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HOW I AFFORD LUXURY HOTELS | Travel in Her Shoes | My Tricks on How to Stay at 5 Star Resorts

Hi! This is Aggie Lal— Travel in Her Shoes. And today I’m super excited about today because I’m gonna tell you how I afford staying in luxury resorts and fancy hotels. And, yes, I’m a travel blogger, and I sometimes get to do it for free. But that was not always the case and sometimes…

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How to Budget When You’re on Inconsistent Income

Hey guys! Tessa here with another travel budgeting video. Today I’m talking about budgeting for life, travel, anything on inconsistent income. Every job I’ve ever worked has one thing in common: I kind of never knew what I was gonna be paid. A couple of years ago I was serving and bartending I never knew…

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New Tonic Studios Nuvo Luxury Luggage For Crops & Storage is Here

hi Hollowers! welcome I hope you’re having a great day today I’m super excited because I have the new tonic Nouveau luggage now I know a lot of you saw that in our tonic booth tour at creative ation well if you haven’t seen that you can check that top right hand corner for the…

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Beira Mar Resort: In The Lap of Luxury

If you’re headed to Goa, you might want to stay at the Beira Mar Resort located near the famous Benaulim Beach. The Beira Mar Resort offers cottages that are both private convenient and cozy. Eeach cottage comes with an outside sitting area and overlooks the well manicured lawns situated in the middle of the property….

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The BEST LUXURY All You Can Eat DIM SUM Brunch Buffet!

Hey guys, it’s Mike Chen you know this really weird habit no matter where I go in the world I always check out the local all-you-can-eat buffet scene. I don’t know why I do this Maybe it’s because I grew up in a Chinese restaurant Not just a Chinese restaurant by a Chinese buffet restaurant…

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Luxury Florida Living A-Z: Jupiter Country Club

Now we travel to another planet kidding aside Jupiter Country Club is out of this world ranked 129th in the US by platinum clubs of America with 405 single-family homes and 151 carriage homes on over 425 acres in seven distinct communities living options are plenty residents will enjoy 18-hole Greg Norman’s signature Golf Course…

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Blond girl put you into deep deep hypnosis 3 (wealth and abundance) – with Corinne -美女催眠師

that’s correct stalin from the carrick institute and can’t analysis hitting finance another hypnosis products on our website instead of ewwww cat and mouse happy dot blotting and get and he said he had the debian dot hypnotherapy dot park listening to the families well maybe keep relaxed kathy and sleepy do not students any…

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48 HOURS in SEOUL – Luxury Travel Guide in Seoul Korea

this is spending $20,000 in 48 hours we’ve gotten to do some pretty crazy things on this channel and today’s video is no exception Asiana Airlines recently invited me to test out their round-trip business class flights on the trip to a destination that I’ve never been before Seoul South Korea so big thanks to…

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Bora Bora Luxury Bungalow Tour!

Hello you guys and good morning good morning good morning So we just landed in Tahiti if you didn’t watch yesterday’s vlog I announced that we are going to Bora Bora Alisha’s oh, so kindly invited me as her plus one I’m so glad you’re here Friendship goals Also Taf and Ram We’ve been flying…

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Money Transfer Explained

Alright this is a public service announcement for all my friends around the world who need to move money from country to country. Perhaps you worked overseas for a bit and you saved some money and now you need to bring it back home or maybe you’re moving somewhere and you need to put a…

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