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What To Look For Before Investing In Property

So I think when you’re investing it’s really important to turn to know your own circumstances and take sort of a short-term, media term and longer term view and try and diversify your portfolio as much as possible and the reality is if you’re not investing you’re losing money every day because of the rate…

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Lone Star Luxury December 2019

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Lec-14 Thermodynamic Property Relations-II

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How To Write A Business Plan For Your Property Business | UK Property Investment & Real Estate Tips

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What can governments do about rising worldwide property prices?

If rising property prices are or are becoming a global problem what can governments do about it? Million dollar question. There are lots of reasons why policymakers might look at what’s happening in the real estate market with a pang of concern. If rising prices for ordinary single family homes are making it harder for…

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What led to the huge rise in property prices?

OK, here you go. Yeah. You’ll never make it without it. OK. So here we go. What has led to the huge rise in property prices? The major part of the answer to that question has to be monetary policy and quantitative easing. Quantitative easing. That really rolls off of the tongue. What central banks…

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How can we tell if rising property prices are genuine or a bubble?

Just going to OK. So how can we tell if rising prices are genuine or a bubble? OK. This is a really interesting one because people tend to use the word bubble a lot when they’re talking about high property prices. But there’s a question of, is there actually a reason for those high prices,…

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5th Grade Math: Multiplication Properties

5th grade math: multiplication Properties laying about the multiplication property now there are for multiplication properties and we’ll go through them one by one so you understand first property is community property now committee property and basically reversed operations so if you have four times 5th grade math: multiplication Properties in the community property you…

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Patents, Novelty, and Trolls: Crash Course Intellectual Property #4

Hi, I’m Stan Muller. This is Crash Course: Intellectual Property and today we’re talking about patent law. That’s why I’m wearing these fancy patent leather shoes. They’re a little too small and uh, I had a hard time putting them on. If only somebody would invent a new useful and non-obvious tool for forcing feet…

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Property Investment Skill No.3 – “Property Due Diligence” | How To Invest In Property / Real Estate

If you want to invest in property, I believe that there’s 10 keys skills that you need to master. And skill number three is doing property due diligence. And so, let me show you exactly what you need to do here. Hi my name’s Tony Law from Your First Four Houses and my channel’s all…

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