JACKIE RYAN: They were in high
school, and they were doing really good being home-schooled,
but they thought “How are we ever going to go to
college? And how is that ever going to come about?”
Financially, we couldn’t do it. (Singing) I know my
God has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Today on the
Believer’s Voice of Victory, Gloria Copeland and Pastor
George Pearsons encourage you to declare the hundredfold harvest
as you sow your financial seed. Now, to begin today’s lesson,
here is Gloria Copeland. GLORIA: Welcome, everybody, to
the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Pastor George has been with us
for some days, and we’re hearing about the supernatural– GEORGE:
Yes. GLORIA: –wealth transfer for you and me and– GEORGE:
That’s right. GLORIA: –Pastor and– GEORGE: That’s right.
GLORIA: –all the believers! Hallelujah. GEORGE: Yes. GLORIA:
This is a big deal. GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: I believe it, George.
GEORGE: Gloria, I have so enjoyed being with you for these
two weeks. GLORIA: Well, you’re always a– GEORGE: Once again,
this has been a thrill to me. And congratulations on 300
prosperity broadcasts. Today– GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: –is
300– GLORIA: 300. GEORGE: –300 of these that we’ve done
together. GLORIA: Wow. GEORGE: That’s so awesome. Wow. GLORIA:
That is good. GEORGE: What a great time that we’ve had.
GLORIA: You’ve done a wonderful job of– GEORGE: Doing this.
GLORIA: –teaching all of us more and more about abundance.
Now, if you don’t want abundance, you don’t have to be
bothered with it. Just send me your share. I’ll take it.
GEORGE: (Laughs) Send it on– GLORIA: I like it. GEORGE: Send
it on in to Gloria. GLORIA: Somebody said, “I’ve been rich,
and I’ve been poor, and rich is better.” GEORGE: Rich is better.
GLORIA: Ha-ha. GEORGE: Well, it is. It’s a thrill doing this
with you, Gloria. And–and as we said when we first started, I
said, “Let’s–you–I said to you, “We can’t–you know, you
just can’t exhaust the subject of prosperity.” GLORIA: No.
GEORGE: And you said, “Let’s try.” GLORIA: We’ve done our
best. GEORGE: So we’re doing our best to– GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE:
–exhaust the subject of prosperity. GLORIA: Next time we
see George, he’ll probably have 10 more messages on it. GEORGE:
(Laughs) We will. We will! GEORGE: So, let’s
get into the Word here right away. Gloria, we’re
talking about the word from the Lord that Charles Capps
had in 1978. And we’ll go through this together. He said,
“Financial inversion shall increase in these days. For you
see, it is My desire, says the Lord, to move in the realm of
your financial prosperity. But release Me, saith the Lord.
Release Me that I may come in your behalf–” GLORIA: That’s
our part. GEORGE: “–and move on your behalf. For yes, yes, yes,
there shall be in this hour financial distress here and
there. The economy shall go up, and it will go down. But those
that learn to walk in the Word–” That’s us. GLORIA: Yes,
it is. GEORGE: “Those that learn to walk in the Word, they shall
see the prosperity of the Word come forth in this hour in a way
that has not been seen by men–” GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE:
“–in days past. Yes–” GLORIA: I’m open to that. GEORGE:
“–there–” I am, too. I am, too. “There is–there is coming
a financial inversion in the world system. It has been held
in reservoirs of wicked men for days on end. But the end is
nigh!” GLORIA: Now, an inversion is a turning upside down.
GEORGE: It’s a turning upside down, yeah. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: Or as you said the other day, a turning right side up.
GLORIA: Right side up, yeah, for the believers. GEORGE: “Those
reservoirs have been tapped and shall be drained into the Gospel
of Jesus Christ. It shall be done, saith the Lord.” GLORIA:
It shall be done. GEORGE: And a reservoir we found out was a
place where anything is collected in a great amount, a
large or extra supply or stock, a reserve. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:
And so this word goes on to say, “It shall be done in the time
allotted, and so shall it be that the Word of the Lord shall
come to pass that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the
just.” GLORIA: So “in the time allotted,” I would say means–
GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –at the right time. GEORGE: At the right
time. GLORIA: It’s not going to be delayed, in other words.
GEORGE: At the right time. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And you
mentioned something the other day about that–that allotted
time is–that’s between now and the time that Jesus comes.
