Good morning!!! hope you have a good weekend! oh man…. Welcome back to the best channel on Youtube I hope you are doing well and you have a good weekend and that you are doing fine! Thank you once again to all the translators out there, thank you very very much dope group chat Dana keeps reporting all the time really, so dope and also thanks to the community! I heard you guys will give me a Christmas present… i also heard something like that like 100K subs to everyone who hasn’t subscribed yet, please do it now, thank you so so much all the work that I put into this I’m also oppressing Dana to do this, she’s not doing it voluntarily she’s really being oppressed… I have chains on my feet… I’m technically chained to the chair yeah… she’s getting paid but poorly, very poorly but she’s still doing it that’s why she has chains on her feet if you don’t have the money you also have no chains so that’s why you should subscribe so the channel can grow faster and so she can maybe get more money and so we can start with cool actions RAHIM: new formats, new ideas… give-…giveaways DANA: and so I can do more stuff with on my channel and so Dana can finally be freed and do things on her own channel that’s how it goes we received many requests the past couple of days for someone who we should check out which is… DAWN with… Money I’ve never heard anything about him so far it’s a HIM? it’s a HIM, yes it could be everything, DAWN… yeah but I though you’d seen the thumbnail no I didn’t I try to go into these reactions blindly that’s why I didn’t search him up or anything so that we can really just…*makes noise and motion* first impression that’s also very very important for myself so that all my analyses and reactions are my first analyses it happens rarely, that it’s not the first time I listen to a song but I’d mention it it’s mostly due to me having already done my weekly top 20 Spotify playlist where one song could have slidden into it but that happens rarely and I also hear the songs differently than when I’m analyzing them it’s something completely different when I just listen to a song leisure-ly alright, let’s listen to it… we already talked too much I’m looking forward to it, I can’t image what will happen like pop, trap-pop image a ballad playing wow that could be sick a ballad about money this is…out of gold… out of gold? out of metal… look, it really is a ballad pop pop trap ballad this is really cool, with the plaster as a… the cool thing about it is that if we wouldn’t know that the song is about money and if he wouldn’t be mentioning money, it could really be like a love song yes! as if I had known it, so cool I told you it’s a ballad hate love you see trap pop, pop trap pop trap ballad dope shot very deep question that’s latex… yeah I just wanted to say that a latex top even the hands as well, right? it really is a pop ballad with trap elements in it funny funny it’s kind of strange now though right? yeah that… that “ohohooohh” sounded a bit like a German pop anthem oh like Tim Bendzko… no… Max Giesinger? yeah the last 20 seconds were unnecessary yeah it was strange, it was kind of unnecessary i was just kind of like a turning point like “oh I don’t need you anymore blabla…bye” well, he did mention it in between a couple of times that’s why… I though the message was already there yeah… yeah otherwise… but other than that it’s a cool song, except for the last few seconds yeah strange, otherwise it’s really a cool song… i have this weird stain on the lens… I don’t know, as if… is it still there? you’re not the stain, the stain is the stain… something happened to the lese either way… ohh I see it but you can’t see it on the video, right? I hope not either way, definitely beautiful message here in the background of video with texts and sentences very cool it really is a pop ballad with trap elements… especially in the drums exactly this was very important as well he’s also wearing three crosses here there’s vocal chop effects incorporated, right? here as well on the 1 as well a… it’s funny because it sounds like “dirty money, dirty bitch” there’s also a…*makes noise* a white noise filter but the drums in the hook here, so the snare and kick, they are more organic also how they are playing, almost like in a rock pop ballad it’s only the hi-hats that are so trappy but it sounds really cool, very interesting yeah it really fits well also very important…this… this pad in the background that plays these single notes… a little bit like an arpeggiator but… also distributed very widely with a stereo imager so that it sounds super wide they use a lot of piano as well, which is why it sounds a lot like a ballad because the piano keeps playing the chords also here somewhere… I think during the pre-chorus…with the reversed piano introducing the respective chords with a piano that plays it… backwards? they play it forwards but introduce the chord with the backwards sound yeah it really is pop this looks so cool, this latex top with this tank top over it and with all of these chains I would have never thought that you could combine something like this it looks soo dope very very cool the whole video was really beautifully filmed as well I really like it the color grading is really good solely the end… as already said, it was a bit…yeah…it didn’t need to be there but maybe that’s just our taste please write in the comments how you liked the song… if you think that they could’ve improved certain things… or worsened it… maybe people want to have something be worse…maybe…not I hope not either way, very interesting DAWN I look forward to seeing more stuff from him he’s apparently a new artist..? I don’t know if he’s a completely new artist but he’s new at P Nation and Hyuna is also new at P Nation did she change? and…both songs were released at the same time I think we did Hyuna yesterday is was a very spring themed song I think this one fits the fall/winter vibe more ok, it is… should we do it in the same direction? we always tend to do stuff with our hands, maybe we should express it more with our faces but I do… ok then I’ll just do… and then a bundle of money, from the emoji’s, will fly around somewhere here dope, ok, guys thank you so so much for watching I hope you learned something if yes, please subscribe and don’t forget to turn the notification bell on for me and please also go visit Dana’s Youtube channel and if you need some things, then please visit my Amazon shop, there’s a link below and I also have a weekly top 20 playlist on Spotify which you can gladly check out check it out! yes I updated it now… on Friday… yesterday yeah, the playlist was already updated by the time you see this video hopefully I find the time for it, because there’s a lot going on Friday and…it’s already… Friday… alright, thank you, bye!