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Does Property Management Feels Like This? Make It Feel Like This Follow Your Passion Not Your Properties Ownerstown

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FANTASTIC NEW VIDEO I Love Real Estate – Property Games 2017

I Love Real Estate is an amazing property education Community here in Australia where we teach people how to replace their income and how to get out there and change their lives. and between Dymphna and I we’ve landed on this most magnificent place called Couran Cove situated near the Gold Coast 10 minutes away…

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How Much Is That House Worth? | Estimate ANY Property Value (Australia)

Sam: Want to know what your property or the property you’re considering purchasing is worth? In today’s video, we’re going to talk about the five key elements to be considered when valuing a property and where you can go to get access to a free property report. Sam: Hey guys, it’s Sam. At Lendi, we’ve…

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The leasehold property scandal rocking the new homes industry

[MUSIC PLAYING] – This detached property in Merseyside might look idyllic, but the family who live here say their dream home has become a nightmare. In 2011, Andrea Millward bought this two story house for her young family. Like a growing number of first time buyers, it was on a leasehold basis. She was told…

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Getting rich from property investment seminars

Mark gets an invitation to a seminar to learn how to make a fortune investing in property. The brochure says: It’s safe; Low risk; Guaranteed rent; Big returns He pictures himself sitting by the pool, sipping a cool drink, thinking about all the money that will be rolling in if he signs up for an…

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How to conduct a property enquiry using PDOnline

Hi, my name’s Janine and I work in Brisbane City Council’s Development Assessment Branch. Today, I’m going to show you how to do a property enquiry using PD Online — Council’s online system for planning and development information. Customers can use PD Online’s Property Enquiry Tool to find key details about a property and to…

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Who is buying up all the property?

OK. So… Who is buying all these properties anyway? Well, depends if you’re talking commercial or residential, but to some extent, the answer is the same. Huge investors, who are often investing on behalf of your pension, or of big institutions, like insurers and pension funds. Now, there’s private equity that have massively invested in…

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Funding Property Investments | 7 Funding Tips On How To Invest In Property Business (Real Estate)

– If you want to invest in property I believe that there’s 10 key skills you should try to master, and skill number six is working out how to finance your deals. And so let me share a few ideas that I know are gonna help you with this. (upbeat music) – Hi my name…

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My 2018 Property Portfolio REVEALED | Samuel Leeds

What’s up guys? Samuel Leeds here and you may have watched last year, 12 months ago, I did a video and I’ve never known anyone do a video like this. It was one of my most popular YouTube videos where I exposed, I revealed my 2018 property investing business plan and I’ve told everybody exactly…

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Atlanta Property Management by Ritan Property Group Atlanta Rental Property

Managing your own Atlanta Rental Property? Here’s how that usually goes: You either start as an investor, or want to rent your current home. You need a tenant, so now you become a Tenant Finder. Except, to find a tenant, you need to market your property, so now you’re a Marketing Specialist. When you find…

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