My name is Samuel Leeds, and I want to officially
say, if you are not intending to invest in property in 2018, quite frankly, you are an
idiot. Now before I tell you why I think you’re an
idiot, let me just say a big “Merry Christmas” to you all. I’m sitting in my car currently.
The reason is, because inside the [barn 00:00:25], we have a crazy house. We’ve got family all
over. We’ve got the Zimbabwean side of the family who are very, very noisy. We’ve got
kids. We’ve got burning boxes outside in the yard. It’s absolutely crazy, so I thought
I’d sit in the car to explain to you why you need to be investing in property. There’s going to be four types of people who
are going to hate me for this video, and maybe you’re one of those four categories, so I’ll
be revealing that in the video to see if you are. And lastly, I’ve got a very special gift
for you, which is why I’m sitting in the car on Christmas Day to give you this gift, because
I really care about my subscribers and my fans. So the first type of people who are not planning
on investing in property who I think are idiots are, we call them the “big crash prophesiers.”
These are the people that say there’s going to be a massive crash in the economy and properties
are going to become worthless over the next few years, and it’s all going to be [inaudible
00:01:17] everywhere. And you know what? These people are idiots. Here’s why they’re idiots. Number one is because that is just not the
case. We’re living on a small island. There’s an overpopulation of people and a shortage
of houses. So, it’s completely ridiculous and moronic to say that the houses will become
worthless. “But what about Brexit when all the people leave?” What about the people that
are being born every day into this country? Give me a break. I think that wherever there’s
a recession, there always follows an expansion. Wherever there’s an expansion, there always
follows a recession. So there are parts, for instance, right now
of London which are dipping in value because they’ve doubled in the last six years. And
there’s other parts that are going up in value. One of the houses that I bought five years
ago in Walsall, which I bought it five years ago, and it’s gone up by 44% in the last five
years. But the same doom-and-gloomers were saying this five years ago. So [inaudible
00:02:03]. Stupid. Secondly, which is really important, is these
people that say that there’s going to be a big crash … Well, even if there was a big
crash, people like me and people, hopefully, like you make their money from rent. So, if
my whole portfolio dipped by 25%, it wouldn’t actually affect me at all right now, because
unless I was planning to sell them I’m still getting my rent coming in each month. And
usually what happens when properties do go down and there’s a recession, because people
can’t afford to buy and everything is difficult, it actually means that you get more renters
and rents go up. So the whole thing is completely moronic,
and the people that go around saying this usually don’t have an alternative, anyway.
They just like to scaremonger because they have no plan and they are completely broke.
If people who are going around saying, “Ooh, there’s going to be a big crash,” If there
was a crash that big that ruined property investors, it would ruin everybody. If interest
rates shot up that high that it would ruin people like me and people like you, it would
ruin everybody. The country couldn’t sustain that. So, I’d love to know what their plan
is. If they haven’t got a plan, if they’re just saying, “You shouldn’t do this and you
shouldn’t do that, and that’s dangerous, and that’s dangerous,” I am not interested. Anyway, Type Two. And these are the biggest
idiots of them all. These we call them the socialist or communist folk, that say, “To
own more than two houses is greedy, because what about the poor people that are struggling
to get on the ladder. You’re taking away …” You know what, that is just nonsense. People that
say, “Buy low, rent high. That’s so mean. It’s so bad on the tenants.” That is completely
ridiculous. Let me explain why that’s ridiculous. Firstly, because if you say that to have more
than one house is unfair because there’s people who haven’t got enough, then you need to take
that, not just with property, you need to take that same philosophy with your money
and say that there’s limited money in the world, so you shouldn’t have more than other
people. In which case, the same people that say you shouldn’t have more houses than other
people, I’m betting they’ve got more money than most people in the world. Trust me. I
know, because I’ve been to the rural parts of Africa, the slums of India. So the whole
argument is completely flawed. The bottom line is, there will always be rich
people, there will always be poor people. So you just want to be a nice rich person.
You want to get wealthy by adding value to people, and then when you get wealthy you
want to help the less fortunate. The only way you can get “buy low, rent high,” is by
buying properties that you’ve bought smart, and then you rent them out by adding value.
You split them up and rent them out room by room, and offer convenient accommodation for
professionals. So if you’re not adding value, you’re just trying to rent as high as you
can while being an idiot landlord, you’ve going to have empty properties anyway. So,
that’s the first reason why the argument is flawed. It’s also flawed because property investing
is a business. Your house is your product, your tenant is your customer. And in any business,
you’re only going to get money by adding value to people. So when I buy a house and I rent
it out to somebody, that person wants to rent it. I’m not being mean to them. I’m not forcing
them to rent it. The argument is flawed, and it’s always said by broke people and complete
hypocrites. And the reason they even say it is probably because they’re just jealous they
don’t have any properties themselves, so they go around saying that you shouldn’t have more
than X amount. And X amount is probably just the same size as their portfolio which is
usually none. Next. The third type of people who are not
planning on investing in property are the people who say that the government are making
it so difficult with the tax changes, and the stamp duty, and all the legislation. They’re
making property investing such a difficult business that they just give up and they’re
going to move on to something else. Yes, the government are making it harder in some areas,
but usually where there’s a rule change here for the bad, there’s always a rule change
here for the good, and you’d better find a loophole. So, the last house that I bought, I think
I’ve shared this before … In fact, the last two houses that I’ve bought, I’ve not paid
any stamp duty. And the tax changes are very get-aroundable. I’m buying in a limited company.
So, if you’re one of these people that’s scared off by the government and scared off by the
changes, I would just say, when people are scared off, that’s when you should be greedy.
And when people are greedy, that’s when you should be scared off. So, I wouldn’t call
you an idiot, but what I would say is just get yourself educated, and just work around
those issues rather than turning away from them. And watch how much money you make, as
I’m doing, as are my students. Which leads me to my last type of person,
the fourth category. And it’s not so much that they won’t invest in property in 2019,
it’s that they say that they can’t. And these are the people that haven’t got money to put
down as deposits, or they’ve got money but they can’t get a mortgage, or there’s just
something stopping them. I might have said to you guys, you’re not idiots, but you just
need to be educated and taught how to do it. There are some preachers out there who say,
“Oh. No money down deals are impossible. You’re just selling people dreams.” You know what? I’m really not about selling
people dreams, but when I’ve done it myself and I see lots of people doing it after going
on my Property Investors Crash Course … When last week I’ve just worked on a deal with
a guy who couldn’t get a mortgage and I’ve done a joint venture with him, whereby I’ve
not put any money in, and he doesn’t have to get a mortgage. And it’s like a win-win-win
for him. You know, when this is being done all the time, I can’t deny that it is doable.
Even the biggest investors in the world. Donald Trump. You might not like Donald Trump, but
he’s a serial investor. Loads of his deals he’s done, and he’s creatively done them where
they’ve been no money down deals. It’s completely doable. It just needs some creativity. Which leads me to my wrap-up, which is my
gift on Christmas Day to you, watching this at home. But before I tell you what that is,
I just want to say firstly, thank you for the gift that you’ve given me. Thank you for
watching this channel. I’ve now hit 3000-plus subscribers, which is just amazing. If you
are subscribed, if you comment, if you are a watcher and a follower of the Property Show,
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your success stories and just being part of your journey and you are also part of my journey
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