there’s one habit that if you do will
easily attract to you money love and success and when I started to apply it
everything in my life change and in this video I’m going to show you exactly how
to do that welcome back to another video my name is
Erin and I hope it will expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna be sharing with you the one habit that changes everything
when it comes to manifesting money love and success and I would say that there
has been these last two or three years for me I’ve created or had more
abundance in my life than ever before and when I look back at the things that
really made a difference the there were a couple key things that did it and in
this video I want to share with you the habit of that and how that changes you
at your core level now first off the habits what we do consistently every
single day over time begins to compound now first off let me tell you that there
are two or three things that when I applied in my life changed everything
about me and let me share with you why it changed everything and how you can
apply this in your life so first off what you habitually do every single day
becomes who you are it becomes a pattern and then reality is a reflection of that
way you are being now here’s the important thing that a lot of people
don’t know about habits is the habits that you do consistently forms what is
called your identity so maybe you’ve heard me say before that your reality
you get in life a reflection of who you are being you don’t always get what you
want because sometimes what you want you feel lack of and you resist it but you
always get a reflection of who you are being now who you are being the identity
is formed from habit they say that a lot of our identity as well as formed by our
subconscious mind which is something that has been on repetition so when I
was looking at my old life for example my old life so long ago it was like
three years ago working a nine-to-five job that I wasn’t
passionate about I went into it work every day I had a habit of thinking
negatively about work I’d go in and really resist it I had a habit years ago
of I mean you could say it was a habit it was a had a habit of taking something
called adderall which is what I would take for uh for having ADHD what they
call ADHD and that was like a pharmaceutical thing I was prescribed
but that was something that I was taking I and I let me say is well believing
that I had ADHD and taking adderall that started to form my identity people would
say things about my energy and how much energy I had or how my energy was
sporadic and then I would feel like there was something wrong with me so
that it’s not just the habit of what you do but it’s also the habit of thought
that you have about it and sometimes when we have these disorders we may
assume that this is very negative and then feel that negative emotion about it
if I look to if I look through there were many habit of thoughts I used to
have about feeling unworthy due to my past you probably I mean I’ve talked
about that a lot of videos but just in general I want to show you that the
habits you consistently do form your reality my reality was exactly equal to
the habits that I had then there was a huge transition for me so the transition
was that one thing I did with the whole adderall thing taking adderall have an
ADHD is I started to meditate I came across meditation the research of it
because I was experiencing the harsh side effects of taking adderall like you
can’t sleep very much you can’t eat very much and I was like oh this is I know I
want to be able to like eat and sleep you know the bare necessities so I was I
was reading online about how powerful meditation is and I came across research
on it I said you know I’m gonna try this now here’s the thing the first couple
days of meditating nothing really happened I was I actually felt a lot of
resistance but then eventually what I did is I started to relax into it
instead of trying to control my thoughts I started observing my thoughts then I
started to get a good result from after 2 or 3 days I started to feel very
different so what happened is I gave up that habit of doing adderall
which is what I believed I believed that I needed it because doctor doctor told
me that I did and then I would help so I took it then what I did is I change I
started to meditate and after about a week I decided to do it every single day
I started to get great results from it and I was like I started feeling
different I said okay I’m gonna start meditating now over the course of a
month or two of doing it guess what happened my self-image changed almost
everything about my life changed my energy change people asked me what I was
doing at work because I you know my energy was so different I was much more
calm I was much more grounded and that changed my identity then I looked to
even my old I used to see myself as a 9 to 5 or go into a job that I didn’t
really care for then what I did is I decided ok every single day I’m going to
create a video you know the story and then eventually after about 3 weeks of
doing that if it went viral and then the YouTube channel started to explode and
more so powerful than just making the daily videos and like the YouTube
algorithm going going crazy is that making the daily videos for me changed
my identity it changed who I was being in reality
and here’s the thing about habits the more you do your habits more you have a
habit that changes your identity the more it changes your life so here’s the
cool thing – it doesn’t have to be some crazy hard habit it could be something
very easy and over time think about it you do something at a
24-hour period in a day and then you do it tomorrow and then you do it the next
day there’s not great results until a little bit down the road when then you
see everything about your life has changed it’s one habit that changes
everything that’s what this video is about i attracted money love and success
into my life by doing one thing every day what was that thing
for me it was doing what I’m passionate about and the reason the one habit that
you must do or you know for that to get in attract money love and success it
will change upon each person what if your passion is creating that of art
