If I annoy you so much, then you should find
another shop to work in. Sounds great! OCL
So I’ve worked in a small barbershop for a year and 3 months now. When I was hired I
was not informed of the previous working conditions I was to be filling in for. My boss/shop owner (F62) neglected to inform
me that her previous staff had some issues. (A schizophrenic, a gold digging lesbian who
called everyone baby, and a former mayor who was beat half to death for sleeping with another
man’s wife.) She also had this horrendous tendency of complaining
about everything at work. Some days it was her trans-grandkid. Other days it was how
her boyfriend won’t propose, but when he did she just wasn’t good at commitment. There
were racist comments flung about, homophobic comments were frequent. You get the picture. Some days however, she was extremely laid
back and tolerable. I weathered through the rough patches of slow days and her bad attitudes.
Attempted to discuss her issues in healthy ways so she wouldn’t share them with clients.
I even opened and closed the shop, and covered for her when she decided to take random vacations. Eventually things began to settle, until about
a year into working there. She became sporadic and impulsive. Much more than usual to say
the least. She would fly into bouts of anger and throw tantrums about clients for no reason.
She decided to break it off with her boyfriend for not building her a lake house. She hired
a new barber despite us not needing one. She began dodging haircuts she didn’t like, and
more. Yet, the final straw that broke the horses
back. Was definitely when she tried to sell the shop out from under us without telling
us. The issue here is that she was telling clients, but not her employees. The new barber
was freaking out, clients had begun leaving. This was an issue I couldn’t overlook. So as shop manager I took it upon myself to
finally confront her when we were alone in the shop. I asked what her plans were and
that we just needed to know for communication sake. At least so we could plan appropriately.
With which I was only told “Don’t worry I have a plan, you guys can still work here.”
That wasn’t an answer for me though. So I responded with “alright as long as you have
a plan, and can communicate it with us then I’m fine with that.” Later that night she texted me the following: “We will no longer be discussing my business.
If I mention it to my customers, that’s my business. When it has to do with you, I will
let you know in plenty of time. Please keep your opinions to yourself. I am not mad. This
is just simply my business and I would appreciate it if we kept it that way. If you don’t like
the way I run MY business, and if I get on your nerves so bad, you should not be working
here. From this day forward, I will do things my way. Without any input… Thanks 🙏 ” So in short I told her thanks for an answer
and I’ll see her in the morning. The next morning I opened the shop as usual and didn’t
say a single thing to her for the entire day. Halfway through the new girl came up and told
me that my boss said I had been kissing her butt all morning, and I was giving her the
silent treatment. My boss was acting shady because she knew I was up to something. So
she left early that day in order to prevent a confrontation. I helped the new girl finish
the day out. Then I packed all of my stuff in my car and left her a letter of resignation.
I then texted her to say: “I’ve left my letter of resignation on your
register, I appreciate the opportunity to work and gained clients. From now on I’ll
be doing things MY way without any input. Good luck in whatever you do and please do
not contact me.” Since then I’ve been offered jobs by 3 different
shops. And have had clients from her shop contact me saying my boss doesn’t understand
why I left and has shut the shop down randomly. The new girl said my boss was in total shock
over me leaving. “If you are unable to work you must find your
own replacement.” Have fun being my replacement! OCM
(TL;DR at the end) Edit: thank you for the gold! 😀 I used to work as a server for a casual restaurant.
The managers there were lazy and constantly adding new, stupid policies that nobody wanted
to follow. I was generally a good employee, I showed
up on time, worked to the best of my ability on my shift, even going above and beyond for
customers at points, because the customers’ opinions mattered way more to me than that
of the managers’. The first time I got a cold (it’s unethical
to work with food when you’re ill) and called in sick, the managers called me out at the
next staff meeting and said I was being a bad team member by letting everyone down and
calling in sick to “get out of doing my work”. Soon after this, they implemented a new policy: “All employees who are unable to attend their
shift must find their own replacements or else they must show up.” I found this ridiculous, as it’s the manager’s
job to find someone to take a shift if one employee can’t make it. So one morning when
I woke up with a high fever at 9am, I spent the hour texting the limited amount of coworker
contacts if they could cover my shift for me. Of course they all said no, it was pretty
last minute. So after an hour of attempting to find my replacement, I called the manager
at 9:55am, 5 minutes before my shift was supposed to start. The conversation went as follows: “Hi [manager], I woke up with a fever this
morning and I feel very unwell so I am unable to come to work today.” “When is your shift?” “10am-4pm sir.” (Inside I was thinking shouldn’t
he know my shift? He’s the one who schedules our shifts…) “Okay, and have you found your replacement
to take your shift?” “No sir, I just spent the last 55 minutes
contacting the co workers I have the information of, which is only 6 people. They were all
unavailable.” “So I will need you to come into work today
because you have no replacement, yea?” “I have a fever, it’s not safe for me to come
to work and handle food. That wouldn’t be fair to the customers.” “Well then I need a doctor’s note.” “Okay, but my doctor doesn’t take same day
appointment requests, so I can bring a note next week when my doctor is available, however
the note won’t say anything as most fevers don’t last more than a couple days.” (He was silent) “I tried to the best of my ability to find
a replacement for my shift due to your policy, but I only have contacts for a few of my co
workers. I do believe you have a complete list of all the workers here and could contact
them on my behalf, but the policy says I have to do that, so I did.” “If you call in sick again like this, I will
have to write you up.” “Yes sir, I understand. I apologize for the
