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The Financial System Is Broken (w/ Jeff Snider)

JEFF SNIDER: My name is Jeff Snider. I work for Alhambra Investments. I’m the head of global research there. It’s a registered investment advisor based out of Florida. What I do is, as the head of global research, is I focus in on the monetary mechanics, the plumbing, so to speak, behind what actually goes…

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How Credit Cards Were Invented | Planet Money | NPR

This is where the story of the magnetic stripe and the chip on your credit card begins — an airport in the 1960s. Back then, you want to pay with a credit card, you walk up to a ticket counter, hand over your credit card, and the airline calls up the bank to make sure…

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🔴 How Will Bitcoin & Crypto Shift The Financial System? | Recession Watch

DAN TAPIERO: Bitcoin was down 85% from the high and as an old time macro guy, you’re looking to buy things that have gone down 85%, 90% after a blow-off. That’s what it is. I think it’s a security truth machine. Okay, well, Amazon, that’s worth a trillion dollars itself stuff on the internet. But…

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Why the Trends of Income Inequality & Redistribution of Wealth Could Reverse (w/ Trevor Noren)

TREVOR NOREN: My name is Trevor Noren. I’m the Managing Director at 13D Global Research and Strategy. I cover disruptive innovation and contribute weekly to our flagship publication, What I Learned this Week. Yeah, at 13D, our focus is not just providing our clients with actionable investment advice, but also providing the predictive frameworks that…

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🔴 Can Central Banks Save the Economy from Global Financial Crisis? | Recession Watch

Kristof great to have you back on real vision. Good morning. Gorgeous. We’re here to talk about recession week but what I really wanted to sort of chat to you about was Rails been talking about that kind of a thesis a big thesis of which one of the key elements in that is going…

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Why Investing in Gold Is So Critical & the Future of Money (w/ Grant Williams and Josh Crumb)

Grant Williams: All right. Josh Crumb, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Goldmoney. Welcome back. Josh Crumb: Thank you. Good to be back. You and I keep bumping into each other in strange places. Yeah. It was Toronto last time. And then we bumped into each other in Hong Kong a couple of months ago,…

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Is the Big Money Heading for Bitcoin? (w/ Meltem Demirors)

JUSTINE UNDERHILL: Meltem, thank you so much for joining us. You have quite the varied background. Could you take us a little bit through it? You actually started out in oil and gas, is that correct? MELTEM DEMIRORS: That’s right, that’s right. So I started my career trading commodities. I traded ethanol and methanol. And…

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Neo4j Bloom: Investigating Patterns in Financial Transactions

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Cybersecurity: Big Risks and Better Mousetraps | J.P. Morgan

CAITLIN GARDNER: Hello. My name is Caitlin Gardner. I work on the Intellectual Property team at JP Morgan. With me today is JF Legault. Can you introduce yourself? JF LEGAULT: JF Legault– I head up cybersecurity operations for the firm. So my job covers a wide variety of elements that all pertain to defending the…

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Protect your property from fraud

Property fraud is where a fraudster tries to “steal” your property. Of course that doesn’t mean they can pick up the property and run away with it It’s most commonly done by someone pretending to be you and selling or mortgaging your property and leaving you to pick up the pieces. For example, we know…

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