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8 Free Things You’re Probably Paying For | The Financial Diet

Hey guys it’s Chelsea from the financial diet and this week’s video is brought to you by RetailMeNot and this week we wanted to talk to you guys about the things that you are probably paying for that you could be getting for free. So much about saving money and spending smarter is about being…

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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – BEST Book Summary

Here’s little Robert Kiyosaki. He has two fathers. One of them has a Ph.D., the other never finished 8th grade. Both earn substantial incomes, yet one always struggles financially, while the other is going to become one of the richest men in Hawaii. One is going to die leaving tens of millions of dollars to…

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Making Money VS Saving Money (Which Is MORE IMPORTANT?) | How to Financial Independence Retire Early

What’s more important to achieving Financial Independence, a good offensive strategy (in other words finding ways to generate an income) or a good defensive strategy (in other words finding ways to lower your expenses)? There are certainly some good points on both sides of this debate so today we’re going to look to find an…

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Take Control of YOUR MONEY | 5 Ways to Supercharge Your Finances

You know there are a lot of subjects that I would love to be able to cover on this channel. So many little things and neat ideas that can go into creating a wildly successful personal Financial picture for ourselves and others. But I’m just one man and I’m not always able to get to…

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8 Things Poor People Do That the Rich Don’t – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

So every time I criticize how poor people think, people get really angry at me and tell me that I shouldn’t hate poor people. And I’m like, “Are you out of your mind?” I don’t hate poor people. I was poor for the majority of my life. And when I say poor, I mean poorer…

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Millionaire Reveals How Much He Spends Per Month (OVER $100k??)

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The simplest retirement plan ever.

There are a lot of complex strategies when it comes to withdrawing your money in retirement. We’ve already gone over some of them such as the Guyton-Klinger Rule, but not all strategies have to be complicated to work well. Sometimes the simplest strategy is the most brilliant of all. And today that’s what we’re going…

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Darling? Why do you always cut the edges of the ham? Well that’s how my mom used to cook it! Hello? Hi mom! Why did you always cut the edges of the ham again? Well I don’t know dear. Because your grandmother used to do so for me, I guess. I’ll call her and ask…

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8 Grown-Up Behaviors Keeping You Broke 💸 (adulting wealth killers)

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