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: It’s going to happen. GLORIA:
It’s going to happen. GEORGE: It’s going to happen. GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: “Predominantly in two ways shall
it be done in this hour. Number one, those that have hoarded up
or stored up because of the inspiration of the evil one and
held the money from the Gospel, and they shall be converted,
and they’ll be drawn into the kingdom. But many, many will
not. They’ll not heed the voice of the Word of God. They’ll turn
aside to this, and they’ll turn to that, and they’ll walk in
their own ways. But their ways will not work in this hour. It
will dwindle, and it will slip away as though it were in bags
with holes in them. It will go here, it will go there, and they
will wonder why it’s not working now. ‘It worked in days past,’
they will say. But it shall be, saith the Lord, that the Word of
the Lord shall rise within men, men of God of low esteem in the
financial world that shall claim the Word of God to be their very
own and walk in the light of it as it has been set forth in the
Word, and they will give.” GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE:
“They will begin to give small at first because that’s all they
have. But then it will increase. And through the hundredfold
return, so shall it be that the reservoirs that have been held,
the riches in days past, so shall it return to the hands of
the giver. Because of the hundredfold return shall the
reservoirs be lost from the wicked and turned to the Gospel.
For it shall be in this hour that you will see things that
you’ve never dreamed come to pass. Oh, it’ll be strong at
first in ways, then it’ll grow greater and greater until men
have–until men will be astounded, and the world will
stand in awe because the ways of men have failed and the ways of
God shall come forth.” GLORIA: Can I say something about that–
GEORGE: Yes, please. GLORIA: –number seven? People–some
people might say, “Well, I just don’t have anything worthwhile,
anything very big–” GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: “–I can — I can
sow.” GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: But this–this is–this scripture
accommodates that. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: It says it’ll be small
at first. GEORGE: At first. GLORIA: So God never– GEORGE:
Yeah. GLORIA: –thinks little of a seed if it’s given in faith.
Now, everybody should do what they can do. GEORGE: That’s
true. GLORIA: But if you’re in a situation– GEORGE: Yeah.
GLORIA: Remember the widow and her two mites? She sowed it.
GEORGE: Oh, and look what happened. GLORIA: And she–she
reaped. GEORGE: Look what happened. GLORIA: So even though
you have a small seed– GEORGE: That’s good, Gloria. GLORIA:
–don’t think it doesn’t count. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Because we
all–I’m going to tell you a little secret. We all started
out with small seeds. (Both Laugh) GEORGE: We have. GLORIA:
We definitely did. GEORGE: I had a conversation on the phone
with you one time. It was a few months ago. Somebody had sown
something into the ministry here, and you were excited. You
were excited about it. And you called me, and I could just tell
how thrilled you were with it. And you said to me that day, you
said, “George,” you said, “don’t ever give up on your seed.”
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: “Don’t ever give up on your
seed.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And I was thinking about
that when we got off the phone, and I just started meditating on
what you had said to me. And this thought came to me, and the
Lord gave me several scriptures about this, but God never
forgets a seed. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: You remember
Cornelius and his offerings came up– GLORIA: Before God. GEORGE:
–before God. God remembered his giving. GLORIA: Yes, amen.
GEORGE: So no matter how large or small– GLORIA: Came up
as–was it as a memorial– GEORGE: As a memorial. That’s
what it was, yes. It was a memorial to the Lord. God
remembers those seeds. And what came to me was that no
matter–He knows every seed we’ve ever sown. GLORIA: He
does. GEORGE: Every seed. He knows, Gloria, every seed that I
sowed in 1985– GLORIA: He does. GEORGE: –every seed that went
into the ground, because there is a harvest attached to every
seed that we sow. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: And he wants us to
reap it. GLORIA: We reap it. GEORGE: So what it says here,
they’ll begin to give small at first because that’s all they
have, but then it will increase. GLORIA: I just thought, well, we
reap it. If you have a field out here and you sow it– GEORGE:
Yeah. GLORIA: –it doesn’t belong to anybody else to reap–
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: –but you. GEORGE: That’s
exactly right. GLORIA: And we–that’s why we–nobody can
reap our harvest for us. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: We have to reap
it. GEORGE: We have to do it. GLORIA: Put the sickle in.
