Guardian Wealth was formed in 2005 and
it’s run by myself and my business partner, Jim Doyle. Our client base would
predominantly be in around the Dublin and the Greater Dublin area, into the
Midlands and definitely then down into the South-East, but I suppose we’ve
been in business so long that at this stage we almost have a client in every
county in the country. We deal with business owners and professionals for
the most part. We built up a lot of experience advising business owners and
professionals since we founded the business back in 2005. There’s a natural
fit there I suppose, in that we’re business owners ourselves, so a lot of
the challenges that they face, we would face in our own lives. In terms of
age group we have clients who are in their late thirties early forties who
are starting out in life, all the way to a lot of clients who are
I suppose coming up to the point of retirement. And then we would have a huge
cohort of people we deal with who are actually retired. So it’s it’s a very
wide and varied client base. I think what our clients appreciate most
is that they have somebody in their corner who understands where they’re
coming from. Because we predominantly deal with business owners and
professionals, we tend to understand those clients best because for the most
part we are business owners ourselves and the kind of challenges and decisions
that we face are pretty much the same decisions and challenges that our
clients face.