Hey there. Welcome! Now how about this book – The science of getting
rich. Isn’t this such a small but such a fascinating
and magnetic book to read? Now I don’t know about you. I don’t know how you found this video on
Youtube. I don’t know if you’ve read the book yourself,
maybe you’ll let me know in the comments below, but if you are like most people, you
probably started to listen to the book on YouTube. Or you probably started to read the physical
version, but you found if very magnetic and you couldn’t put it down. You just read it day in and day out, that’s
what I did back in the days. I found the book and I started reading it,
I was like OMG, this is such a fascinating book. I started reading it every single day. I was listening to the audio. I was studying the book. I was doing all these things, I was going
crazy about it. This is what most people do! But yet, when I read it 3-4 years ago I was
kind of having results in my business but it wasn’t really taking off. And I was wondering: “Well, why is this?” And now that we get to interview so many people
about the same stuff I’ve seen them failing achieving their financial goal applying the
principles from the book, studying it every single day… I was wondering, well what is wrong here,
right? And we had to investigate it and we in fact
found three reasons why people fail reading this book and what to do about it. And I’ve thought so hard, I put our team
to think about why they are failing and what to do about it… That we created this whole little system that
I am going to be sharing with you and I hope you appreciate it. I believe it’s really awesome, you’ll
love it! But it’s really a great system to make sure
that you’re not failing applying the principles from this book and I’ll tell you why in
a little bit. But first let me share that my name is Peter
Antonov, if we haven’t met before, I’m the Founder of Global Expert Space, I’m
really happy to have you here. And you see, we’re on a mission, right? We kind of set out this mission, I don’t
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if you get some value from this video… Hey you can participate in this. Subscribe. And I will be really happy to have you as
part of the community. Now that being said let’s continue with
why people fail reading the “Science of Getting Rich” and what to do about it. I believe this is the best system hands down! Not because we came up with it. But because we really put the time thinking
about it, right. When you think about something as we’re
going to see, you figure it out sooner or later, right? So here’s the reason why most people fail
at this book. Reason #1 – Well what is happening is that
for a book to be successful and this is really interesting. I don’t know if you know about this concept,
but it’s really interesting. For a book to be successful, for a book to
sell really well it’s not just about teaching you what works. They are many books that say “Hey I am going
to summarize the principles of the top billionaires and they’re not successful, right. They teach you their best stuff, they say
okay… Marc Zuckerberg is doing this, Warren Buffer
is doing this, Mark Cuban is doing this, these billionaire guy or a gal is doing this. But yet they’re not successful. The books that are successful have something
in common. Do you know what it is? The books that are the most successful books… Well, what they have in common is that they
are covering a story. They are covered in a philosophy. They are covered in an enigma. They are covered in something like a mystery. You see this book right here, the reason why
people love it so much is because is a mystery. It’s something so interesting. It’s something so enigmatic. It’s something philosophical that people
read it and they say: Oh wow that makes sense. That kind of like a science but it’s kind
of like a mystery I really appreciate it. Now you’re probably thinking “Peter, that’s
bias, right this is not true. Well let me give you anther example. Have you heard about the book called “Think
and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill? Maybe you have. Now do you know that this book is one of the
most successful best-selling books of all time. “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill,
maybe you know this too. This is top 20 best selling books of all time. “Think and grow rich” now most people
would say “But, Peter why is this, “Think and grow rich” is not even as good of a
book as some of Napoleon Hill’s other books?” Some people would say Napoleon Hill has another
book that is called “Laws of success” that is not as successful as “Think and
Grow Rich” why is Think and Grow rich selling so much better?Why everyone knows “Think
and Grow Rich” but not Napoleon Hill’s other books. If they are better why is this? Laws of success, Napoleon Hill says: Okay
here is how to succeed. Principle 1, Principle 2, Principle 3… And Think and Grow Rich is different, not
as complete, not as good some people say and yet more successful, why? Well the reason why Think and Grow Rich is
one of the best selling books of all time is because “Think and Grow Rich” is a
mystery. Think and Grow Rich is an enigma. What does Think and Grow Rich, the book started
in Napoleon Hills, now in this book I am going to teach you how to become rich. But see, I am not going to tell you the secret. What I am going to do in this book is: I am
going to tell you a few stories and you have to find the secret by yourself. People love this, this is why the book is
so successful because then people read and they say :Oh wow! I found the secret, you see? They go to their friends and they say: Did
you find the secret, well I found the secret. So that’s why it’s so successful it’s
enigmatic. It’s philosophy it’s something so special. It’s something different. It’s something that doesn’t tell you what
it is directly. And see this book is the same way. And if you look at the best selling books
of all times, for example “Rich dad, poor dad” a story, right. My rich dad, my poor dad. Then you have the “Millionaire mind” by
Harv Eker. You see, both of these experts like Harv Eker,
