You know, society has such a fascinating
way of symbolizing retirement and success. Which is with watches and for
the longest while, I had a fascination with watches. I would pay insane
amounts of money for watches. So I have this big old watch collection. I love
pocket watches. But you know what society’s game plan, it’s broken.
Society’s game plan isn’t working. And yet these things… These are a symbol
of control. This is a symbol of, “I own you.” And at the end of the day, when you
retire, what are you going to get at the end? I’m going to give you a watch like that’s
for like your entire life of following society’s game plan? And you know? I
decided something about society’s game plan. I am freaking done with your dumb
broken game plan. Look into my eyes. Look into my eyes. Follow society’s retarded game plan. Okay, listen up. I don’t want to over dramatize
a situation. But when I partner up with someone and we go buy our first property
and go crush it, you know what we do? We break a watch. And so I’m not going to wait
till the end of my career and give you a watch which is a symbol of controlling
you. We’re going to break free. A broken watch… This for me, this is a symbol of
freedom. This is about breaking the chains, this is about you taking control
over your own financial destiny. Do the math. Society’s game plan sucks
and no one has taught you do the math. And this is the reality of it. You go and
you get a college degree. And you start off out of college making $50,000 a year
and then you get your pay grades and bump ups and you got to pay your dues
and after working for 30 to 40 years, maybe you’re earning $80,000 a
year at your job. You’ve set aside maybe a total of $300,000 in your stupid broken 401ks, IRAs and then guess what? It’s time to
retire. Your body gets tired, old, broken. But modern medicines keeping you alive
for 20 to 30 more years. And what are you going to do? You’re going to live off a
300 grand? Hello! You’ve learned how to live off a 50 grand up to 80 thousand
dollars. How long is that going to last you? 300,000 divided by 80,000. This doesn’t even in the last 4 years. You got 4 years? Are
you freaking kidding me? What is your plan? What is your problem? When are we
going to do the math and realize that society’s game plan does not work? It’s
going to leave you broke and broken. Listen, if you want to break free from this
modern-day slave trade, you’re going to have to create a different plan and one
where you can seize your own life. Because be a good boy/girl, get good
grades, go to college, get a piece of paper that says you’re smart and be
stupid. Now, that doesn’t mean that getting a job is bad. But I’m telling you
if this part right here, you following societies that people are sheep old game
plan. Which is just putting money into like IRAs, 401ks. I hope that in that
effort, you understand you will fail. You and a poor. And you know what poor people
go to heaven. So maybe you’re okay with that. But if you feel like your dreams
are bigger than that, if you feel like you were meant for more, then I’m just
telling you got a freaking. You got to take this game plan and you’ve got to
abolish it, you got to get rid of it. Now, I only know of two things that you can
replace it with that will actually give you a shot of financial freedom and
financial security. The first one? I’m running out of markers. I got a little
pissed off on this stuff. Pardon me. I’ll get a little bit fired up on this.
Because the reality is is that, we just go along with these plans. I’m amazed how
many people I talked to that they’re okay with the plan in their 30s and
their 40s are busy raising kids. And their 50s are starting to panic. In their
60s, they’re wetting themselves and then it’s too late.
You lost time. It was the most valuable asset. Even if you only set a little bit
aside, you could have done something so much more intelligent than putting it
into an IRA, 401k. Just barely trying to keep up with inflation. Are you kidding
me? I mean we’re just so much ineptitude. So much lack of financial training in
society. There are only 2 things that are going to save you. Number one is
business. Now, some of you like, “Well Kris, I like my career or I don’t want to be a
business owner.” I can’t fault you for that and it’s really risky because most
businesses fail in the first 5 years, right? Like 90% of them. And then it’s
like 98% in the next 10 years. So, I get it. This is risky. But it’s not as
risky as waiting for the golden watch. Which is really just handcuffs. Instead
you got it… You got a plan. Now, business is not something that all of you were
really built for or that you really want to do. But there is something that you
are built for and there’s something that you can do. It doesn’t take a genius to
do it because it’s not rocket science. And what it is is real estate. It’s what
our forefathers had. It’s what they valued. It’s how wealth has always been
built. Andrew Carnegie says that 90% of all millionaires did it where? In real
estate. And that hasn’t changed. All my friends are a millionaire’s, multi
millionaires. You want to know what they all have in common? They own real estate
and they started that when they were nobodies. Listen, I started off like
everybody else in college. Young dumb and poor. Like they kicked me out of pre-med
school, I couldn’t even get in because my chemistry grades totally stunk and flunk.
But real state? Here’s what’s cool about it. It
doesn’t care how old or how young you are.
