and welcome to this unusual video we’re
gonna talk about taxes oh what fun and I hope you enjoy well I’m gonna share with
you today just a little bit about my youtube income and a little bit about
financial part of it as well so I bet you’re thinking by now this is the most
unusual video I probably have ever done me talking about taxes boy that seems
quite strange doesn’t it but you know everybody is so interested in about my
videos where I say YouTube income or living off of YouTube because I don’t
fit the stereotype it a lot of people know that there are some YouTube
channels that make big large amounts of money and they can live off of it but
you don’t hear very often somebody like me who doesn’t make very much money at
all but I live off of YouTube everybody is so impressed and they’re so
intrigued because they don’t quite understand it how can a small Channel
yes I have a very small channel how can I live off a youtube income and so I’ve
been sharing with you in a series of different videos about living on the
YouTube income but I’m going to share with you taxes why am I going to share
with you taxes that’s just a part of my life story
here on YouTube but before I talk to you about the taxes and do I pay them I’m
gonna share with you a little bit of a backdrop about my life and some things
that you may not even know about me a lot of you have been watching me for
years now and you know my whole life story
but there’s so many of you that have come on new to my channel so I’m gonna
share with you just a little bit of a backdrop before I was on YouTube
I was raised with Mennonite traditional values and a lot of those values meant
that I was a stay at home mom and my husband was the breadwinner I was a stay
at home mom and my husband he was what you would call the bread earner he would
go out and work a job now he was always self-employed and so we were really
blessed and not asked that almost all of his jobs only a very
few when he was very young that he worked for someone else so he was always
pretty much self-employed and I stayed at home and I raised our three children
I was married at age 17 and by the age of 19 I had three children and so my
life resolved my life was just around my children beginning of my marriage we
lived on a farm then we sold our farm and we did various jobs that were
self-employed I wanna share this part of my story with you all up until YouTube I
have never ever earned one cent I never earned an income I never had a bank
account I never wrote checks out I never received checks I never did so many
things that a lot of you take for granted every single day of your life my
husband was the head of her home and he did all of the finances and he does the
finances to this day and a lot of women would say oh that sounds so depressive
or oppressive but in my circle and my community this was the normal this was
what women did women didn’t worry about the finances women didn’t have any part
in the finances so this wasn’t a restraint on us or or some kind of this
was an oppression on us whatsoever this was just how our life was and so I went
all of these years you know not knowing what it was like to earn an income and I
had learned so much in the last two years beyond this whole YouTube making
videos and showing my face on the camera I’ve learned so many things behind the
scenes I you never forget the first day that I earned my check and I had to go
to the bank and make a bank account imagine that at my age for the first
time in her life and aged over 40 making a bank account I had to then link my
bank to my YouTube account and do all of these things never before have I ever
done them I remember the first time I got paid
from YouTube I took that money I think it was $100 and if that really wasn’t
that long ago looking back and I we went to the grocery store and we went and
bought ourselves some things and it was just such an amazing feeling I know a
lot of you girls have been making money ever since you were teenagers even
before that but for me this was such a new experience and so my life with the
youtubes and knowing what it’s like to earn an income has just really blossomed
me and it is such a fun feeling it’s such a rewarding feeling so that brings
us to my taxes and all of that 32 years we’ve had the same accountant
and for 32 years I was a homemaker and then when he asked us has anything
changed in in this last year i sat there really smiling I thought wow this is so
exciting because he always wondered about me staying at home and not working
away because that was really unusual for him and I said well there is some
difference and I showed him my form that I got from YouTube and he just looked at
me now he got understand I didn’t make that much money but it was something
that was really exciting for me and he said Google because Google is who pays
me and he said YouTube what’s that I have an accountant that’s an older
gentleman I explained to him that I make videos and I get paid for making videos
well he thought this was the most unique thing he’s ever heard of and of course I
told him my channel name imagine that so I didn’t really have any deductions I
didn’t know much about you know the deductions with YouTube and everything
and so I had to pay taxes so yes I do have to pay taxes on my YouTube channel
in fact I have to pay quite a bit of taxes for the little bit of money that I
make and so that got me into learning more things about how I need to have tax
deductions and if I buy a piece of equipment for my channel
I need to use that for deductions so all of these things I’m learning you know
gone from the housewife who really didn’t know much about finances to all
of a sudden having to know about finances and knowing about taxes and
knowing about deductions so yes and YouTube I do pay taxes and I do pay
quite a bit of taxes considering the amount of money that I do make on it but
this year I’m realizing that there’s so many more deductions that I can add to
it and that really helps me out I’ve come a long way on YouTube like I said
not just sharing my life with all of you on a camera but all of these things that
I have never done before in my whole entire life there’s so much of this
world that I never knew about and that’s because of my sheltered life you know I
look back on it and I really can’t complain about my sheltered life because
in all due respect and honesty it was a good thing I was sheltered I was
sheltered from so much of the outside world and it really didn’t hinder me too
much because I realized in life that we need to always learn and grow so when I
share about my youtube income so many people are so they have so many
questions because I am sharing something that is more taboo
you know people don’t share about it and I figured why not this is a part of my
life this is a big part of my life I say that I live solely off of YouTube income
that is 100% honest and truth my bills are paid my electric and the reason I
can do that is well just look take a look at where I live and what I have you
know I don’t have much in materialistic ways and I often say about being poor
and I say about being poor only so people can understand and can relate to
me oh I’m not poor in spirit I’m not poor and the blessings that the Lord has
given me I’m not poor by any means but as far as what the world would see and
what the bank statements see and what taxes see I’m very poor but you know
what we don’t go by what the world sees we go by what God
and we go by how we are and I am rich in so many things there’s nothing that I
need in life I don’t need it I have food I have a house and I have my friends and
my loved one and that is all a person ever needs so I hope I answered a few of
your questions I’m going to keep this video up for people in reference because
it is confusing to some people but they don’t understand what it’s like to live
on very little or to live on nothing at all and to live abundantly Oh get ready
my friends I’m going to share with you some things about YouTube income and a
trailer and all kinds of things I would be honest with you if I had a house that
had a mortgage I could not be living off of YouTube income if I had car payments
I could not be living off of YouTube income but being debt-free just gives
you a lot of freedom that she never would realize until you live a very
frugal life take care of one and we’ll see you guys tomorrow hey everyone here’s some other videos I
thought you might enjoy see you tomorrow