Robert Kiyosaki, just further away here from San Diego, CA, living in Arizona. A great guys in this industry. What is happening is that they write these
best selling books, but when it comes to this book – this is why people fail. Alright? This is why people fail. What is happening is that this book is such
a mystery. It’s such a philosophical bestseller and
it’s just great. But because of this people start to reading
it and they enjoy it. Kind of like a novel. Oh wow! This is great, let me see what is happening. So interesting! Mm that makes a lot sense! God wants me to be rich, fantastic. Oh okay so I deserve to have a lot of wealth,
perfect! And they read all these principles and they
miss the practical part. Because if you pay attention to how this book
– great book by the way I am not saying anything bad about this book! I am just analyzing human behavior and why
people are not taking the maximum from this book. Because see, hey The Science of Getting Rich,
was supposed to be achieving our financial goals but the experiment that we did is we
recorded the book in different language, we have another company where we teach people
in Europe marketing and how to promote products and services online. And we recorded the book and we put it online
and it has 40,000 views on YouTube in a different channel. And so many people have watched it and we
servey them, we said now for those of you who have listened to the book again and again
and again, can you tell us a little bit about your results, can you tell us a little bit
about how you get to achieve your financial goals based on the book. What are the principles that you applied? And pretty much almost none of them could
tell you: “I applied this and this is helping me because of that I achieved this amount
of wealth in my life… No one could tell you this. I was like this is ridiculous. And I started to look at the book very carefully
and I noticed that in every single chapter you have 90% of the chapter philosophical
motivation. 90% of the chapter is what I call philosophical
motivation to where it motivates you. It tells you now because of this law, this
is the law of attraction, so if you do things in a certain way you’re going to get rich.If
you do things is this way you’re going to get rich. But only 2 or 3 sentences are the actual action
steps. And this is not wrong. There is nothing wrong about it. But people are getting so caught up in the
philosophical motivation that they miss the action steps. Because they just like the mystery. People like novels. Some people, you see if I don’t make this
youtube video entertaining you’re not going to watch it. You’re not going to watch it, people like
entertainment. And that’s why I read this book for entertainment
but I want you to actually get rich! If this is your goal. That’s why I summarize the best action steps
and I am going to explain them to you in a system. Because I’ve thought about it a lot! I thought about a lot, I read this book multiple
times, I advice with some of our team members to make sure that I give you the best of the
best with this video, maybe you share it, you subscribe, you like it, whatever the case
is, get rich. But I want you to have results. And I am going to give you all the principles
from the book and you are going to tell me is this valuable or what but I am going to
do it in a way so you really get it. I am going to strip down all the philosophical
stuff. Now the first thing and this is the second
reason why people fail is because they don’t really get into the principles. Do you know what I mean? They don’t really get them. They kind of understand them but don’t really
do them. So the goal is not just to understand them
but to have the action steps of Okay what do I do every single day to apply these specific
principles. And what you can do is you can take pen and
a piece of paper and draw the same thing that I’ve drawn here for you so that you can
start applying and that you can start thinking about this stuff as I’m explaining them
to you. Do we have a fair deal? I believe. So what is the first thing that you have to
focus on and of course this easy stuff. A lot of people speak about it: this is the
easiest thing. But you need to have Definite Vision for what
you want to achieve, right. The book speaks about it, everyone knows about
this, here is easy. Definite vision. But what is happening that.. What is a definite vision? See, some people say: “Peter I want to become
millionaire, Hey I want to achieve this. Now this is great! And people say I have this goal, but what
people don’t have is a definite vision of not just visualizing: “Hey my life is going
to be this I am going to live in this mansion and this is how my business is going to look… But what they have to do is every single day
they have to spend time thinking about it! You see and the perfect example here is Warren
Buffet. Now if you watch an interview from his partner
Charlie Munger, not Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger are partners they both work in Berkshire
Hathaway, Charlie Munger – also a billionaire, advising each other, help each other, partners,
being partners for many, many years. And so Charlie Munger says the reason why
Warren Buffet is the most successful investor of our time is because he has taught about
it he has taught about it more than anyone else. A lot of people have a goal: “Well I am
going to become a millionaire” but they don’t think about it every single day and
when I say think about it, it doesn’t mean just think about it, repeat it. Affirmations. It doesn’t mean: Hey I am going to become
millionaire, I am going to become a millionaire and repeating it. What is means is thinking about the plan of
how you’re going to do it and improve it in your mind, improve it in a piece of paper
and actually think about exactly how it’s going to happen. Do you know what I mean. For example you say Okay I am doing online
marketing, I am promoting products and services on the internet, I am going to become millionaire
with this, but what I am going to do today I am going to spend one hour and a help thinking