then maybe the the thing for you is if you were to create art every single
day you would then find that things in your life begin to happen in an
explosion the other things begin to happen now here’s the thing to get down
to the core of the kind of way that you could maybe challenge the current way
you are because the current habits you have are very comfortable and when you
decide to challenge that by doing something your old identity would never
do that’s where things change I was resistant to meditation in the beginning
I’m like I’m not one of those people that meditate you know it look like a
lot of meta people that meditated like they may have not like drink or done
you’re like smoked or done any done stuff like that I was like that there
they look square and boring I want nothing to do with that I was like you
know what I’m gonna do this meditation thing because there’s science that shows
how powerful it is so I decided to do it and guess what it began to change my
identity you know I think I think it’s an it’s it’s an interesting thing when
people do yoga also when people do yoga like especially people that end up maybe
going from not doing it all to doing it like every day like when you go to a
Bikram yoga class they’ll tell you oh you got to come every day for a week or
something like they try to like you know motivate you to come every day for a
while to really see the benefits what happens is a lot of people will go and
then they may keep going it begins to change their identity they be they
become like a yogi person they be they see themselves as a person with like the
the mat that they carry the mats and then they go to the yoga class you know
there’s a place here in Vegas that’s like life’s I think it’s called true
fusion it’s like a lifestyle it’s like a lifestyle they have yoga and these these
bootcamp classes and stuff but it’s like trendy and hip music it’s an identity
thing and when people go consistently they start to see themselves differently
so the key to this is understanding that one habit there’s one habit that you can
do every single day that would begin to change your self-image and for me even
now like look at and this is what you do you look at how you are being what are
you consistently doing right now and be honest with yourself become aware of
some of the habits you have and then realize that there’s probably one habit
you have that’s keeping you in a certain reality maybe it’s a certain way you’re
thinking about something is something that you’re doing every day
a lot of times doing has a very powerful effect on our identity sometimes even
more powerful than just thinking there’s doing it’s actually wired it into
physical reality but be aware of maybe one habit that you can just decide this
is not who I am anymore so what I do is not it’s not even just what not what I
do anymore it’s not who I am anymore though one of the human like the biggest
human desires there is is to remain consistent to the way that we see
yourself and for example if you were to go over here you may have heard this
analogy before but this is like a thermometer right here and if I have
this set right here it is set at 69 degrees if I were to move this up to
let’s say 74 degrees what would happen is the AC with the heater would actually
kick on because it’s cold here in Vegas right now and it would regulate it up to
74 and then if the windows are the the drawers opened or something and they
went down to 72 the heater would kick on and bring it back up cybernetic
mechanism it will do everything it can to remain consistent to what you said it
at the same with our self-image if you see yourself as somebody you know I used
to see myself also by the way as somebody that was lazy I would literally
like sit on a couch and one of the things I wanted I’d be like one in the
manifest things and I would just be thinking about it thinking about it
thinking about it but I would never really back it up with action and
because of that though what my life wasn’t really moving very much but then
I realized that making those daily videos having a nine-to-five job working
forty hours a week and making the daily videos on YouTube being busy with both
it made me say wow I’m somebody that’s very focused who else is doing this
there’s not many people I know that are doing this kind of thing like you know
do having this much willpower and this much focus in order to be successful so
even more so powerful than it bringing results is it changed my self-image
I went from somebody that was like trying to manifest it just by thinking
about it but not really doing it or following it up with physical action
which yeah and and from that it changed my self-image
then I was able to apply that towards other things because as I did that then
I was like you know I could apply this towards anything so I could instead of
just making daily videos like do that towards learning marketing
learning how to spread my message in other ways other things I was passionate
about it changes everything so the point of this video is money love
and success is on the other side of doing something you may not be
comfortable doing because your current habits are keeping you in your current
reality if you have a nine-to-five job if you have a certain story you’re
telling yourself your reality is equal to that story and the habits are what
wires and that identity if you want to change your life become aware of your
current identity I’ll cut your current habits that you’re doing become aware of
them and then to start to do something every single day that over – over time
will compound and change your identity one thing every single day that’s all it
takes is one thing if you feel yourself as out of shape and you were to start
going to the gym every single day even if you just go for ten minutes a day
that will begin to change your self-image you won’t just be a guy or a
girl going to the gym you’re gonna be a gym goer it changes the identity and if
it’s met if you see yourself as scatterbrain you start to meditate guess
what you’re gonna you may start to see yourself as somebody that has this
awareness that has this presence that has this this this more powerful energy
