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How Much Does It Cost To Hire The Property Brothers?

Drew and Jonathan Scott came to fame via their insanely popular show, Property Brothers, which has inspired several spin-offs, including Buying and Selling and Forever Home. The lovable duo are just as well-liked for their budget-friendly renovation tips as they are their easy rapport with each other. “What happened to your face?” “I got hair…

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This Is How Much The Busbys Get Paid For OutDaughtered

Family life is hard enough already if you’ve got six kids running around, without adding cameras into the mix. And yet, that’s the exact premise of the hit reality show OutDaughtered, which sees insanely busy parents Adam and Danielle Busby struggling to keep track of their six adorable little girls: oldest daughter Blayke Louise, plus…

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Luxury Brands You Shouldn’t Spend Your Hard Earned Money On

With more and more families finding it necessary to watch where every penny goes, treating yourself to a special, luxury purchase is a huge deal. It’s easy to look to celebrities and pop culture to see what’s hot and what’s worth the hefty price tag, because if A-listers are wearing it, it must be good,…

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