about my specific vision and the plan on how I am going to achieve it. And you say okay maybe if I promote this product
and service, maybe I build my own online course and promote my own online course. Okay if it’s thousand dollars I have to
sell this amount of courses and I am going to make million dollars.Then okay so what
do I have to do in order to sell that amount of courses, well maybe no one is going to
buy from me because I don’t have an authority. Well, what do I have to do to build an authority. Do I have to build a big Facebook page, do
I have to do this, do I have to do this and actually thinking about this stuff. Do you know what I mean, Do you know something
really interesting, Nicola Tesla, you’ve heard about him. He is one of the greatest inventors. he was living at the same time, at the same
era with Thomas Edison. But you know, Thomas Edison if famous with
his statement that you know inventing the incandescent light bulb. You know I didn’t fail 10,000 times. I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work. But Nicola Tesla says: See, Thomas Edison
did it wrong. If he has taught about it in his head, If
he had planned about it every single day, kind of thinking in his head about the different
plans, he would have succeeding with the incandescent light bulb even on the fist time. What is happening is that see many people
take action before thinking prior to this. For example in this video, I spent a lot of
time thinking, to make sure that is going to be successful, even now you never know
but making sure that people are looking for it on YouTube making sure that you’re going
to get value. Making sure that I am making it very nicely. So I spend a lot of time thinking about it,
hours and hours to make sure the whole plan is great so that we can take the maximum of
it and we can serve as many people as possible. So this is the first thing, you need to have
a definite vision and you have to think more than other people. Many people don’t think about their goals
every single day. You have to spend an hour, two hours thinking
about your plans and improving them. Does this makes sense? Well, great! Now the second thing that the book says people
just miss is you have to Create and don’t Compete. See that’s how you get rich. You create and you don’t compete. So create versus compete. Now what does this mean? Okay so let’s say you have a goal and you
say Peter I want to become a millionaire and you start thinking every single day and you
start improving your plan and you say: Well this doesn’t work let me prove it. Now how about this and you start thinking,
okay… And when you start thinking something really
interesting happens. What is happening when you start thinking
and when you start setting plans your subconscious mind kicks in. When your subconscious mind kicks in it starts
giving you solutions. Some people call it hunches. And let’s say for example you’re thinking:
Well I went to a party the other day and I met this other guy… or I met this other
girl. What was her name? I don’t remember, I am trying to remember
and then you go to the shower and you taking a shower, you don’t think about it and you
say Oh! Elisabeth! Right, all of the sudden it comes out of nowhere,
how? Because you were thinking prior to this. You see how important is to think about and
we’re going to get even more detailed in a second. You see, how important it is to think about
your vision, how you’re going to become a millionaire and how exactly are you going
to be following these action steps. So that then your subconscious mind can present
you with different action steps that you can take. Great! Now you say Peter that’s great I have this
goal I want to become millionaire, now what do i do? Then the next thing that you have to do is
you have to start creating. Creating! You know what I mean? What is creating? Now when you’re building a business, right? Or when you’re trying to become a millionaire
now I don’t know another great way to become a millionaire for example than building a
business, if you know let me know, maybe investing in something, whatever the case is. But what the case is that you have to start
creating for example many people, they would start a YouTube channel, right. We spoke about YouTube channels. They would start a youtube channel, they would
take someone else’s video and they would just put in YouTube. Now, Wallace Wattles says you’re not going
to succeed this way because you’re basically competing with what is already out there. You’re doing the same stuff that everyone
else is doing. Even John D. Rockefeller the richest person
that has ever lived says: The reason why most people struggle is because they are doing
the same as everyone else is doing. What you have to do is you have to create. You have to create before I created this video
I kind of checked on YouTube and was like “Okay let me see what other videos are on
this topic? And guess what I saw so many people, tens
and tens of videos that are the audio book, for this book. Audio version. And so many people did the audio book again
and again and I am like why? But it already exists. It doesn’t make any sense. Because people are going to YouTube and they’re
going to watch the first audio book and listen to it. So I said if we’re going to create a video
it has to be something that gives these people value and it has to be something that really
is different that what is out there. You have to create your own stuff. That’s why I see people in affiliate marketing,
they say I am going to get rich by promoting other people’s products and just spam with
the link. You’re not going to make money like this. That’s why we teach people, you have to
create your own products, you have to build your online course for example. You see when you build your online course,
when you build your own products, you create. You don’t compete with other people, you
create something something out of nowhere and this is how you attract people, because
you’re the creator. People want to associate you with someone
who has created something, even in a traditional business. People create one store, they make a little
