wealth is offering a solution to that the second thing is that with
preservation of wealth you actually building assets with the monthly product if you
choose the option ship and get the monthly call in program your purchasing something that’s going to you
either maintain its value or potentially even increase in value over time with many
other traditional direct sales companies
you’re purchasing a product that you consume and once you’ve consumed it’s gone or
you’re purchasing some kind have and some kind of service or some kinda software and it’s just its usefulness is when you
use it and then it’s gone with preservation wealthier actually
building assets your purchasing things that maintain their
value in if you look at gold and silver over time you actually
have purchasing something that increases the value the third thing that they have and I
don’t know the exact specifics that I think it’s a four-year buyback program energy click on the link below this
video and check out the website member but take a look at their buyback
program take a look at and the fact that they
will purchase back what you’ve purchased and with regards
to coins and in a min have some sorta buyback program for any the gold and
silver do leon things that you purchase from
them the purchaser I believe that market value at that time so that is a unique those are some the
unique selling propositions preservation of wealth so like a promise
you am we are looking at some a little bit
marketing training for you and how you can build a preservation wealth business were how you can build any
business online or through direct sales and the first thing that you need to do is
united to identify your target market who is your ideal prospect if I was
looking at an promoting preservation well I’m gonna look for people who understand the idea building assets maybe I’m
looking for people who like Robert Kiyosaki and Archer up and study
finances and understand the importance of building
assets over time and absolutely I’m looking for somebody
who Rd believes or has interest in the
direct sales industry that is always been apart my
personal target market this finding people who are already in
the industry and they are people that are proven they
bought products before they had them proven that their interested in
making residual income of some kind through this industry and you try to
convince them that this is not a scammer pyramid and
they believe in the idea and their great art market
beginning more specifically you need to look for somebody that and
has specific issues or problems dat and you can solve and so that’s the second thing is you
need to identify problem and that your company salt so identified
the problem whatever it might be maybe with yeah
preservation 12 it’s the devaluing the dollar the he can viewed video on the link
below the Stadio and check out some other than summit
that and what’s going on other économie an how preservation well solves that problem we need to do that
in your own business you to identify problems everybody has
it has your business hell solve that problem and so that’s
the final part this is create a solution with your unique selling proposition whatever your unique selling proposition
as it’s got assault some sort of problem for your target market so identify your
target market who are they how much money they had work at things that I think about water
their struggles what are their fears what are their
desire pleasures identify a problem that they might be
having and then with your company create unique
selling proposition 8 your company offers that no other company offers that provides a solution to that problem that’s how you build a direct sales
business that is how you build a business based on solving problems
adding value people’s lives helping people and eventually the more
value we put out there the more value provided people more problems you’ve
solved the more money you make so I hope you’ve
enjoyed this review if you have any questions for me can probably find a link to my website
below you have any questions about preservation well thank urge you to click on the link
right beneath this video you can get connected to you one at the
associates from this company and then the other phone number on their
side where you can put your email address in their form and
get a call back if you need one but you talk to a live person and
they’ll be able to help me out with your questions for preservation wealth I appreciate any other comments or
concerned you have any other questions you have below maybe some other PRW reps can put some more information
below this video and provide you some more information we
just ask that you don’t advertise your link have an awesome day god bless will talk to real same yeah yeah yeah yeah go do I’m