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MONEY – LeFloid VS The World Ep 3

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Copyright Basics: Crash Course Intellectual Property 2

Hi. I’m Stan Muller, this is Crash Course Intellectual Property, and today we’re going to be talking about copyright law. As you might have guessed, the law of copyright relates to the right to copy, the copy right as it relates to copies of copyrightable works. You copy? [Theme Music] Right. So, the right to…

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Apple’s Money Problem (& Why It Won’t Buy Netflix)

Every second, Apple makes $1,444 of profit. That’s more than any other company, and almost as much as Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook combined. A bank account of $285 billion makes it more country, than company. Anyone else would kill for pockets so deep. But Apple is wary. And while most companies beg not to be…

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Is a Tesla Powerwall 2 Worth the Money?

– I just got my Tesla Powerwalls installed, and I’m sort of in love with them. It’s just such a cool feeling to know that you no longer need the energy grid for, you know, your daily life. However, when I started to look into the data, it came clear to me that not everyone…

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