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A Guide to Financial Aid

Hello student. If you’re like most, as you embark on the thrilling journey that is sure to be your college education, there are two clearly distinct thoughts running through your mind. the first is “Isn’t this wonderful? I am about to embark on the thrilling journey that is college.” The second, less comforting thought is…

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Luxury Florida Living A-Z: Jupiter Country Club

Now we travel to another planet kidding aside Jupiter Country Club is out of this world ranked 129th in the US by platinum clubs of America with 405 single-family homes and 151 carriage homes on over 425 acres in seven distinct communities living options are plenty residents will enjoy 18-hole Greg Norman’s signature Golf Course…

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Psychology of financial markets: mini-lecture (UCL)

[ Music ]>>My name’s David Tuckett and I work in the Psychoanalysis Unit here at UCL. About 10 years ago, I began to be interested in bringing together psychology, economics and sociology and in trying to understand behaviour in financial markets, my interest being in instability and why there are booms and crashes, which, as…

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How to Calculate Household Size and Income

When you apply for health coverage through Maryland Health Connection, you’ll need to tell us who is in your household and their income. Generally, you should include the people on your tax return, like yourself, your spouse, children, and maybe a couple more folks – even if they’re not all applying for coverage. You should…

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The First Amendment and Government Property: Free Speech Rules (Episode 8)

Say the government is handing out money, or access to government property or some other benefit. Can it exclude certain kinds of speech or certain kinds of speakers? It’s complicated. But here are the five rules of the First Amendment and government property. Rule one. A few forms of government property are treated as so-called…

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Travel the world with almost NO MONEY (Best Travel Tip 2019)

Hitchhike to travel for free CouchSurf to get accommodation for free You must have learnt this by watching my videos until now Today I’m going to tell you How can you travel for almost no money for a longer duration! its 8 pm This is the month of November I started this trip almost 2…

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Make Money Kids—- Ways for Kids to Make Money – Professor Savings

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with ways for kids to make money. Money management is one of the most essential life skills required by kids. It’s an art for them to earn, save and be responsible for their money. Children should work and earn according to their age, capacity and circumstances. Here’s a few…

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How does intellectual property affect you?

A Registered Community Design (RCD) A Registered European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) IP protects your creations. IP is all around us. Copyright protects artistic and literary works. Geographical Indications for some products of specific geographical origin. Patents for innovations. IP is everywhere.

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Excel Finance Class 02: Getting Started with Formulas, Functions, Formula Inputs and Cell References

Welcome to Excel and Finance video number two. If you want to download this workbook and follow along, click on my YouTube channel, then click on my college apps link. And you can download the workbook Finance and Excel Chapter 00 Yes, this is for a finance class. And we’re talking about Chapter 00, which…

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Sneaky Ways All-Inclusive Resorts Get You To Spend Money

All-inclusive resorts seem great. You pay an up-front price, then you get to spend a week drinking on the beach, dining under palm trees, and relaxing next to the pool. Since you don’t have to pull out your wallet, it almost feels like you’re saving money. And for those with a big appetite, that’s probably…

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