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Shreem Brzee – Powerful Mantra to Attract Wealth

This Mantra, Shreem Brzee, we have also understood how this Shreem Brzee mantra has a beautiful theory. So, Adi Shankara always believes that the sounds were the basic principle in which the creation of the whole world is based on, the whole Universe is based on. And so, he has explained theories of every syllable,…

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Wealth Creation Tips | Use This Technique to Create Wealth

When you have pure energy then you don’t have to sweat. The whole idea of sweat, you have to sweat in order to get things done, came at a later point of time. Even according to the Bible, God did not want Adam and Eve to sweat. They figured out a way to sweat. It’s…

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Shreem Brzee: Dr. Pillai Explains The Ultimate Wealth Building Mantra

Shreem Brzee is the ultimate wealth building mantra. As I have mentioned several times before, this came to me through Vishwamitra, who was one of the emperors who ruled India. He wanted to give a great life for people, a prosperous life for his citizens. And he could not do it through material means so…

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