GEORGE: Yes, ma’am. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: It’s our
responsibility. GLORIA: I never really have thought about that.
GEORGE: It’s a–when we sow it, that’s our field. GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: That belongs to us. GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: That’s
good. GLORIA: We sow it, and we reap it. GEORGE: That’s good.
GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: And we believe for the hundredfold
return. GLORIA: Yes, we do. GEORGE: Now, what it said
in this word, “Then it will increase, and through the
hundredfold return–” GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: “–so shall it
be–” and that’s number seven “–so shall it be that the
reservoirs that have held the riches in days past, so shall it
return to the hands of the giver. Because of the
hundredfold return shall the reservoirs be lost from the
wicked and turned to the Gospel.” GLORIA: Now, I had a
thought I never thought about before. GEORGE: Okay. GLORIA:
Where it says, “through the hundredfold return.” GEORGE:
Mm-hmm. GLORIA: So if you’re a sower and you don’t believe in
the hundredfold return– GEORGE: Oh, yeah. GLORIA: –what are you
going to do? GEORGE: Oh, yeah. GLORIA: It says, “It’ll–it will
be–they will begin to give small at first because that’s
all they have.” GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: “But then it will
increase. And through the hundredfold return–” GEORGE:
Yes. GLORIA: “–so shall it be that the reservoirs that have
held the riches in days past, so shall it return to the hands of
the giver.” GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: So if, in the past, you have
negated yourself for the hundredfold return is, you’ve
sown, but you said, “I don’t believe in that hundredfold
return.” GEORGE: Mm. GLORIA: Repent and start believing in
it– GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: –if you want to have a
harvest. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: Because that just says
that’s what it’s going to take. It’s through–I believe in it,
but it’s the– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: That says it’s through
the hundredfold return. GEORGE: That’s right. And I remember
when the Lord so dealt with you about that hundredfold return.
GLORIA: Yes, He did. GEORGE: It was–actually, you know, the
word from the Lord through Charles is 1978. It was 1978
that the Lord talked to you about the hundredfold return,
and in Hawaii when that lady gave you– GLORIA: Oh, yeah,
that’s right. GEORGE: –the ring, the– GLORIA: Emerald and
diamond ring. GEORGE: –ring, and it– GLORIA: That moved
around. GEORGE: Yeah. It was–it would spin around. GLORIA:
Mm-hmm. Spinner. GEORGE: And you–the spinner. And you–you
got a revelation from the Lord– GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: –about
“The hundredfold return is working for me all the time.”
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: That was moving all the time.
GLORIA: I saw–I got it. GEORGE: That was your return. Because
you’ve sown. You’ve sown jewelry, you’ve sown things.
GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: And that came back to you. So the
hundredfold return is– GLORIA: It’s always working. GEORGE:
It’s always working. GLORIA: I wish I had it with me, but I
didn’t bring it. GEORGE: It’s always working. GLORIA: But
it–it was a little diamond and emerald ring, and it was–it
just–when you moved, it moved. GEORGE: Yep. GLORIA: (Laughs)
GEORGE: Well, we–last time we were in the studio together, we
shot some footage of it, so we’ll– GLORIA: Good. GEORGE:
–show it. We’ll show your ring. GLORIA: That’s good. GEORGE: But
I’ve never forgotten that, Gloria. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: And I’ve never forgotten the importance of the
hundredfold return. And according to this Word, it’s the
hundredfold return that will release the reservoirs. GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: We need to be pulling on the hundredfold
return. GLORIA: That’s right. That’s right. GEORGE: Again–
GLORIA: The hundred–the hundredfold return is working
for me all the time. GEORGE: All the time. GLORIA: Say that.
I mean, get it in your mouth. GEORGE: That’s right. That’s
right. GLORIA: Take it. Take it! GEORGE: Take it. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: And that’s why we have to–some people have never heard
of the hundredfold return before. So where do we get that?
And if you look at point B on your notes– GLORIA: Oh, good.
