This Mantra, Shreem Brzee, we have also understood how this Shreem Brzee mantra has a beautiful theory. So, Adi Shankara always believes that the
sounds were the basic principle in which the creation of the whole world is based on, the
whole Universe is based on. And so, he has explained theories of every syllable, every
Bijakshara. Like if the sound for Kali is KREEM, he explains
what is the beautiful combination of syllables. And how this mantra is created. And what is
the effect of it. And so, SHREEM is a beautiful mixture of fire
and consciousness. And so, Shankara has […. sanskrit]. one should worship fire as much as he can.
And then approach Lakshmi only after which his wealth prayers will be answered.
So he believes that [ sanskrit Agni ara gnana]; worshipping fire is one of the main things
that one should do before approaching Lakshmi. However, worshipping Lakshmi along with fire
is one other way. And so, why we perform Lakshmi Homa. And so, the mantra BRZEE was initiated
by Dr. Pillai. And he got the mantra from [sage] Vishwamitra. And so, the BRZEE also
has a beautiful derivation of the word of the letter R – Which is filled with the energy
of Agni. So, in Sanskrit, we call it Rapha, we don’t
call it “R”, we don’t call it “Rakara”; we call it “Rapha.” So, the Rapha is filled with
fire. And so, the Brzee has derived a form of fire and along with other sounds, that
makes it energetic and to attract wealth It is also understanding about wealth. Wealth
is better to be understood as a concept and as a principle, but not as material. Because
one can obtain many forms of wealth through consciousness.
And so, this ritual will benefit mostly when you want to attract wealth consciousness and
not just money. BRZEE is all about money, is what Dr. Pillai teaches. It’s pure wealth.
It’s pure money related. So, if you want to attract just currency, just money, chant the
mantra BRZEE. But when you chant it along with SHREEM, it’s
wealth consciousness. It is about how to obtain not just one form, but many different forms
of wealth.