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Intellectual Property: Trademarks

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, Trademarks

>>Trademarks. Trademarks are kind of fun. I mean, trademarks are the face of the company to the marketplace. Your company will have a trademark almost certainly, a trade name and a trade mark. You will use it on your products or services. Almost anything can be a…

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Intellectual Property: Protection & Infringement

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, I.P. Protection & Avoiding Infringement

 >>You’ve got an intellectual property strategy that’s terrific. And you’ve been following it diligently, even better. And the result, of course, is that you’ve identified a number of different technological points that might be worth protecting. Might be worth getting intellectual property…

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The Zombification of Intellectual Property and the Tool That Could Finally Reform It

The zombification of intellectual property and the tool that could finally reform it: how IP funded basic income could enrich the public domain by Scott’s anton’s you know what a zombie is right do you know why you know you know because of a mistake that through Night of the Living Dead freely into the…

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Intellectual Property Law Jobs – Being An IP Lawyer

Marc Luber: Hey everyone – welcome to JD Careers Out There – where we get you career advice from fellow lawyers and non-practicing lawyers – to help you find success and happiness in your career. I’m ML – and today we’re exploring the career path of Intellectual Property Law. We’re talking to Michael Kelber, an…

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Copyright, Exceptions, and Fair Use: Crash Course Intellectual Property #3

Hi I’m Stan Muller. This is Crash Course Intellectual Property and today we’re continuing our discussion of copyright law. In his 2011 book, Infringement Nation, Professor John Tehranian conducts a thought experiment where he tracks a guy’s encounter with copyright law through the course of an unremarkable day. Well we’re going to try this experiment…

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Intellectual Property: Copyrights

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, Copyright

>>Copyright is the right to stop others from copying or performing or using or selling your creative work. Copyright can exist in a lot of different work product. Certainly in software, in your code, that can be copyrighted. Obviously music and movies, these are all copyrighted, novels,…

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Intellectual Property: Introduction

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, Intro

>>In the early part of my career I was an in‑house patent attorney at Ford Motor Company. It was an excellent opportunity for a broad range of training and experience in intellectual property law. My practice now involves advising clients on intellectual property issues. That includes patent…

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