Drake is one of the most successful musical
artists of all time and he most definitely lives like it. The Toronto native is reportedly worth over
$150,000,000 and with money like that, your bound to have a few fancy things in your life. Drake’s real estate portfolio contains multiple
mega-mansions with more than enough square footage to do anything you could ever dream
of doing. Drake also is known to have an impressive
luxury car collection worth millions and millions of dollars and includes multiple rare cars
that only someone of power and wealth can get their hands on. And don’t even get me started on his massive
private Boeing 767 valued at $185,000,000. The funny thing about all of this, is that
I’m not even close to being finished. Curious on what Drake could possibly be doing
with all that money? Well then we got you covered. Here is an exclusive inside look at the $150,000,000
Lifestyle of Drake. Drake’s first financial success happened
all the way back in high school when he found out that one of his classmates had a dad who
was a talent agent for actors. Drake was really interested in getting involved
with this so he got in contact with his classmates father and auditioned for various acting roles
in hopes to be on T.V one day. After a few months of waiting, Drake got word
that he got casted for a show called Degrassi: Next Generation, a canadian tv show revolving
around teen drama in a high school type of setting. In the show, Drake played a character named
Jimmy Brooks, who was athletic rich kid that was the star of the school’s basketball team. He eventually becomes crippled after a terrible
incident at the school and then becomes known as “Wheelchair Jimmy”. Drake was paid $40,000 year with Degrassi. After being with Degrassi for a bit, Drake
later quit the show to pursue music. Within three years of doing music full time,
Drake got his first hit titled “Best I Ever Had” that eventually peaked at #2 on the
Billboard charts. Drake’s career has been nothing but uphill
from there and has now become one of the biggest musical artists out right now with unbeatable
streaming numbers. Drake is estimated to earn around 11% for
all of his music sales and according to multiple reports, Drake has reportedly sold over $130,000,000
in just albums alone throughout his career. Now when you put the 11% in the equation,
we can estimate that Drake has pocketed $14,400,000 in total from all 5 of his studio albums. It is also reported that Drake generated $99,500,000
from all the singles he dropped throughout his career. Once again, Drake only makes 11% of that so
of all of the chart topping singles he’s dropped, he only pocketed around $11,000,000. Drake is also known for doing features every
now and then and according to multiple sources, Drake has generated about $48,775,000 from
his features but since this is split between multiple people, Drakes percentage of the
earnings is 3.3% instead of his normal 11%. After doing the math, It comes out that Drake
made just a little bit over $1,600,000 off of his features. In total, Drake has generated over $278,275,000
in music sales with his share being around $27,000,000. Don’t get me wrong, those are very impressive
numbers but it does really put in perspective on how much record labels profit off these
artists. Believe it or not though, streams and music
sales isn’t Drake’s main source of income… touring is. As a matter of fact, Drake makes almost 10
times more off of tours and concerts then he does making and releasing music for the
world to hear and this goes for just about every musician out there. Other than having to pay employees, travel
fees, and of course taxes.. The artist gets to take home the majority
of the money when it comes to touring, and Drake is a perfect example to show how profitable
this sort of thing really is. Drake’s first tour called the “Away from
Home Tour” was all the way back in 2010 and generated an astonishing $18,000,000. It is reported that established artists tend
to pocket around 85% of all tour profits so if we stick to that rule of thumb, Drake earned
around $15,300,000 just from that tour alone. That one single tour back in 2010 made Drake
more than half of what he earned from sales and streams throughout his entire career so
far. Fast forward to 2012, Drake released his album
“Take Care” and planned to do a second tour called the “Club Paradise Tour” following
its release. The tour ended up being the most successful
hip hop tour of 2012 and grossed over $42,000,000. Out of that $42,000,000, Drake pocketed around
$35,700,000. Once again in 2013, Drake dropped an album
called “Nothing Was The Same” and followed it up with a tour called “Would You Like
a Tour?”. That tour generated over $46,000,000 with
Drake’s take home being around $39,100,000. Drake then took a little break from touring
but later bounced back in 2016 to do his fourth tour for his album “Views”. This tour was the most successful hip hop
tour of all time and generated over $85,000,000 meaning Drake took home around $72,250,000. That’s right, in a little over 3 months,
Drake did 54 shows and made over $72,000,000. That’s over $1,300,000 every time he stepped
on stage. Incredible. Drake also did a tour recently with the migos
called “Aubrey and the three Migos tour” This tour generated around $79,000,000 but
we assume this tour was split four ways. If that is the case, we estimate that Drake
made about $16,787,500 off this tour. In total, Drake has allegedly made around
$179,137,500 off of touring alone! Keep in mind though, Drake spends a lot of
money as well and that the total amount I just gave is before taxes. So a large portion of that basically disappears… In addition to music sales and touring, Drake
reportedly also makes a nice amount of cash from various investments and endorsements. Although a lot of these situations are really
lowkey, we do know that Drake has been endorsed by Sprite and Jordan Sneakers. It is unknown how much he made off of these
endorsements but since it’s Drake we can probably assume it was A LOT of money. Drake also owns a brand called O-V-O which
stands for Octobers Very Own. It’s a record label and a clothing line,
as well as a music festival. Once again, it is unknown how much Drake earns
from this but we can only assume it’s a lot of money. Keep in mind though that there are a lot of
people involved in the OVO operation so the profits are most likely split multiple ways. Overall, Drake has made well over $200,000,000
