Jonathan and Drew Scott rose to fame as the
stars of HGTV’s reality show, Property Brothers. But while you probably think you know everything
about these famous twins, you might have missed the fact that there’s another brother! Here’s the scoop on JD Scott. All three Scott brothers are from Vancouver,
but they’ve also called Las Vegas home. For a time, Jonathan, Drew, and Drew’s wife
Linda shared a home, while JD lived in a bachelor pad-turned-family home nearby. “Welcome to the Scott family compound.” Though Jonathan and Drew’s 5400-square foot
Vegas home allowed them to be close to JD between shoots, they were hardly ever there. According to the New York Times, Drew was
only home about three weeks out of the year. And in 2017, he bought a house in L.A. with
his wife, so it’s unclear how often he actually gets back to Vegas. Though Jonathan spends more time in Sin City
than his twin, he also has a busy schedule. One of the big reasons you don’t see JD alongside
his brothers, is because he doesn’t live with either of them. There’s a reason JD hasn’t been focusing solely
on the spotlight, he was planning a wedding. The other brother has long been in a very
public relationship with model and professional makeup artist Annalee Belle, but the couple
took things to the next level when Scott popped the question in 2018. Belle posted on Instagram, “I had no real desire to get married until
a couple months ago, so it’s not like JD was scared or whatever people assume. He was just waiting for me. And omg…the proposal was OUTRAGEOUS!” Apparently, Scott filmed the whole thing with
hidden cameras so there’s a fair chance fans will get to share in the celebration at some
point, just as Belle shared some of the fun of her dress shopping and bachelorette party
with People magazine. If JD seemingly stepped back from the spotlight,
it could also be because he was battling a mystery illness for more than a year. The star told People magazine that he had
a quote “type of brain fog” that “made things just a little hazy.” After testing, a neurologist claimed he merely
had allergies. But things escalated once he returned from
his brother Drew’s wedding, when he began experiencing all the symptoms of a heart attack. “That event there was so bad that I thought
that I was dying.” Doctors finally figured out how to treat JD’s
mysterious illness about a year into his debilitating symptoms. With treatment underway, perhaps Scott will
emerge with some brand new creative projects. The Property Brothers aren’t the only Scott
faces to grace HGTV. JD has jumped in front of the cameras for
a little-known web series called Can I Come In: Las Vegas, where he led viewers through
some of Sin City’s most interesting homes. “Today, I’m hangin out on the set of Property
Brothers.” “Okay are you done hanging out, this is kinda
tough.” Scott has also appeared on Property Brothers
at Home and Brother vs. Brother, where he hosted the behind-the-scenes web coverage. On the outside, it looks like JD is one of
HGTV’s go-to behind-the-scenes hosts. In the past, he’s reported from the set of
Love It Or List It, Fixer Upper and Income Property. He also served as creative director for the
series Toddler vs. Toddler. “Do we have to battle? I’m a lover not a fighter.” So, while we might not see Scott’s face on-screen
all the time, he’s certainly backing up his bros and working behind-the-scenes with the
network. JD doesn’t really need TV. The host prefers to use more intimate methods,
like social media, to reach his fans. “I’m just here with some of my best friends
and we wanted to say hiiii.” The star has two Instagram accounts: one for
himself, which has amassed more than 156k followers, and a joint-account with Annalee,
which hovers around 5,500 followers, as of 2019. Like most social media stars, Scott and Belle
have been hawking personal care products on occasion. Scott also launched a little-known Patreon
account where fans can buy access to private Periscope chats, exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes
blogs, signed goodies, and an unofficial spot on his board of directors. We might rarely hear about JD, but this Scott
sibling does actually have his own series. “We’re goin for a ride.” JD was the host of 2014’s All-American Amusement
Parks on Great American Country, which saw JD chowing down on funnel cake, splashing
down water slides, and riding the country’s most twisty-turny roller coasters. He also hosted 2015’s DIY Insider, where he
went behind-the-scenes with the hosts of DIY Network’s biggest shows. “He’s a team player.” On Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary
show, Edward Norton cameoed in Bill Hader’s role, as Stefon, claiming that the hottest
club, “YANK,” was… “Renovated by the third never spoken of Property
Brother, Proppy.” JD shared the video via Facebook, writing, “Well, you haven’t truly made it until you
are a joke on Saturday Night Live.” Clearly, JD has a great sense of humor, handling
his D-List celeb status dig, with grace. And while he might not be as well-known as
his brothers, JD’s definitely making his mark. “Let’s have some fun.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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