Today, I’m going to be
teaching you guys about Super Chats and why you need to start
using them right this second. What’s up, guys?
My name is Preston and I run a multitude of
different YouTube channels, mostly gaming and I have a ton of fun doing it. So I’m gonna do my best
to teach you guys how I’ve used Super Chat on my channel
and some other good Super Chat practices. So for those of you guys and gals
who do not know what a Super Chat is essentially, it’s
a comment that is going to be pinned and highlighted in your live stream chat. Depending on
the monetary amount that they Super Chatted it will change colours and the duration
for how long it’s gonna be pinned could be longer or shorter. I definitely think that
Super Chatting gives us and the viewers a really cool way to engage with one another and of course, you can also develop
a new source of income for your channel which is great. So now you might be thinking,
“Why Super Chat?” One of the coolest things, in my opinion,
about YouTube is the direct interaction we get to do with our audience. Whether you’re a gaming live streamer,
or live streaming yourself cooking something it doesn’t matter what you’re doing,
you can still engage with your audience. And Super Chat does a great job at that. It’s integrated into YouTube which means
it’s extremely accessible for your viewers very easy to use. Not to mention,
it’s kinda like a domino effect. ‘Thank you so much Shane!
And Linda! You are crazy people! When one viewer Super Chats,
then another Super Chats and then another it catches on like fire and it’s awesome! Not only is Super Chat
a great way to start communicating more with your audience and let them be heard but of course
you can also use it to increase your revenue. I actually ended up using a lot of
the Super Chat revenue that I made to fund other videos. It’s a win-win situation. When enabling Super Chats
on your channel for the first time I think it’s very important for you guys to
make sure you introduce it to your audience. Briefly mention it
at the beginning of your next live stream saying, “Hey guys, I’ve got
this new awesome feature – Super Chat! “If you guys wanna support the channel “consider sending a Super Chat!” And as soon as
somebody does the first Super Chat you could show it off,
and be like, “Guys, that’s a Super Chat “look at the comments right now. “This is somebody who Super Chatted “and now their message
is up there for everybody to see.” So not only do they get to interact with you but their Super Chat is now showcased off
to everybody watching the live stream which I think a lot of viewers really like. Let’s go over
some of the best Super Chat practices. Always thank people for their Super Chat no matter how small or large it is. “Yo, Riley,
thank you so much for the $2 Super Chat.” People are so much more likely
to come back to your future live streams if you engage with their Super Chat and of course engage
with your live stream viewers directly. If possible, depending on
the question of the Super Chat try to think about
some fun ways you can answer it so that way it’s not
the same way each and every time. Make sure you’re also noticing them quickly. I’m not saying that as soon as they send it,
you have to boom, read it as fast as you can. But of course,
the sooner that you can notice them the more appreciated they will feel. “Darren, thank you so much
for the Super Chat, you amazing person.” It’s also very important
to make sure that you’re staying engaged with whatever you are live streaming about as well as your audience. “No! No! No! I was reading the chat! “I wasn’t paying attention!'” Set challenges in your live streams
so when you hit a certain tier of Super Chats or a certain amount of Super Chats you’re going to do something. Something small, silly and fun that the viewers can relate to. Maybe you attach a clothes pin to your ear every time you get a Super Chat. Maybe you have a giant bowling pin
and you write their names on the bowling pin whenever they Super Chat. You could even keep a high score of who
Super Chatted the most of any viewer ever Maybe have the top five. You can also set up
sound effects for certain Super Chats. People love to hear
a certain sound effect that’s related to you. Call to action is extremely important when it comes to Super Chats. I’m not saying to mention it
so frequently that your viewers get really frustrated
and leave the live stream. I would say,
every few minutes, just mention it. Explain to them
why they should use Super Chats how it helps you,
how you’ll read their comments how you’re going to
write it on this giant bowling pin. Never force your viewers to use Super Chat. Encouraging them
and making it as organic as possible is always going to be the best way to do it. If you guys have
any more questions related to Super Chat make sure you guys comment them down below and subscribe
to the YouTube Creators channel. And don’t forget, if you guys want,
you can stop by one of my channels PrestonPlayz or TBNRFrags. But most importantly, have a great day and thank you so much for watching.