Managing your own rental property? Here’s how that usually goes: You either start as an investor or want to rent your current home. You need a tenant, so now you become a tenant finder. Except to find a tenant you’ve got to market your property so now you’re a marketing specialist. When you find a prospective tenant you will need to prepare a lease contract, run background checks, income verifications, credit checks, check previous rental history, and now you became a leasing agent. With your approved tenant, you now become a landlord. Since tenants don’t always pay rent on time, you will become a Bill Collector. Of course, you will have to be a repairman or an after hours repairman when that toilet breaks. The tenants you found weren’t as credible as you thought and now you might have to deliver an eviction notice. And when the angry tenant finally leaves, you become the cleaning service who goes in to try and get the place back to move-in condition… ALL so that you can start the process again as a tenant finder. We are G & M Properties, a Western New York, Rochester-based property management company. We play these roles for you, to free up your time and keep life simple. Because you’re an investor, or a homeowner, not a property manager. We offer 3 levels of property management services so that you can be involved in as little or as much of the process as you would like. Level 1. Tenant Placement: we will find a qualified tenant. Most
property managers just input your listing into the MLS then sit back and wait for offers to come in. We We do much more than that. We market your property in 20-30 different real estate listings including all the best advertising sources. We provide professional, custom signage that will enable potential tenants to both SEE and HEAR additional information about your property, instantly. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a
week. Our marketing saves you money by reducing the vacancy time of your property. Or Level 2: We FIND, QUALIFY AND LEASE the tenant. But you don’t just want to lease to anyone, that is why we do a full Criminal Background check, run a full credit report, we verify their previous rental history, employment AND their monthly income to ensure you get a quality tenant. Upon approval of the application, we will execute the lease, collect all necessary funds, meet with the tenant to release the keys. Once moved in, you manage the property. Level 3: We handle it all. This is full service Property Management. After we find and lease the tenant we will continue to manage the property, schedule repairs, collect rent… everything. We offer online payment and maintenance request for tenants, and direct deposit is used to transfer payments to the owner, and we even generate yearly accounting reports and tax forms for you. It’s our goal to make this as easy as possible. And in the unlikely event of an eviction. Our property managers will handle everything. You simply enjoy the return on your investment while we do all the work. So why use US as your Rochester area property management company? At G & M Properties, We take the stress out of Investment Property Ownership. We have adopted and utilize the latest technology available to efficiently manage and maximize the profitability of your properties. Property Management is WHAT WE DO. We are focused on your rentals and the management of your properties full time. Oh. And We guarantee our renters. Wait, We should say that again because in our market, almost nobody does that. WE GUARANTEE OUR RENTERS. Because you’re an investor, not a property manager. Call G & M Properties today and let us help you with your Investment property. G & M Properties. Efficient. Honest. Reliable. 585-568-7275.