– You are interested
in making money online and who can blame you? It is a fantastic way to make a living. I love being an online marketing person and making my living from the internet. So today I thought I would
share with you six ways that I can think of that
are really approachable ways for you to make money online. Perhaps even make a living all online. Now three of these are active where you go out and you get
clients and you actually work for individuals and get
paid for your services and three ideas are more passive income which is much more along
the lines of the way that we make money here at Dottotech and I’ll share all six ideas
with you today on Dottotech. (light electric guitar music) Steve Dotto here, how the
heck you doing this fine day and I’m looking forward to today’s topic because I love talking
about making money online. It gives people a real sense
of control over their lives. If they can do it, create a side hustle where they make some money online or if they indeed make
their entire living online, it again, creates a sense of liberation and control over your life
and it’s really exciting not to be bound by a artificial
ceiling of exactly how much money you can or can’t make. If you’re building your
own business online, well, the world’s your oyster. You can determine through your skills and through your effort, exactly how much money
you end up earning online and I love those, I love those stories, I love that opportunity. So let’s start by breaking
it down into the two sections that we’re going to talk about today. I’m gonna talk about
active income opportunities which is a lot more finding clients and providing online services
for individuals and for that, I’m gonna refer you to the time code which is above me somewhere here now. So if you’re not interested
in passive income, but you want to learn about the
active income opportunities, then click on, or move the
video forward to that time code and I’ll talk about those opportunities because we’re gonna start by
talking about passive income which I get really excited
about, it’s how I make my living. Passive income is where
you’ve created something that generates revenue for you even when you’re not actively
engaged and involved. Selling product through an online store, affiliate marketing, those sorts of things are passive income opportunities that allow you to earn revenue
and there are three ways that I think are the easiest as far as passive income,
or not the easiest. There are three basic ways
that I’m quite experienced with in creating passive income
that I’m gonna share with you. The first is affiliate marketing, the second is being a content creator and the third is online
course and actually, if you’re interested in diving deeper into these passive income opportunities, I have an online course
called Independent Income which teaches you about
affiliate marketing, content creation and
online course creation as far as creating digital products as a revenue opportunity. It’s a great introduction to
all of these opportunities, but for an even later introduction, let me start by telling
you about Amazon affiliates which is I think the
easiest way to get started in the entire affiliate world. Now typically speaking, Amazon affiliates is not gonna be your main income. It’s gonna be what we
would call a side hustle where you can make money on
the side by creating content that helps people make
decisions and really, the basis of almost all affiliate income is helping people make
the right decisions. If you gain a trusted voice
where you advise people on how to do something and
you gain some expertise and a reputation in an area, then you can leverage that expertise into revenue opportunities by helping people make good decisions. So from the point of Amazon affiliates, if you do reviews of products
and help people make decisions on what products they
wanna purchase from Amazon and they use your affiliate
link to purchase that product, you’re paid a commission. Now one of the bonuses of the
Amazon program is regardless of what people buy at Amazon
within a predefined period, I think it’s 24 hours of
clicking on your link, you get compensated for
anything else they buy on Amazon during that time period. So it can be quite, there can be a nice little
bonus revenue coming in from Amazon with one big caveat here. The percentages of revenue that from our affiliate relationship
with Amazon are microscopic. It’s not a lot of money. It’s very difficult to earn enough money off Amazon affiliates in
order to make a living, but it is a nice side hustle and it introduces you very effectively to the entire concept
of affiliate marketing. So that’s where I like to start
is with Amazon affiliates. Now there are way better
affiliate opportunities in vertical markets. If you develop an
expertise teaching people about different software
tools or productivity tools as we do or almost any online tools, there are typically speaking,
affiliate programs related to those tools which
are far more lucrative and if you follow us here on Dottotech, you’ll recognize our
affiliate relationships with companies like Thinkific
that creates online courses and Bonjoro which does video
marketing and conversions. We’ve got affiliate relationships
with a variety of products where we teach our marketplace
how to use these products and what they will do for
them and if they choose to buy them, then using
our affiliate link, we are compensated in return and that can be quite lucrative, but as far as I’m concerned,
the most effective and the most profitable method
of online passive income is developing a digital
product of your own. Developing your own online course. If you have expertise in an
area, you can teach people how to do that thing
and you create a good, valuable online course, that
can generate the most revenue because you can apply
a real strategy to it. One of the nice things about developing your own
online course as opposed to being an affiliate marketer for other people’s digital
products is your success is dependent on the
quality of your content, not on the quality of somebody
else’s service or product and that is again, a very
liberating a place to be. So developing your own online course, although it’s a much longer sale cycle, it takes a lot longer to
get your feet under you as far as revenue goes, that to me is kind of the
holy grail of passive income. Now the cool thing is
you can start this all as a side hustle. You could say over a course
of 18 months or two years, start with doing a little bit
of Amazon affiliate marketing, getting your feet under you
as far as creating content, do some more vertical
affiliate relationships as you go along, as you
build your community, as you build your voice and the whole time you’re doing that, start to develop your own online course which ultimately after
you’ve built expertise and a reputation online, you
can then sell to your community and at that point there,
there’s a very good chance that you could transition
from it being a side hustle, a part-time gig into your
full-time revenue gig and that is a well-worn path. A lot of people have followed that success into the world of online marketing. So let me repeat one more time just in case you’re really
interested in I’ve intrigued you and you want to dive much