You’re going to teach it? GEORGE: –that’s from Mark
10:28. And it says, “Peter began to say unto him, Lo, we have
left all, and we followed you. And Jesus answered and said,
Verily I say unto you that there is no man that has left house,
or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or
children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s, but he shall
receive a hundredfold now in–” GLORIA: This life. GEORGE:
“–this time.” GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: The hundredfold “houses,
brethren, sisters, mothers, children, and lands with
persecutions–” GLORIA: Yeah, that’s part of it. GEORGE:
“–and in the world to come–” That’s part of it. Well–
GLORIA: But it’s worth it. GEORGE: Well, the persecutions
is part of it because if we have time, we’ll go over there
to Genesis 26 that talks about Isaac and how the hundredfold
return was working for him, Gloria, right in the middle of a
famine. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: It was working on his
behalf. And he was– GLORIA: I’m going to draw a circle around
“now.” “He shall receive–” GEORGE: Okay. I’m going to draw.
GLORIA: “–an hundredfold now– GEORGE: I’m drawing my circle
right now. GLORIA: “–in this time.” GEORGE: “–now in this
time.” GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Yep, yep. GLORIA: I receive it.
GEORGE: Now, in this time. And in your book, “God’s Will is
Prosperity,” I have pulled a couple of quotes from that book,
Gloria. You said, “How great the hundredfold return is. Give a
dollar, receive a hundred. Where in the natural world are you
offered the return of a hundred times your investment? If you
double your money, you do well. If you receive 10 times your
money, it’s a marvelous deal. But who talks in terms of
receiving a hundred–hundredfold of your investment?” GLORIA:
Hundredfold. GEORGE: Hundredfold. Hundredfold.
Hundredfold. Wow. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: That’s big.
And that’s–it’s so interesting to me the connection between the
draining of the reservoirs, the supernatural wealth transfer
has everything to do with the hundredfold return. GLORIA: It
does, it does. GEORGE: No wonder the devil has fought the
hundredfold return all these years. No wonder he’s tried to
shut that down. GLORIA: Give it up, devil. GEORGE: Yeah,
absolutely. Give it up, devil! GLORIA: Give this stuff up. It
belongs to the Church! GEORGE: And then in point 4, Gloria
said, “After I let what the Word offers us in the hundredfold
return become a reality to me, the Lord led me to continually
give thanks–” GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: “–for it every time I
thought about it.” GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: And I quote Gloria. “I
would say, ‘Thank You Father, for the hundredfold return
offered in Your Word. It is such a generous return, and it
belongs to me.'” GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: You know,
those words, Gloria, we–we’ve taken them for ourselves. And
every time I think about the hundredfold return, I say, “The
hundredfold return is working for me all the time.” GLORIA:
All the time. GEORGE: Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord. GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: “The hundredfold return is working
for me all the time.” GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: And then, Gloria,
in Verse–in number five, I’m quoting again. You would say,
“any faith words of praise that came into your spirit in regard
to continually thanking God for the hundredfold return.” GLORIA:
Yes, yes. GEORGE: So we thank God for that return. “Father, I
thank You for the hundredfold return.” It’s working. GLORIA:
Yes, Lord. GEORGE: It’s working. It’s working for me all the
time. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: And that hundredfold
return is–is working on my behalf, and it is draining the
reservoirs of supernatural wealth and bringing it into my
household now. GLORIA: Yes, amen. GEORGE: Now– GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: –in this time. Now in the name of Jesus.
GLORIA: Thank You for the hundredfold return. Hallelujah.
GEORGE: And you said in your book, Gloria, “This thanksgiving
kept my faith active and operative to receive.” GLORIA:
Yes. GEORGE: I like that. I like that. GLORIA: Praise God.
GEORGE: The thanksgiving that you gave God kept your faith
alive. That’s what thanksgiving and praise does. GLORIA: Yes,
amen. GEORGE: It keeps your faith alive. “Oh, Father, I
thank You. I praise You. I thank You that that hundredfold return
is working for me and supernatural wealth transfer
is coming to you. GLORIA: Right now. GEORGE: Money cometh to me.
TOGETHER: Now! GEORGE: In Jesus’ name. GLORIA: Hallelujah.
GEORGE: Leroy Thompson. GLORIA: Yeah, Leroy. GEORGE: “Money
cometh to me now.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: So you
said, “Continually confessing the hundredfold return causes
the seed of Mark 10:29-30 to grow.” That’s how it grows.
