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How to Lower Your Property Taxes

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The Property Tax Scandal in The US

One of the kinds of taxes in America that really represents a scandal long overdue to be part of the national agenda for change, is the property tax. Here in the United States we use a whole bevy of different taxes to pay for what our Federal, State and local governments do for us. Today…

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Why “Billionaire’s Row” Pays the Lowest Property Tax Rate in NYC

432 Park Avenue, designed by Rafael Viñoly is the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere. One57 designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Christian de Portzamparc has service run by Hyatt’s five-star staff from their Park Hotel. This is Billionaires Row, a stretch of new super tall residential skyscrapers with multi-million dollar apartments in midtown…

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Supplemental Property Taxes— Explained! | The Real Estate Jedi™ | San Diego Real Estate

If you are buying a property in California for MORE than it last sold for, chances are, you’ll be receiving a “Supplemental Property Tax” bill or two in the mail in the months following the transaction. Let’s talk about these Supplemental Taxes! First, in order to understand Supplemental Property Taxes, you’ll need to understand the…

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