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Have you ever thought about the similarities between trading and gaming? No? Me neither! Well until now, that is. A common misconception about both, is that it’s all about entry techniques. You have … an absolutely … breathtaking heinie. But much like in gaming, a great entry is far from necessary to be successful in…

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How To Retire Early Through Property Investing | A Retirement Planning Pension Strategy

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How Generational Forces Have Set the Stage for a Retirement Crisis (w/ Neil Howe)

ED HARRISON: Neil Howe, you’ve been introduced me as the foremost demographer of our time. I’m pretty excited about this. NEIL HOWE: Let’s just tone down expectations. ED HARRISON: You and I, we were talking on the telephone earlier. One of the things that you had said is that really, it’s never as good as…

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how to save money fast on a low income

Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with tips on living with a low income budget. It can be hard living for a family to live on a limited income. But, there are ways to pay the expenses and have all the necessities required for living. Here are some tips to learn how to live on…

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🔴 How Chinese Currency Devaluation May Trigger a Global Financial Crisis? | Recession Watch

Russell welcome back again to real vision great to have you on thanks having me we’re talking about China within the context of recession because we’re in recession week Now you’ve been looking at China for a long time. You’ve been looking at a slowdown in China for a long time Could you put it…

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How To Invest In Property In 2020… Buy To Let UK Tips For Your Property Business

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How To Calculate Returns On a Rental Property (ROI with Excel Template)

Today we’re going to check if a rental property is worth buying. And we’re going to do that by calculating the cash-on-cash return and the return on investment, or ROI of a potential investment. We’re going to use Excel to set up a simple template that you can use to analyze all kinds of investment…

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The 10 Laws Of Money

What’s up everybody? I am Jaspreet Singh and welcome to the Minority Mindset. The people who never learn the rules of money, will always be ruled by money, which is why you, who me? Yes, you need to learn the rules of money. The ten laws of money that I’m going to go over today,…

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The Financial System Is Broken (w/ Jeff Snider)

JEFF SNIDER: My name is Jeff Snider. I work for Alhambra Investments. I’m the head of global research there. It’s a registered investment advisor based out of Florida. What I do is, as the head of global research, is I focus in on the monetary mechanics, the plumbing, so to speak, behind what actually goes…

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Avoid These Common Money Mistakes!

Hey everyone, so as I said last week your twenties can either be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to personal finance. And perhaps the biggest determining factor between being way ahead of the game come your 30th birthday or well behind where you’d like to be is your ability to…

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