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Do Airlines Make Money From First Class?

First class air travel has often been a playground for the rich and famous. On a first class flight from New York to Dubai on Emirates Airlines, wealthy passengers can sleep in private suites that feature floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, relax in the Airbus A380’s shower spa and drink limited edition champagne while eating mounds of…

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What Hong Kong Unrest Means For Asia’s Financial Hub

Scenes like this play out in Hong Kong almost every weekend now. It’s been this way since June 2019. Now the unrest is getting more and more violent. So what’s going on in Hong Kong? In April of 2019, Hong Kong’s government attempted to amend its extradition laws. The proposed changes would allow criminal suspects…

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Why Lyft Is Losing Money

Lyft just went public. At IPO, it was valued above $20 billion. It’s the first ride-hailing business to hit the market, beating next month’s expected IPO of bigger rival Uber. They’re also sort of known as the underdog and they’re probably the lesser known of the two major ride-hailing companies. So for them to get…

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How Square Makes Money

Square, Inc has grown from a scrappy payments startup to a $26 billion FinTech giant. Square shares soaring on Thursday. I love this stock. It’s Square SQ the payment technology company that can turn any smartphone or tablet into a credit card reader. Not bad for something that started off as a side project for…

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How Amazon Makes Money

Amazon reported record profits in 2018, earning $10.1 billion in net income compared to just $3 billion in 2017. Considering the company hardly had any annual profit until 2016, this represents major growth. Whether that’s gap earnings, operating income, free cash flow, this company hit an inflection point at the beginning of 2018. It’s one…

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Pattern Of Abuse Of Taxpayer Money Seen In Wealthy Donald Trump Staff | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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How Much Do NFL Draft Picks Make?

The NFL draft. It’s one of television’s biggest non-competitive sporting events, with ratings that beat out NBA playoff games. The annual draft is when pro teams fill their rosters with fresh talent, selecting top college players from around the country and from around the world. Eligibility for the draft is simple. A player needs to…

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How Robinhood Makes Money

It’s a theme as old as money itself. The struggle between the rich and the poor. And it became especially apparent after the financial crisis. People were losing money hand over fist in the market, millions lost their jobs and their homes. Trust in Wall Street was at its lowest point in memory. People were…

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How Venmo Makes Money

Cold hard cash. It used to be king. But in a world where you can pay someone by swiping a few times and clicking a button, consumers are opting to transfer money online instead. They are the two words all millennials seem to be using these days. Venmo me! One popular option is Venmo. If…

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Who Makes Money From Professional Poker?

For nearly two decades ESPN broadcasts and an account named Moneymaker have given rise to a generation of poker players dreaming of turning professional and earning millions. I think everybody is just chasing those big six figure seven figure scores. But poker is a game of high risk – It’s worse than the stock market…

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