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HOW I AFFORD LUXURY HOTELS | Travel in Her Shoes | My Tricks on How to Stay at 5 Star Resorts

Hi! This is Aggie Lal— Travel in Her Shoes. And today I’m super excited about today because I’m gonna tell you how I afford staying in luxury resorts and fancy hotels. And, yes, I’m a travel blogger, and I sometimes get to do it for free. But that was not always the case and sometimes…

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Audi Presents: Santa Says

– The North Pole just filled the best seasonal gig of all time: Gift Tester. Now, with the help of highly trained elves, the Gift Tester is putting the all-electric Audi e-tron SUV through its paces. For our next test we’re gonna play a little game we like to call – [All] Santa Says! Let’s…

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My Luxurious Train Ride On The Rocky Mountaineer

This is the King Street Station in Seattle, Washington… A classic old train station that’s been beautifully restored. Evoking an era from the 1940s and 1950s when taking a long journey on a train… Was as common as taking a flight on an airplane is today. These days, the King Street Station mostly serves Amtrak…

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Holiday Shopping Money-Saving Hacks | Budget Blogger Lauren Greutman

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

While many of us go through life with the persuit of money on our minds, we’re often told that money can’t buy happiness. But what truth is there in the saying? Is there a correlation between money and happiness? And, if so, how can we use it to our advantage? Humans are very sensitive to…

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