let’s restore time you know I’m saying because before this reacted your punch village and I’m saying saying final performance and that had to be worried the hardest seas that I’ve seen from sharing the money period like I’m even gonna lie I’m gonna turn exaggerate or you know I’m saying make this grammatical would not you y’all have to admit that shit was fine you know I’m saying everything the way down saying they just brought the heat that brought the magma and I know he’s going to ek and I know he’s not gonna compel him parent you know I’m saying he’s not gonna pay limp it up he’s not gonna pale in comparison just going out the window yeah say I know he’s gonna bring the heat as well cuz he is ek after all you’re not saying and the sauce called Diablo and the featuring in this is pretty much as y’all say it is a cheat code you know I’m saying it is cheating if you’re gonna feature someone like justice and your song you know I’m saying and I believe there’s a second appearance um for justice in showing the money you know I’m saying and before any came you know he killed that motherfucker you know I’m saying with um but kit million I’m saying mom and now I don’t know what to expect and this is obviously again a collaboration that I wouldn’t kind of expect either so you already we Smoot I’m here whoa this is gonna be the third time I say the whole saying it’s been crazy so [Music] [Music] real we’ll call PETA reggaeton this gets another gig let me know did he do like a part-time job as a barista some shit I’m saying cuz he’s saying he’s no selling cheap coffee or some shit so do let me know about it yeah I’m saying it’s a little bit more risk as so you’re not saying it’s more effective knowing the context before you know I’m saying that into this but even in charging – – Black team at an attraction animal taxing the Canada chocolate Bob Sieck and an American still can take that stupid song don’t wanna factor that’s always your burrito chips I can see bunch of work on its own [Applause] [Music] you know what low-key if I have to make comparison that it reminds me of like that Malthus stage and I’m saying forum pyramid like window indirect LED lights are coming on him and like the stage was rising up or whatever nafla was there you know say nothing obviously there’s completely different underside that but just like that very similar feeling to it you know I’m saying and obviously this is also I feel like they both went on a very similar route like ek and punch nello to bring that hardcore shit you know I’m saying cuz they’re not playing anymore but the whole life stage productions and the whole like very like devilish beam going on and stuff you know I’m saying like the red and like the dark colors the ball colors and I’m saying like the boat wet you know I’m saying I think the mentality was okay this is gonna be this can be our last performance so that’s kill it you know I’m saying so she’s saying where is hip-hop in Korea some shit right or like hip-hop doesn’t exist in Korea [Music] we go up like Doremus Wow he’s rapping this is what I love this is what I watch you know I’m saying all these things for their rapping the bars and I’m saying the energy like he’s packed it all and I love his voice – it’s got that very like the very suppressed type of like 5 to 18 I was saying it’s almost like he’s not going as I you know saying he’s all like screaming as much as he can you know say he’s like he got the railing I did not explain it but it’s almost like a very controlled voice and I’m saying that he has anyway going back [Music] [Music] you know what honestly I see why justice doesn’t doesn’t give us a participate in show me money I’m saying he might feature but he doesn’t participate you know why he’s too good like a hey neighbor I am in the front I’m trying you know suck up to him cuz he’s one of my favorite rappers no we just listen to this mother listen to this energy his delivery his passion his cadence this flow is just circulations his voice projection I’m saying his technicalities in rap though you don’t see the ins and outs like he is Wow he sees voices well like the way he’s like going up and down like that with my favorite things about justice that he does as well I know I haven’t even read the lyrics I’ve just seen him coming like three bars in and I’m going crazy but justice you on some other shit I’ll quit I wanna clear refugees right now I’m gonna write to the strip right now anything you don’t say like oh my god and if you read the lyrics he wasn’t just trying to run for the sake of rhyme he was saying some crazy shit to like go back fucking go back you think he’s a rap Messiah doesn’t matter if it’s caught or seen you know I’m saying he’s here to save that shit [Applause] oh did you see did you see the people’s reaction when justice came and though we’re gonna talk about a king but first of all why justice you see the reaction is like I don’t know if it’s like they didn’t quite see who he was from the beginning or they were just like stumped like I was you know I’m saying the way he came he just brought so much energy he just leveled that shit up to a 9000 no I’m saying cuz i EK that the energy came in and he came and just liked off the roof and then he came what even above diagnosing the waist was screaming at the end and the stage was going up oh wow in a sense they’re very there are a lot of similarities between Punchinello and EK s um performances you know I’m saying and the stage production and the thematics of it all you know I’m saying and their angle you know I’m saying was very similar I thought but Wow I don’t know complaints on who wins honest because this shit was like you know saying like it could go either way like it depends on who was there and who was voting and their preferences you know I’m saying so I can’t even really judge cuz to me both them were like what it like cool like uh one of them saying not one of the two of the doctors performances you know saying so far and obviously I’ve interacted too much ashamed of money aid as well but I think that would remain you know I’m saying to be two of the dopest things that I will see of the season but anyway man I’m so talk about voices dying it all say I’ve been too high but you better look down on your money but we