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: That’s how it–so is the kingdom
of God that as that farmer goes out there. GLORIA: You know, I
needed this. I think I’ve let that slip that I have kind of
not been confessing the hundredfold as I should. GEORGE:
Well, that’s–that’s the job– GLORIA: So I’m– GEORGE: That’s
the job of Pastor George with the congregation. GLORIA: Thank
you, Pastor. GEORGE: And I think about–seriously, I think about
this a lot in what I do as a pastor. I remind people. GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: I bring things back to their
remembrance, lest they slip– GLORIA: Lest, they slip. GEORGE:
–and fall away. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: So if you go to page
three, Gloria, we can–we have just enough time to finish this
up. Oh, this is exciting. I’m so excited about this. In Genesis
26:12-14, we see the transfer of wealth to Isaac. It says in The
Message translation, “Isaac planted crops in that land,” in
that land of famine, “and took in a huge harvest. God blessed
him. The man got richer and richer by the day until he
became very wealthy. He accumulated flocks and herds and
many, many servants, so much so that the Philistines began to
envy him.” And I have down here, “The Philistines envied him
because their wealth was being transferred to Isaac.” All these
people that were working for the king, they were going over to
work for Isaac because they saw that the blessing was on him.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And if you see the quotes there, that’s
Charles Capps again, “Through the hundredfold return, so shall
it be that the reservoirs that have held the riches in days
past, so shall it return to the hands of the giver because the
hundredfold return–because of the hundredfold return shall the
reservoirs be lost from the wicked and turned to the
Gospel.” GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: So I put down here–
GLORIA: Boy, that says a lot, George. GEORGE: It really does.
GLORIA: In other words, the hundredfold– GEORGE: It really
does. GLORIA: –return is extremely important. GEORGE:
It’s extremely important. GLORIA: It’s not just an option.
GEORGE: Right. GLORIA: It’s important. GEORGE: It has
everything to do with supernatural wealth transfer.
GLORIA: And preaching the Gospel all over the world. GEORGE:
And so you said–you said, “The hundredfold return–continually
confess that the hundredfold return is working for me.”
GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: “The hundredfold return–” GLORIA:
The hundredfold return– GEORGE: “–is working for me.” GLORIA:
–is working for me. GEORGE: And so someone just happened to hand
this to me. Look what’s in the studio here, Gloria. GLORIA:
Well– GEORGE: There’s your ring. GLORIA: There’s the
“hundredfold return” ring. GEORGE: The “hundredfold return”
ring. GLORIA: Now, this is what the lady gave me as I walked out
of the restaurant in–in Hawaii. And I was thinking about
learning about the hundredfold return. And see how it’s
working? GEORGE: Look at that. GLORIA: Every time I move it–
GEORGE: Look at–yeah, there’s your closeup. GLORIA: And if
it’s totally still– GEORGE: Oh, my goodness. GLORIA: –sooner or
later, it’d be still, but I’m not going to be– GEORGE: No,
no, no. GLORIA: –totally still. GEORGE: And do that closeup
again. Do the closeup again. KENNETH: Okay. GEORGE: The
hundredfold return–that’s what–you got it right there.
The hundredfold return is working for me all the time. The
hundredfold return is working for me all the time. The
hundredfold return is working for me all the time. GLORIA:
Yes, it is working for me all the time! Now you say that.
GEORGE: And as I–as I confess that and declare that, the
reservoirs that have held the riches of the wicked are now
coming to us in Jesus’ name. We got ’em. We got ’em. GLORIA:
When you sow, say! GEORGE: (Laughs) Thank you. Thank you.
GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: It’s a Gloria-ism. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: When you sow, say. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Let
me–let me–let me finish up with this one here. This
last–this last one right here. GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: That is a
Gloria Copeland Gloria-ism. GLORIA: Oh, let’s hear it.
GEORGE: It says–she said, “Under the curse, you diminish.
Things flow away from you.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE:
“Under the blessing, you increase. Things flow into you.”
GLORIA: I like that. GEORGE: “The reservoirs that have
held–” GLORIA: Most of the time I really agree with her. GEORGE:
(Laughs) GLORIA: This is a good one. I like it. GEORGE: Well,
it–the reservoirs that have been stored up are now flowing
right now into the kingdom of God and into the people of the
kingdom of God. GLORIA: I think about Hoover Dam. We saw Hoover
Dam one time. GEORGE: Yeah, motorcycle trip. GLORIA: Man,
whoosh! GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Lots of water held up. GEORGE:
Yep. GLORIA: It was a reservoir of a tremendous–is a reservoir
of tremendous amount of water. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA:
Now, you open the gate– GEORGE: Yep, and you’ll see. GLORIA:
–boy, you could flood the whole country with it. GEORGE: Not a
trickle, not a stream– TOGETHER: –not a river, but
a flood! GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: It’s flood stage! GLORIA: Flood
stage. GEORGE: Praise God, Gloria. GLORIA: Good. I’m
stirred up. GEORGE: I have so enjoyed doing this.
