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Have you ever thought about the similarities between trading and gaming? No? Me neither! Well until now, that is. A common misconception about both, is that it’s all about entry techniques. You have … an absolutely … breathtaking heinie. But much like in gaming, a great entry is far from necessary to be successful in…

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How to Sign Money in ASL – American Sign Language

Ok, now I am going to teach you on what topic? Whoa! You see this? What is this? This is MONEY. MONEY is signed like this. MONEY. This is ONE-CENT or a PENNY. This is FIVE-CENTS or a NICKEL. This is TEN-CENTS or a DIME. This is a QUARTER. What are these? COINS. What are…

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On the Money with Cousin Sal – College Edition

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The Money Song | Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter | Jack Hartmann

Penny, nickel, dime, quarter Let’s learn! Money, money, money in my pocket Money, money I know how to count it Money, money, money in my pocket Money, money I know how to count it What’s it worth? How much is a penny? 1 cent How much is a nickel? 5 cents How much is a…

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How Much Does It ACTUALLY Cost To Make Money

Prior to humans using coins as currency they’d barter for things, such as tools used for hunting. But eventually it just made sense to create something used as a unit of value, instead of lugging around all your belongings anytime you wanted to trade. Back in the day, and we mean many thousands of years…

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Ways You Can Spot Rare Valuable Money In Your Wallet

– [Narrator] If your wallet in your back pocket, you could be sitting on a fortune and not even know it. Countries all of the world like to print notes or cost coins that are in very small amounts or they make little mistakes during the printing or molding process that lead to your notes…

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