and you do that every single day but here’s the thing there’s a little bit of
a mere delay so you’ll do it once or twice three times maybe a week you might
not get the greatest results but if you remain consistent to it that’s hmm cause
that’s where the magic happens the magic happens when you do it consistently and
you decide this is who I am now and real quick I will share with you one of the
easiest ways to understand how to make a habits easy or hard and it’s super easy
it is just between pain and pleasure pain and pleasure imagine this is a
scale okay so pain and pleasure we will do
everything you can we can to move away from pain what we believe or what we
define to be pain and we will move everything we do everything we can to
bring us towards pleasure that’s how we’re already wired if we go to the gym
every day we associate some type of pleasure with going to the gym maybe we
actually enjoy going to the gym I enjoy go to the gym or maybe we associate the
pleasure with how we look from going to the gym or from the pump that we get or
from the the knowing and this the security we get from going to the gym
and how that makes us feel overtime or how confident that comes from a how our
body looks if we don’t go to the gym we may associate a lot of pain with that I
got a drive to the gym there’s a lot of work there’s a lot of up I may be sore
the next day I feel weird when I’m there people might judge me if I’m on the
treadmill or whatever the story is and then that’s the thing if you want to
make anything it’s easy for you to do tip the scales in the different
direction remember this is what we believe
brings us pleasure or pain that’s up to you what you define it to be if you
associate pain with stay in the same we see you if you associated pain I was I
started to associate pain with taking adderall because I saw the hearts hurt
the long-term negative side effects and I saw what it could do to people and I
saw that I just knew that it was a addictive and it was it didn’t have
great results from it I started to associated pain with it and then I
started to associate pleasure with this vision of me being able to meditate or
me being able to easily have my energy managed pleasure was being able to eat
and sleep because of the side effects of the adderall or that you didn’t it was
harder to do those things and as I started to think about it differently
and then wired it in with that one habit then it becomes easier and you can do
this with everything by the way you could do this with anything you can
change the way you view I used to think it was very hard for me to like in the
beginning of me making daily videos on YouTube but then I started to associate
pain with staying at that nine-to-five job and I started to associate pleasure
with making the YouTube videos and of course I was passionate about it as well
but I actually started to enjoy the process more so what do you define to be
pleasurable and painful in your life and if
you want you could switch it around and it’ll change it if it’s unhealthy food
you eat unhealthy food it’s because you maybe associate in pleasure with eating
the unhealthy food the stimulation these short-term effects that you the pot the
short-term taste the effects of it and you maybe associate in pain with eating
healthy food because of how bland it tastes here’s the thing if you change
these around and you start to associate pleasure with eating healthy food
because of the way it’s gonna make you look or the way it’s gonna make you feel
and that new image of yourself you’ll start to enjoy it born if you associate
pain with the deep-fried foods by thinking of and associate in thinking of
the the pain of being heavier than you want to be slower and a little bit more
hazy than you normally are that’s how this changes is awareness literally
write it out like this pain and then pleasure and then decide what the topic
is if it’s food and then write on each side what you were starting to associate
pleasure with eating nutrient-rich foods eating foods that enliven my body
eating the right portions of food or whatever it is whether the round of food
I feel sis I feel satiated but not stuff and I associate pain with feeling overly
stuffed I associate pain with eating unhealthy food as you do this exercise
and then you start to wire it in every single day with that habit could be the
habit of eating healthy every day it will change your identity then you won’t
be somebody that’s just eating healthy food or you won’t be somebody that just
has the habit of eating healthy food you become somebody that’s healthy you see
one habit you do everything a single day will change your identity if you want
the habit of making more money start to be more grateful for what you have start
to do something that adds value to other people go to the have one habit of once
a week if you hate your job go to it and ply it a job that you don’t think you’re
necessarily ready for but that will start to change your identity to where
you see you could do it so this will branch you out of your current identity
so there’s one habit a day that if you do will change your entire life what
does that have it it depends on you and what you want to accomplish in your life
it will depend upon the person but realize that when you change what you do
and you do it consistently it changes who you are just decide one habit you
want to get rid of and then have one habit you want to be
and it can change everything about you that’s exactly what happened with me
doing daily videos on YouTube that’s exactly what happened with me learning
meditation that’s exactly what you can do too there’s also one habit that will
really help you change your what’s called your dominant vibration which is
how you think act and feel which changes your outer reality there’s a meditation
on raising your vibration permanently that came out on January 1st it’s super
powerful listen to it right here for 21 days make that a habit and watch how
your life changes read the comments to see what’s possible to that’ll increase
your belief and make it more probable for you so go on check out that video
listen to it for 21 days watch what happens as always I’ll see you on the
next video peace much love and namaste