It doesn’t care whether you have money or not. And it doesn’t care if you’re
smart at all. I’ve got 2 friends that are rocket scientists. it doesn’t care. If
it’ll work for me. I’m just telling you right now. This isn’t something that can
work for other people. And so, here’s what I want you to understand. Why? Well dude,
there’s a lot of ways to do real estate the wrong way but you need to understand,
you got to take a risk. And that’s what my wealthy friends also share in common
that I’ve learned from. Is that if you take no risk, if you don’t take your shot,
you are destined to lose and you are within the clutches of society’s
financial gameplan waiting for your golden watch. It is not a golden ticket.
Real estate. I can show you how to do a game where you’re going to get 3 simple
things. I want to get paid today not tomorrow. So number 1. When I do a deal,
I expect to get paid my $5,000 up front. And the way that I do it, that’s what I
get. Then I’m going to control the property. Not own it. Who cares about that. I’m
going to control the property and on average I’m going to get paid $500 every single month. Now them’s freedom dollars because just for a
moment. If you had 10 of those. And we’re making $5,000 a month, guess what? Dude.
you’d be out of your job. You will have broken free from society’s clutches. You
understand that? But the cool thing about real estate is that when I move to sell
it in 2, 3, 5, 7 years later, I am generally making tens of thousands of
dollars of gains. So check it out. I get paid five grand up front, I get paid $500 every month on average. And I get tens of thousands of dollars when I sell
the property. How many of those do you need to do to win back your own
financial independence? Because you know what? That is a battle and right now
everyone else the dogma says, “We need to grab you and we got to get you thrust
into the system so that we can work you. And in the end, you’re not going to like
what you have but we will have worked your best prime time years of your life
off of you.” Instead you can take financial freedom back in your own hands
and do this math. Look at this. For me? I need a 10 grand a month so I could
quit my job and have peace of mind to live the life that I wanted. I don’t know
what your number is. But figure it out right now. What is your number?
Because of its 10 grand, guess what? $500 times 20 would be $10,000. You would need
to do 20 properties. And I was a coward, I was scared. Which is why I waited til I
had 25 properties. I was making over $12,000 a month. That’s when I quit my
job. Friend, I want you to understand something. My life has been totally
changed by breaking free from society’s game plan. You don’t understand it from
the time you were a baby, it had its clutches right around you. It had a plan.
And we’ve all been sucked into it. Now, getting good grades, going to college,
getting a piece of paper that says you’re smart and working for someone
else? that’s a good way to pay the bills. That’s a good way to raise a family and
take care of yourself and take care of your basic financial responsibilities.
But mine me. Mind my words. A day is going to come when you’re not going to have the
money that you need for the retirement that you want. And if you haven’t started
way early in the game on making a plan to get where you want, I’m sick and tired
of the tens of thousands of people I have interviewed and spent time with.
That are old and they’re great and they’re sad. It could have been different,
they couldn’t have been more. But guess what? There’s no financial literacy,
there’s no financial education. It’s the millionaire’s we need to learn from and
we’re too proud. Well listen. Instead, you got society’s crappy game plan and it’s
working for you. Meaning it’s not working at all. It’s working to you. And it’s a
weak link and it’s going to break. So how you break free is you got to know what’s
your number. How much do you need real estate to produce for you that can get
you out of your job? Then you reverse engineer how many deals you need? And
then most important, if you want to break free from society you have got to get
time on your side. Which means you need to take action when? You need to take
action right now. Now, whether it’s with me or someone else, you need a massive
action plan and you need to be implementing it immediately. If you do
not have a plan to become a millionaire… Which by the way is not a lot of money.
If you don’t have a plan then I’ve just given you one. And if you want to execute
on it. All you got to do is learn more. Click the link in the description below.
Talk to a member of my team and say, “I’m committed to these words, I’m committed to
getting out of the rat race. I want to be free from society’s game plan. It’s not
working for me. So, I want to break that. And if you want to break those chains,
you have a conversation and they’ll lay down what it will look like for me to be
your mentor work with you and help you produce
wealth and help you buy enough properties that can create enough
residual income that can free you. And when that day comes, I want you to take
your watch. I want you to smash it. Whoa! Okay. So I get it. Watches and crisps and
hatchets really don’t like mix. Listen guys, I get so freaking upset when I think
about 401ks and IRAs and the stupid system that we’re all roped into. What
I’m telling you it doesn’t have to be that way. So thanks for allowing me to
express my passion and I am serious. If you’re ready, to start that journey click
the link in the description, below talk with my team and get started right away.
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