GLORIA: Oh. GEORGE: And let’s–congratulations on 300
days of prosperity. GLORIA: Praise God, George. You’ve done
a great job! GEORGE: (Laughs) GLORIA: When you sow, say!
GEORGE: When you sow, say. (Laughs) GLORIA: I got that.
George and I’ll be right back. JACKIE: I’m Jackie Ryan, and I’m
from Sterling Heights, Michigan. I’ve home-schooled my kids, all
four of my sons. And we don’t watch TV; we did videos. And the
videos we chose was “Wichita Slim,” you know, “Gospel Bill,”
all those videos. And that’s what my kids grew up on. That
was their TV, and they had–so they had grown up on that,
and they just loved it. It just filled them and built them. And
so when the opportunity came that they were going to do
Superkid Academy, in my kids’ hearts was to have an actual
Superkid Academy and that–they thought that would be the
awesomest, coolest thing for them and for the next
generations. So when that came, that they were going to do that,
my kids right away said, “Ooh, we want to be part of that.” So
we began–the very first time Kellie had announced it and–you
know, at EMIC, that they were going to build that, we had been
listening to the broadcasts, and we said, “We’re sowing into
that.” So each of my sons did. And they began to believe God
for things that they were believing for, which was
college. They were in high school, and they were doing
really good being home-schooled, but they thought, “How are we
ever going to go to college? And how is that ever going to come
about?” Financially, we couldn’t do it. So that’s when we
believed God for all their college education to be paid in
full. Debt free, they would walk out of college. And so they
began. And so we all began to believe God for that, and other
things we did, too. So my first son began to look for college,
and he thought, “You know, I sowed seed, and I believe God,
and we used our faith.” So we had went to an orientation, and
they had said, “Is there anybody who really wants to go to this
college, come down to the front and talk to us.” So I went down
to the front, and I had–my son was–I didn’t know was behind
me. He was in another class; he had come behind me. And I said,
“You know, my son would really love to go to college,” and
that. “And he has been believing to go to college, and that we
believed God to get him to college.” So he says, “Give me
his name, and tomorrow I’ll see what I can do.” So the very next
day, we got a call. He had a full ride to college. And we
were just thanking God because it was like unbelievable to have
that happen. But it happened, and we knew it was God. My next
son, when he was beginning to graduate high school, and he was
like, “Okay, what about me?” and that. So he began to sell. He
went into–did children’s ministry at our church and was
awesome at it. And he began to believe God, too. “God, what
about me, you know? Do you have something for me?” And sure
enough, as the years went on, he ended up, too, getting exactly
the same thing, another full ride, paid in full, debt free,
walked out of college and that. So then my third son, who was my
overachiever, he basically graduated high school early, at
16. So he ended up going to college early. And, of course,
with him, we started out the same way. And then sure enough,
it was scholarships, and it was actually credits that he got and
everything. He ended up graduating college with a
bachelor’s degree at 18. And we knew that was God and that. And
again, walked out of college debt free. So each of my sons,
my first one is a mechanical engineer, my second son is an
electrical computer engineer, and my third son, he is a
paramedic/fireman and now a police officer and that. So he
really loves to help people. But, yeah, now I’m on my fourth
son who just graduated this year. So again, we are believing
God, and we know God will be so faithful to us and come through
for us. And we just are so thankful at all the miracles God
has done in our family’s life. It’s that foundation. You’re
building, and you’re building, and you’re building. And that’s
what–even with Commander Kellie and all that she did, what rings
in all my kids’ ears is that Word of God they’ve heard and
heard. And they know and they lived it, and they walk it out,
and it works. The Word does work. It does. God is so
faithful to those who put their trust in Him. And that’s what we
did, and that. It was impossible for any of my sons to go to
college, but yet God made a way. Where there seemed no way, He
made a way for our family. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.