If you want material and worldly success. meditate on Bill Gates and Oprah [Winfrey]. This might appear to be a weird suggestion,
but there is a deep philosophy behind it. The philosophy goes back to a very ancient
time in the yoga tradition. There is a saying in the philosophical tradition
of India: that you become as you think. If you go on thinking about a thing or a person
or a mantra you will become that. This is expressed in the saying, “YAD BHAVAM
TAD BHAVATI”: You become as you think. So, for instance, Oprah, herself: she admits
that her initial focus was on Barbara Walters; she wanted to become one like Barbara Walters
and then she became one and then she thought that was not a good idea to be a Barbara Walters
in and she wanted to become more than that and then she became whatever she wanted to
become. To use more examples in this line is Jay Leno
and David Letterman wanting to become like Johnny Carson. Or like Leonard DiCaprio wanting to become
Robert DeNiro. So these people’s Montras are like “Robert
DeNiro”, or “Johnny Carson” or “Barbara Walters”. So that’s what a mantra is; a mantra something
that you go on repeating over and over again, a million times, 10 million times. Then you become that which you meditate on. So if you meditate on Bill Gates, then you
will have the wealth of Bill Gates. So you have to be so focused on that person
because then you will be able to access this energy. So there is a deep philosophy behind it; that’s
why I often tell people if you want a Mercedes-Benz, just meditate on a Mercedes-Benz. Then you will get that. Or if you want a mansion, just meditate on
it. And a few years ago, a couple of years ago,
I, following the same philosophy, I gave a meditation using the mantra “Higgs Boson”,
I said that “Higgs Boson” is the most powerful mantra in contemporary times, because “Higgs
Boson” is that Boson particle that can reveal the secret of creation. That’s why the Boson particle, particularly
the one that hypothesized by Higgs is called ‘god particle’. “Higgs Boson” is called ‘god particle’ because
it is going to contain the information needed for understanding what creation is. So, I just came up with “Higgs Boson” as a
mantra. So, if you go on working on “Higgs Boson”,
then it will give you the power of God. There is nothing in the universe that is accidental. So, just because we do not know something,
we cannot simply call it as an accident. The only thing is We have ignorance in that
area. We have no explanation based on our reasoning;
that’s all it is. Later on, maybe 100 years later, we will come
up with reasoning behind it. So there is no accident. So the yogis, if they want to manifest something,
they just think about it; it’s called “Siddha Sankalpa”. Because they had such tremendous amount of
consciousness and power, whatever they think about, it happens or it materializes immediately. It’s called Siddha Sankalpa, as I said. So if you want to manifest something, you
have to work on the thing that you really want just by focusing on it. And I still strongly recommend working on
Higgs Boson as a mantra: “Om Higgs Boson, Om Higgs Boson, Om Higgs Boson, Om Higgs Boson,
“. Another version of that Om Higgs Boson is available on YouTube or on PillaiCenter
site and I strongly recommend that for everyone.