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Financial English VV 51 – Company Finance and Startups (1) | Business English Vocabulary

You’re watching Video Vocab by BusinessEnglishPod.com in this lesson we’ll look at vocabulary related to company financing. All companies need to raise capital to begin operations. These startup companies may choose to bootstrap the company using personal funding to provide seed capital for the early stages. Or they may seek out angel investors and venture…

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Startup Financial Model example: Slidebean (actual) earnings and expenses 📊

This is not clickbait. In this video, we are going to review the full financials of Slidebean for our most important year: the year when we raised our first $250,000, the year when we grew our subscriptions by 800%. As much as we are open and transparent about many things, we can’t release detailed financials…

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Intellectual Property: Trademarks

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, Trademarks

>>Trademarks. Trademarks are kind of fun. I mean, trademarks are the face of the company to the marketplace. Your company will have a trademark almost certainly, a trade name and a trade mark. You will use it on your products or services. Almost anything can be a…

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Intellectual Property: Protection & Infringement

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, I.P. Protection & Avoiding Infringement

 >>You’ve got an intellectual property strategy that’s terrific. And you’ve been following it diligently, even better. And the result, of course, is that you’ve identified a number of different technological points that might be worth protecting. Might be worth getting intellectual property…

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Why Disruption Isn’t Just for Startups | In-Person | J.P. Morgan

[energetic music] Luke: I like to use the metaphor of cooking when I’m talking about disruption because innovation is nothing more than a willingness to seek an arrangement, a new arrangement of the ingredients that you have available. And the ingredients could be your value proposition, could be customer segments that you serve. It could…

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Intellectual Property: Copyrights

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, Copyright

>>Copyright is the right to stop others from copying or performing or using or selling your creative work. Copyright can exist in a lot of different work product. Certainly in software, in your code, that can be copyrighted. Obviously music and movies, these are all copyrighted, novels,…

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Intellectual Property: Introduction

Kauffman Founders School, Peter D. McDermott, Intellectual Property, Intro

>>In the early part of my career I was an in‑house patent attorney at Ford Motor Company. It was an excellent opportunity for a broad range of training and experience in intellectual property law. My practice now involves advising clients on intellectual property issues. That includes patent…

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