inconvenience.” The next time I showed up to work, my co worker
told me that since my shift had basically started by the time he hung up the phone,
he didn’t have time to go through the list and find me a real replacement, so my manager
had to be my replacement and work as a server. The policy still existed after that, but nobody
followed it, and I quit a few months later. Sketchy car stereo company gets what they
ask for. OCM
I own a 2006 Audi S4 cabriolet. It’s in amazing shape, but the lack of in car entertainment
is disturbing. Not even Bluetooth. So, I found a really nice looking head unit
with good reviews that’s completely plug and play. No wire cuts, just 3 harnesses and that’s
it. The website specifically stated it fit my car. I spend $376 and get it shipped to me. It was during a busy time of year so it took
3 weeks before I could install. And when I tried to install it, two of the harnesses
worked fine, but the third was the wrong size and didn’t fit. I emailed the company along with 5 detailed
photos and a detailed explanation. I asked for a replacement harness, but 3 days later,
they replied asking for “a video showing exactly the problem”. Look, I don’t have time to tear out my OEM
stereo again, and take a video, upload, etc. So, I told them to review the photos an explanation. 3 days later, they email again saying “it
won’t work” so I can return it at my shipping expense, or “you may find it easier to sell
it locally.”. They also gave all sorts of caveats (if every part wasn’t in there, they’d
keep some money, etc). I was out of town and it took me 4 days to
reply. I told them that I should not have to pay return shipping, since I did nothing
wrong. Please send me a pre paid shipping label and I’ll send it back. Their reply: we’re sorry but it’s past the
return date (!!!???!!!) and you can’t return it, maybe you can just sell it locally. So of course, I re-explain that they had taken
their time replying and that they knew it was the wrong product at least a week before
the return period. On top of that, it was their problem, not mine, they sent me the
wrong product. They’d have nothing of it, again, “the easiest
thing to do is sell it locally”. So, I put a bunch of negative reviews online
and they replied in public that they’d make it right, but when I messaged them again,
they said, “after reviewing this again, we won’t accept the return. We suggest selling
it locally”. Ok, we’ll do it the hard way. I filed a claim with my PayPal card. They
didn’t reply so I escalated it. A while later, I hear from PayPal… They
never replied so they are refunding my money (and presumably getting it back from the seller). So, you know what I did? I sold it locally!
The head unit works great the a4 model and since I got the unit during a sale, I sold it for $350 cash. Okay, I won’t put the signs that save you
money on the pumps OCM
So I worked for a chain of petrol stations in the UK as a supervisor. Used to go store
to store help keep them clean, stocked and staffed. When contactless card readers were first introduced
the owners refused to put them in any store (the ones people can just tap their card on
if the payment is under £30). More and more people were getting contactless cards but
the bosses still refused. Their logic was sound initially in that if people were filling
their tank they were going to spend more than £30. The majority of people however were
filling up just enough to use their contactless payment and then getting mad that they had
to enter 4 numbers (the travesty!!!). Anyway, this led to 1 person every 10 minutes
kicking off that we weren’t able to take contactless payments and 1 person every 30
minutes freaking up their pin and then not being able to make payment. In every site
I went too, every day of the week. I had a particularly bad week where I had had to let
about £1500 worth of petrol go over 3 sites because people assumed we were contactless
then forgot their pins. If anyone’s ever not been able to pay for
petrol in the UK- there is nothing they can do to get you to come back, the police won’t
deal with it unless the person is a repeat theif over several months and stores. Genuinely,
if you are ever stuck for cash and need to fill up, drive off for less than £50 just
once and there will likely never be any follow up. So I let these people leave, they never come
back, we get blamed because the customer didn’t know we weren’t contactless. I put signs
up on all of the pumps, went around 10 sites, politely informing all customers to either
know their pin or have cash. It works really well for about a week until we have our area
manager going round for site visits. He gets to site number one and sees the signs
on the pumps and flips his crap. Sending messages in the managers chat demanding any sites with
signs on their pumps take them down as the fuel supplier would not be happy that we were
defacing their signs with our own. Personally I thought they would be more ticked we were
giving their fuel away for free but whatever. All the signs were taken down and we start
losing money again. Shocker. I wasn’t standing for being scolded like
a child for thinking about loss and decided “okay, no signs on the pumps” I spent the next day making crudely drawn
bubble writing signs on A3 paper that I then plastered in the front windows of 5 or 6 stores
that managers agreed with me and found it hilarious. The windows were blacked out save the window
by the till so the cashier can see the forecourt (health and safety and all that) with signs
facing outward looking like they had been drawn up by a dyslexic toddler stated “NoT
cOnTaCtLeSs” facing out for everyone driving by to see. It went from a subtle printed sign on each
pump to plastered windows. No signs on the pumps though! Crazy new manager
OCS We had a new manager at my fast food place
who was really up himself. Immediately came in changing everything to how he wanted it,
didn’t even bother learning about the people, who knew what, who was good where etc He decided to put a guy on tills that had
never been trained there, 1) breaking company procedure, and 2) obviously causing big delays
since this guy didn’t know what he was doing I went to give him a hand when he asked for
help, pointing out where the main things were on the till and the manager flipped out, saying
he’d have me written up and disciplined for “using somebody else’s till”…
alright Left the till for the rest of the night after
that, went nowhere near it, queues were reaching the door more often then not and because of
this loads of people just left without buying food, heard he got a bollacking from the higher
ups because of the wait times and how the sales were so much lower than predicted for
that night