throughout his impressive music career and has been reported to be worth over $150,000,000
by Forbes magazine. But now let’s get into how Drake spends this
massive fortune. One thing Drake seems to love is his mansions. Drake’s first notable real estate purchase
was his $7,700,000 home in Hidden Hills, California back in 2012. This house was originally worth an incredible
$27,000,000 dollars but Drake managed to purchase the home for $7,700,000 after the original
owner was going through a very low point in his life and needed cash as soon as possible. The house is now nicknamed the “Yolo Estate”
and is around 12,500 square feet in total. The house is equipped with a massive swimming
pool with waterslides and caves. Just around the corner from the pool, there
is a huge tennis / basketball court, as well as a mechanical bull and 6 horse stables for
horses that Drake doesn’t even have. Oh and there’s a 25 seat movie theater as
well. A few years later in 2015, Drake bought the
house right next door to his for a cool $2,850,000. This house is a 4,445 square foot house with
4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, all sitting on a 1.6 acre lot with an additional 800 square
foot guest house in the back. It was also reported that in 2018, Drake bought
the other house on the other side of his other house for $4,500,000. This house is only 2,449 square feet with
3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms but was the final piece to Drake’s compound. Drake now owns an entire cul de sac in the
luxurious hidden hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, with 6.7 acres of land in total. With the way Los Angeles California’s real
estate market is going, those properties are going to be worth a lot of money one day. Very smart move by Drake. But in addition to his 3 homes in the hidden
hills, Drake also has some real estate back in Toronto. According to multiple sources, Drake has recently
been living in a fancy luxury apartment on the 52nd floor of a high rise building in
downtown Toronto. I have no idea if Drake owns the property
or is just renting but I do know why he is staying there. Drake is staying there temporarily until his
35,000 square foot mega mansion is done being built. Yeah, you heard that correctly. Back in 2016, Drake paid around $6,700,000
for a piece of land in the high class neighborhood of Bridle Path in Toronto. On that land, Drake teamed up with a high
class architect named Ferris Rafauli to build a massive 35,000 mansion. Inside the mansion, there is apparently going
to have an indoor basketball court, an indoor swimming pool, a music lounge for impromptu
concerts, and a snack room filled with Drake’s favorite snacks. The final price of this mansion is unknown
but man, it cannot be cheap. Drake is also known for his incredible one
of a kind car collection. His collection contains cars such as the Rolls
Royce Wraith, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Mercedes Maybach G 650 Landaulet, and even more impressive
cars. One of those cars is a Yellow Ferrari “LaFerrari”. The “LaFerrari” is a limited production
hybrid sports car that Drake purchased from Fusion Luxury Motors for $3,500,000. Drake’s “LaFerrari” is customized with
a rare Giallo Modena paint with Alcantara black yellow seats with yellow deviated stitching. It also has yellow brake calipers and a carbon
fiber body trim. Drake loved this car so much that he had a
replica of it made to fly around the stadium during his tour with the migos. Drake also has a McLaren 675LT which he was
one of the first to purchase the rare car back in 2016. He also posted pictures of his Lamborghini
Aventador Roadster on his instagram with batman references in his captions with one of them
being “Like I’m Christian Bale”. Drake also has been seen riding around with
his mom in a 62S Maybach Landaulet and also has the most exclusive special edition of
a Bugatti called the “Veyron Sang Noir.” Drake gets all of his cars imported and customized
by “Tony Bet” the CEO of Driving Emotions back in Toronto. Now even though Drake has an incredible car
collection, it must not have been enough for the grammy award winning artist because as
of recently, it was reported that Drake got his hands on a Private Boeing 767 plan. This plane is coated in a nice baby blue paint
with Drake’s signature OVO owl on the side of it as well as “Air Drake” written on
the side of the massive plane. Inside the plane is a bunch of comfy seating
as well as a nice gold finished interior. The “Air Drake” is apparently valued at
around $185,000,000 and the internet went absolutely wild when they heard this news. Everyone assumed Drake bought this impressive
piece of machinery but TMZ later revealed that Drake actually got the 23 year old refurbished
plane for free from a canadian airline called “Cargojet” in hopes to gain a lot of publicity
for their company. Now they did get a lot of publicity for this
but was it $185,000,000 worth? I don’t know… It was a generous gift regardless. Another thing drake likes to spend his money
on is jewelry. One of his most notable pieces of jewelry
is his OVO owl chain. The chain consists of 40 carats of ice-blue
canary-yellow and white VVS Diamonds and was custom made by the world famous jeweler “Ben
Baller” This chain cost Drake around $120,000. Drake also got a chain made in honor of one
of his favorite brands “Stone Island”. Drakes custom stone island chain is a combination
of black, green, and canary yellow diamonds along with 880 grams of gold. The chain is reportedly worth around $100,000. Another chain Drake is known to have is an
OVO “O” chain that is completely covered in VVS diamonds. Drake also got a custom diamond and gold scorpion
medallion in honor of his latest album called “Scorpion”. I think it’s also worth noting that according
to GQ, Drake has one of the best rolex collections they’ve seen. I don’t even want to know how much that
costs… Overall, Drake’s $150,000,000 lifestyle
is one that everyone dreams of living. It’s a luxurious lifestyle filled with private
jets, gigantic mansions, fancy vacations, fast exotic cars, and expensive clothes and
jewelry to top it off. Basically you can do whatever you want wherever
you want. In all fairness though, Drake worked extremely
hard to get to where he is at and it’s safe to say that it is all deserved. So everyone remember, if Drake can go from
wheelchair Jimmy to $150,000,000 mega superstar, then you can do anything… I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if
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