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The 3 Decisions That Will Change Your Financial Life

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Avoid These Common Money Mistakes!

Hey everyone, so as I said last week your twenties can either be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to personal finance. And perhaps the biggest determining factor between being way ahead of the game come your 30th birthday or well behind where you’d like to be is your ability to…

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Protect Yourself! Money In The Movies Reviews “Identity Thief”

Car accidents Van Accidents And the dude from Terminator 2 wrapped in duck tape I’m Peter Bielagus and this, is Money In The Movies. Hello and welcome to Money In The Movies, a show where we review films based on their financial accuracy. Today’s movie is Identity Thief, directed by Seth Gordon and Starring Jason…

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10 Financial Goals To Conquer in Your 30s

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A Guide to Financial Aid

Hello student. If you’re like most, as you embark on the thrilling journey that is sure to be your college education, there are two clearly distinct thoughts running through your mind. the first is “Isn’t this wonderful? I am about to embark on the thrilling journey that is college.” The second, less comforting thought is…

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The Most Valuable Financial Asset You Will Ever Have | Importance of Financial Literacy/Intelligence

Financial literacy is one of the most important skills to learn in today’s world. However, it’s not one that’s always thoroughly talked about in schools, though we are slowly but surely improving on that front as time goes on. However that’s not going to be of much help to those of us who have already…

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ūüĒī Can Central Banks Save the Economy from Global Financial Crisis? | Recession Watch

Kristof great to have you back on real vision. Good morning. Gorgeous. We’re here to talk about recession week but what I really wanted to sort of chat to you about was Rails been talking about that kind of a thesis a big thesis of which one of the key elements in that is going…

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Doctor Common Financial Mistakes

Contrary to popular belief, doctors are not filthy rich. In fact, finances are a huge stressor for many medical students, residents, and even attending physicians. Between the opportunity cost, raising cost of tuition, and increasing interest rates on student loans, it’s easy to see why becoming a doctor isn’t as financially favorable as it once…

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Making Money VS Saving Money (Which Is MORE IMPORTANT?) | How to Financial Independence Retire Early

What’s more important to achieving Financial Independence, a good offensive strategy (in other words finding ways to generate an income) or a good defensive strategy (in other words finding ways to lower your expenses)? There are certainly some good points on both sides of this debate so today we’re going to look to find an…

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Take Control of YOUR MONEY | 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Finances

You know there are a lot of subjects that I would love to be able to cover on this channel. So many little things and neat ideas that can go into creating a wildly successful personal Financial picture for ourselves and others. But I’m just one man and I’m not always able to get to…

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