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Hawaii’s WWII Specially Printed War Money

Hey Now! Hello again and welcome to another episode of the really show. I’m your host Arron Ross. Today’s show, Hawaii had its own currency Hey, if you like our show we would really love it if you would subscribe. December 7, 1941 a day they will live in infamy Pearl Harbor bombed by the…

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Luxury AirBnB Apartment Tour in Tokyo | STAY AT AN AIRBNB IF YOU TRAVEL JAPAN

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Roppongi Tokyo: Party Central

Welcome to Roppongi in Tokyo! The wildest and craziest place where foreigners and Japanese come to party Interesting food, Interesting shops, Interesting restaurants, Interesting people and random things that show up like a sudden game of Mariokart? If you’re looking for a fun and interesting place to party in Tokyo and don’t speak much Japanese…

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Japanese Girls Try Australian Snacks!

Yokoso Peeps! Today I’m here with Riko and Yoko. Hello! Today they’re going to be reacting to some Australian snacks I got from my friends Lizzi and Emily! It’s like a chocolate cookie, chocolate cream in the middle and chocolate surrounding it. So it’s very chocolaty. Out of 10 what do you give this snack?…

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$850/month VS $650/month Japanese Apartment Tour!

Alright so here is my Genkan(front entrance) where you take off your shoes. And the shoe closet I guess you’d call it and my hat rack. Right next to it is just the toilet. This one has a separate toilet room so toilet by itself. And from the toilet room you come into the kitchen…

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Top 10 DON’T DO in Tokyo 東京行く時しない方がいいトップ10 「日本語字幕」

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Harry Potter World in Japan!!

Wow, Shrek is Huge! You have to spin it to make it go faster! We just go out of the ride. It was awesome! It was moving so much we weren’t allowed to bring anything. But oh man that was probably the best ride I’ve ever been on in my life! Marauder’s map! Yoko! Butter…

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How to Cherry Blossom! Tokyo Japan Hanami

I’m from Singapore! I’m from England. I am from Canada What part? Ottawa England U.S. And you’re drinking poccari sweat? I’m staying hydrated, staying healthy! Mixed with? Sake Thank you for all coming to this wonderful awesome event Every year we do this and every year it’s awesome. Thank you all for coming and thank…

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Building sustainable communities and their worldwide network | Hiroyuki Sato | TEDxKyoto

Translator: Kayoko Shiomi Reviewer: Denise RQ Four and a half years ago, 20,000 precious lives were lost. At that time, what was essential for survival? The morning after the disaster, people who escaped the tsunami got together in a community center. For what? People brought rice stockpiled in each house, drew water from a mountainside…

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Top 10 Richest Cities in The World 2019

Top 10 Richest Cities in The World. It may be little strange to believe that the richest cities in the world are not related to the culture, population, or expenses only. There are some additional aspects like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which signies how rich a city is. GDP is essentially the total dollar value…

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