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Intellectual Property _ Course Introduction

This is an NPTEL course in which we cover the basics of what intellectual property is. Intellectual property deals with a variety of things so we use the term intellectual property rights to cover the rights that protects intellectual property. Now this includes the legal rights which results from intellectual activity in the industry, scientific,…

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Patents, Novelty, and Trolls: Crash Course Intellectual Property #4

Hi, I’m Stan Muller. This is Crash Course: Intellectual Property and today we’re talking about patent law. That’s why I’m wearing these fancy patent leather shoes. They’re a little too small and uh, I had a hard time putting them on. If only somebody would invent a new useful and non-obvious tool for forcing feet…

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Intellectual property – Part 1

In this lecture, we will be looking at some of the fundamental principles that govern intellectual property rights. We will be looking at what is intellectual property and looking at the individual things that constitute intellectual property rights. We will also be looking at the difference between intellectual property – that is IP, and how…

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