When gifts of property and an expensive shawl
could not tempt Sri Ramakrishna. Hello everyone, I’m Pulkit Mathur, Founding Trustee of the
Spiritual Bee and in this video we shall get a glimpse of the kind of unbreakable Nishtha
or devotion to God that is needed if we wish to attain to the state of God-realization.
The following teachable incidents occurred in the life of Sri Ramakrishna and have been
taken from the book “Sri Ramakrishna and His Disciples” by Sister Devamata, who was an
American devotee of Swami Vivekananda. The Kali temple of Dakshineshwar near Calcutta,
where Sri Ramakrishna used to live had been build by Rani Rashmani who had received instructions
in a Divine vision to do so. Rani Rashmani was an ardent devotee of Sri Ramakrishna.
When Rani Rashmani passed away in February 1861, she left Mathur Babu, her son-in-law
as the sole executor of her estate. Mathur Babu too was a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.
Therefore when Mathur Babu inherited Rani Rashmani’s estate, his first thought was to
place these vast resources at his guru’s disposal. He wanted to transfer a large property in
Sri Ramakrishna’s name. But when Sri Ramakrishna heard Mathur Babu’s suggestion he grew indignant
and exclaimed: “Do you want to turn me into a worldly man?” Thus Sri Ramakrishna rejected
Mathur Babu’s gift of a large property. He continued to live in a small room in the temple
of Dakshineshwar. Now just to put this into perspective, can you imagine any Godman, guru
or Yogi of today rejecting such a gift of valuable property? It is very hard to imagine
such a thing for most are lost in the acquisition of wealth, comfort and power. Now to continue
our story forward, Sri Ramakrishna was also showered with other small gifts by Mathur
Babu, who was after all a very wealthy man. But Sri Ramakrishna always maintained a disinterested
attitude towards these gifts too. Once Mathur Babu laid at Sri Ramakrishna’s feet a very
beautiful shawl. At first Sri Ramakrishna accepted the beautiful shawl and wrapped it
around him; but when his nephew Hriday reminded him that much had been paid for the shawl
and that he should take good care of it, wearing it only on important occasions, Sri Ramakrishna
replied: “Shall I let this miserable shawl take my mind away from God?” And he held a
corner of it in the fire. “Now it is burned and has no value,” he exclaimed with satisfied
content; “I can wear it in peace, without fear of greed or pride.” So we can see how
Sri Ramakrishna kept his mind one pointed and focused on God, always guarding it against
the instincts of greed and pride, which could in a moment make his mind fall down from its
absorption in God. The same degree of Nishtha and devotion we too must strive to cultivate,
if we wish to attain to any goal of life, including the goal of God-realization. With
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