hi everybody angie weeks coming at you from
Spain with a SEMA 2018 convention I have Lola here with BS Bank and Lola
is going to tell us a little bit about getting loans in Spain appreciate you all right so non-residents can own
property that’s one of the first things that you always want to ask when you’re
curious about international property another thing to always ask is how much
would they have to put down less than 20% 20% okay so similar to the United
States 20% sound wonderful and then what about your average interest rates how are those that here in Spain until that the higher is the 3% more or
less but that person can be less depends on the client if they have more relation
with the bank okay okay so 3% is the max right now which is amazing because as
you know the United States is much worse than that
and then also what about the amount of time how long is the loan? 30 year loan okay so also similar to the
United States wonderful so then if one of our clients
in Southern California here in us wants to purchase a property in Spain would I
be able to put them in touch with you of course I have one email address that is [email protected] wonderful thank you
so much love I appreciate all this wonderful info and your welcome