more deeply into this, there’ll be a link below to our course on Independent Income. On how you can build
your own income stream through passive opportunities such as affiliate marketing
and online courses. So the link will be below,
have a look at that. Now, let’s talk about the
other side of the coin which is more active. That is becoming a virtual
assistant or using your skills and charging for your time and services and there’s a little bit
more of a ceiling on revenue that you can earn on these doing this, but even having said that, if you have some real good expertise in a very valuable area, you can generate a very
healthy income as well. So for the most part when we think about doing virtual services, we think about becoming
a virtual assistant. So yeah being a VA, helping somebody, working with them doing
organization and social marketing and a variety of different aspects there. Now, the best place to start. Well, actually I don’t know
what the best place to start is. I know there’s a lot of
places you can start. One thing I will caution you
on is there are a variety of different agencies out there now that are representing virtual assistants and some of them do a very good job of creating a relationship
between potential clients and the virtual assistants and they set really good expectations on either side of that equation, but they’re also going to be
taking a commission for it and your reputation is going
to be tied to the agency that you work with. There’s also a few online
services that are far more, that are just kind of
posting boards such as Upwork or Indeed where you can go
to you look for opportunities for performing virtual services. I think for most people
though, the best place to start is just looking
in their own social network of people that they have
experience with and reaching out to them and asking if they know of anybody that’s looking for people to help them in your area of expertise. Now, that one of the cool
opportunities here though is you can develop additional skills that make you much more valuable to whoever it is you
happen to be working for. You can start out by doing very simple social
media posts et cetera or doing or managing
some accounting services or proofreading documents for somebody, something along that line, but then if you develop
an expertise in Facebook or Google Ads or email marketing, you can then leverage
that experience in order to increase your revenue opportunities with the individual clients
that you’re working with. So virtual assistants is a great way to kind of step into the game. Similarly, but on an
even easier level you, if you have good English
skills or good writing skills, you can quickly become a proofreader or a simple copywriter
or a transcriptionist. A company like we work
with called Rev.com, that’s online transcriptions where they, where you listen to or watch videos and do verbatim transcriptions. Those are opportunities
that have definite ceilings for revenue because
they’re only gonna pay you X number of dollars per word
or per minute of content that you create, but if
you’ve got an hour or two in the evening and you want
to make a little mad money and you want a little
bit of a side hustle, these are great reliable opportunities that can consistently
generate income for you that you might enjoy and
the bonus of doing something like Rev.com is you might
be interested in the topics that you’re doing transcriptions for. So looking around online
for these opportunities depending on your skill set. If you have a really good
mastery of the English language, being a proofreader, there’s
lots of online services that you can sign up on that aspect and we will have some links in the description below for that. Or if you’re just a good typist,
then something like Rev.com which will allow you to
do the transcriptions would be a great opportunity. The final thing I wanna talk to about is if you have some serious writing chops. If you’re a good writer, oh my
gosh the world is your oyster as far as finding online work. It’s the biggest challenge
for most content creators is finding good copywriters. Finding people to write
good quality blog posts or good content or especially
good advertising copy. Oh my goodness it is such a
challenge finding something that can write in your voice and understands the topics
that you’re dealing with. Now, you’re probably tempted
to go to a site like Upwork where you can upload a resume and hopefully that will
marry people who are looking for writers to the writers, but speaking from personal experience, a site like Upwork is a difficult place to hire a writer because
there’s just so much work that goes into finding the right person. It’s like a relationship,
it’s like dating. It’s far more difficult in practicality than it seems to be on the surface. So there are some good brokerage
services that marry people who need good writing
to excellent writers. The one that I’m really
kind of intrigued by is one called Writers Access. Now one of the reasons that
I like this site so much is they charge me if
I want to hire writers and membership fee just to
gain access to the writers that they have behind their pay wall. Now, that might offend some people and say why in the world am I gonna pay you before I even get a writer
working on my project? Because writers access has put together a terrific interview
format that allows you to create realistic
expectations of the work that you need done and
then marry you to writers who can deliver on that. It’s all about expectations
being met with Writers Access and anybody who’s ever
hired a writer knows that the biggest challenge
is meeting the expectations that you put in place, is
having realistic expectations and having them met. If you do have your expectations met, your money spent on hiring an
outside writer is well spent. Writers Access make sure that
you find the right writers that can write in your voice
with the technical skills that you need in order to
deliver to your expectations. I like that, it’s a great
opportunity for content creators, but especially, it’s a great
opportunity for good writers to find the clients that they need in order to make a good living. So there you’ve got six different ideas around making money online and there are some million
more, there’s no doubt. I would love to see your
comments of ideas that you have, things that you would
think can make money online or that you’re passionate
about making money online. I think a lot of us look
for that side hustle, look for a little bit of
extra money on the side and a lot to allow us to A, have some additional flexibility,
a little more security and find a little more value
in our time, in our downtime, but those of us that want to transition from that being a side
hustle to a full-time gig, it’s a very exciting time
to be in the online space. The opportunities are virtually endless for making money online and we’ve just shared
six simple ones with you to get your mind started
in the right direction. I hope you found today’s
video to be useful. Please, comments below. If you’ve not yet subscribed to Dottotech, subscribe and ring that notification bell and a little thumbs up would
be appreciated as well. Till next time, I’m Steve Dotto. Have fun storming the castle.