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Money gift idea: Wedding dress, dollar bill origami tutorial

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The Sims 4 House Building – Small Luxury Home

Hey guys, James here today, and welcome back to another house building video! So, recently we’ve been doing a lot of smaller builds like either- whether it be the $10, 000 build challenge which we did a couple of times. Then I’ve done all those sort of 4×4’s and all these other sort of tiny…

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hey guys and welcome to a new vlog it speed fleet sunny in London and we’ve just headed out because so it’s the bank holiday weekend and we’re not actually going away anywhere that was planned to go somewhere but then it sort of didn’t work out in the end so he decided to stay…

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This video is proudly brought to you by my friend and fellow art channel, ZHC. After he made his video on these, he let me borrow them to make this video cause ya’ll guys know my cheap butt ain’t gonna be buying thousand-dollar colored pencils. So yeah, Zach, thank you so much, and if you…

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The Wealth Planning Model

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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Canadian Zombie Property

but you were you were commenting about them trying to go through and make Dead Rising less Japenese So they hired a Canadian developer to make it more ‘Western’ hehe I could imagine them being in the boardroom saying “You know what this game needs, it needs to be more Canadian” How about instead of…

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Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

– Well dressed, beautiful black woman in Seattle. I think you’re about 80,000 right now. – Okay. – Oh. (laughter off set) – Sounds like I was wrong! (loud laughter) (soft tuba music) – Hello! – I’m Rain. – My name is Catalina. – I’m Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr. – Um, how much do…

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We need to STAN Matty B

You might be concerned because I’m in my kitchen, you’re like ‘oh no this isn’t a commentary video, all… I’m gonna die.’ And you’re not gonna die. I’m gonna talk about– just— talk— just get it— just give it a breath, okay? Just take a break. Most of my audience doesn’t like, really they’re not…

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Japanese Girls Try Australian Snacks!

Yokoso Peeps! Today I’m here with Riko and Yoko. Hello! Today they’re going to be reacting to some Australian snacks I got from my friends Lizzi and Emily! It’s like a chocolate cookie, chocolate cream in the middle and chocolate surrounding it. So it’s very chocolaty. Out of 10 what do you give this snack?…

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There is SO much MONEY in this COIN PUSHER!

Hey guys, we found a new coin for sure a quarter coin pusher. There’s actually plenty of in there [here] looking at this money We’ve never seen one [in] person that has this much money in it There’s a $50 bill right there we execute some headphones or five-dollar Bill There’s a one tucked under…

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