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Getting Your Property To Stand Out – Real Estate Investor Tips

hey guys I’m Jared Sleeth with Washington Capital Partners and we’re here in Northeast Washington DC in a single-family renovation and I want to show you a couple things about this property that help it stand out from others that are on the market right now so one of the first things that you’ll notice…

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FANTASTIC NEW VIDEO I Love Real Estate – Property Games 2017

I Love Real Estate is an amazing property education Community here in Australia where we teach people how to replace their income and how to get out there and change their lives. and between Dymphna and I we’ve landed on this most magnificent place called Couran Cove situated near the Gold Coast 10 minutes away…

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12 Reasons Why I Love Rental Properties

Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Brandon with BiggerPockets.com and today I want to talk to you real quick about why I love rental properties. So I do a little bit of rentals, little bit of flipping, a little bit little bit of wholesaling, but rental properties present particularly have the special place in…

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Is Renting Always A Waste Of Money?

is renting a home really a complete waste of money you’ve heard all the sayings why pay the landlord’s mortgage when you can pay your own or if you’re renting you’re just throwing money away the truth is it’s possible for a renter to end up with a larger net worth than someone who buys…

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How to Refinance a Rental Property

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Funding Property Investments | 7 Funding Tips On How To Invest In Property Business (Real Estate)

– If you want to invest in property I believe that there’s 10 key skills you should try to master, and skill number six is working out how to finance your deals. And so let me share a few ideas that I know are gonna help you with this. (upbeat music) – Hi my name…

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Renovation Costs on an Investment Property

Should you spend money on renovating an investment property? That’s today’s video. Let’s dive in. Hey everybody, I’m Clayton Morris. I’m the Founder and President of Morris Invest. I’m a longtime real estate investor. And this whole channel is devoted to helping you create passive income, understanding the power of rental real estate. And today,…

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Rental Property Investing 101

If you’re watching this video, it’s probably because you’re sick and tired of working a job and then not having enough money at the end of the month. And you’re thinking to yourself, “You know, if I have my money working for me, if I owned all this real estate or these rentals. And they…

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What’s The Best Property Investment Strategy For You?

– If you wanna learn how to invest in property, I believe that there’s 10 key skills you need to master. And skill number five is to become laser focused on your strategy. And so what should your strategy be? (easy theme music) Hi, my name’s Tony Law from Your First Four Houses, and I…

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Best Rental Properties

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