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Property Management: The Ultimate Guide

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Next Generation of Property Management || Ownerstown ||

Does Property Management Feels Like This? Make It Feel Like This Follow Your Passion Not Your Properties Ownerstown

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Getting Your Property To Stand Out – Real Estate Investor Tips

hey guys I’m Jared Sleeth with Washington Capital Partners and we’re here in Northeast Washington DC in a single-family renovation and I want to show you a couple things about this property that help it stand out from others that are on the market right now so one of the first things that you’ll notice…

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Featured Property Tour: This House Will Impress You at Every Turn

– Hey everybody, it’s Jeff Thibodeau here, co-owner of Redline Properties and I’m excited to take you on our brokerage featured listing of the week, you gotta check this place out. Let’s go take a look. (upbeat music) Come on in. Okay, so the first thing you’re gonna notice is this amazing entryway and you’re…

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12 Reasons to Buy a Property or Invest in Turkey | أسباب تدفعك لشراء عقار أو الاستثمار في تركيا

Hello every one. This is Mehmet HİLAL the General Managerof Realty Group. In this video I will explain to you why you should buy a property or invest in Turkey today, not tomorrow. Why real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most successful types of investments at all. First of all: Successful Economy…

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FANTASTIC NEW VIDEO I Love Real Estate – Property Games 2017

I Love Real Estate is an amazing property education Community here in Australia where we teach people how to replace their income and how to get out there and change their lives. and between Dymphna and I we’ve landed on this most magnificent place called Couran Cove situated near the Gold Coast 10 minutes away…

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12 Reasons Why I Love Rental Properties

Hey, what’s going on everyone? This is Brandon with BiggerPockets.com and today I want to talk to you real quick about why I love rental properties. So I do a little bit of rentals, little bit of flipping, a little bit little bit of wholesaling, but rental properties present particularly have the special place in…

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Is Renting Always A Waste Of Money?

is renting a home really a complete waste of money you’ve heard all the sayings why pay the landlord’s mortgage when you can pay your own or if you’re renting you’re just throwing money away the truth is it’s possible for a renter to end up with a larger net worth than someone who buys…

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The leasehold property scandal rocking the new homes industry

[MUSIC PLAYING] – This detached property in Merseyside might look idyllic, but the family who live here say their dream home has become a nightmare. In 2011, Andrea Millward bought this two story house for her young family. Like a growing number of first time buyers, it was on a leasehold basis. She was told…

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How to Lower Your Property Taxes

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