bit of money. People create a franchise business, they make
a lot of money. Because they create a lot of stores in different
locations and a lot of people can benefit from them. So the more you create, the more money you’re
going to make. You have to start creating. What have you created so far? Have you created videos for the internet,
have you created blog posts, have you created a physical business? Have you wrote a book? You have to start creating if you want to
get rich. I haven’t seen anyone who’s become rich
without creating. Even Warren Buffer you’d say he’s investing
on the stock market and companies, whatever the case is. But he is writing these essays and he writes
these essays for investors, so investors can read his essays and learn from his wisdom
and then maybe invest in his company Berkshire Hathaway. You see all these people are creating! So I want to challenge you right now! Are you creating? This is how you’re going to get rich and
feel so many people miss this. Do you create, you just read Wallace Wattles’s
book. Peter, I don’t create. Why did you read this book? I mean did you even listen to it it’s crazy. Now the second thing that everyone knows is
you have to be grateful. You see so crucially important, but most people
don’t do it, because they don’t have a system on how to be grateful. Now the way to be grateful is by making it
a habit. Now for example what I do every single morning… I wake up and I do exercises, I do push ups,
really easy for example, You can do hundred push ups, you can do fifty push ups, you can
do some squats, you can do some you know jumping jacks, all kinds of stuff like this. But you can do some exercises then what I
do is gratitude. So basically I am being grateful, I write
down this is what I am grateful for, I am grateful for this, I am grateful for that
every single day. Because when you do this Wallace D. Wattles
explains remember, what I told you about how you actually get rich. The way you do it is by having a plan, you
say I am going to be a millionaire and you have this plan: Okay this is the actions that
I am going to follow to actually achieve my goal. These are the actions I am going to follow
to achieve my goal. Then your subconscious mind is giving you
even better action ideas, you see even better. You have hunches, you write them down, but
when you’re grateful Wallace D. Wattles says you basically get these ideas. You have a solid connection with you subconscious
mind and some people call it like Napoleon Hill – Infinite Intelligence, some people
call it God. But the bottom line is that when you’re
grateful, you get all these ideas how you can actually make it happen. If you’re not grateful. You broke the connection. You see, if you’re not grateful, if you’re
not happy for what you already have, God, Infinite Intelligence, The Universe doesn’t
give you ideas on how to improve your plan. Because this is the bottom line. Have a goal to become a millionaire. You have all these actions steps and ideas
on how to make it happen. You follow the plan and we’ll get to the
action taking. And when you’re grateful you get even better
ideas on how to make it happen. Does that sounds great. That’s why you have to be grateful every
single day. The other thing is you have to believe. You have to believe that you’re going to
achieve it. There has to be no doubt in your mind that
you’re going to achieve your goal. And you have to be grateful for achieving
your goal in advance, Now this I repeat stuff that people know, and this is kind of like
an easy stuff but still it’s important to pretty much tell it to you one more time. because many people forget. They’re happy once they say “I believe
I am going to succeed but then they stop believing. You see when you stop believing even for a
day this might be critical for your success. This might be disaster for your success. It’s important that you believe all the
time. I don’t care you what you do you can go
to the mirror and you can say I believe in myself I am the best, I am going to crush
it! I am going to make everything I have to make
to succeed; I am destined to be the one; I am Neo who’s going to save the world. I don’t care what you do if you do affirmations,
if you do anything out there, but you have to believe in yourself. Because if you don’t believe in yourself
why would anyone else believe in you? Then you’re going to attract it. So the way I believe in this stage is you
create all the time, I don’t care if you’re going to create YouTube videos, if you’re
going to create an online course like we teach our students, but you have to create and at
the same time you have to be grateful and have to believe. Now the next thing that you have to do is
you say: “Peter okay now I am taking action, I have the plan, I have my goal for example
becoming a millionaire, I have the vision, I have the action plan and because I am grateful
and because I believe Infinite Intelligence and my subconscious mind is guiding me by
giving me even better action steps and guiding me along the way. Great! And then you also create so you build a business. If you’re not creating you’re not building
a business, you’re not making any money. Are we clear on this one? Alright this is important. Now you have to have efficient days. Every single day has to be efficient says
Wallace D. Wattles and alrighty, I had to stop this video for a second because the card,
right with all the videos that is the storage card, got full, go figure, so now we’re
continuing from where I stopped recently just right now and so I hope you’re getting a
lot of value from this video so far, but you’d make me a huge favor and I am going to turn
up the enthusiasm here for a little bit but I hope you’re getting a lot value, please
let me know in the comments below what do you think about this? Are you watching this video, I know some people
has stopped this video but if you’re watching I think, Man you’re on you way to success! There is so many people watching trainings
but now many of them are as committed as you are, as dedicated as you are, your personal
success, so I am really excited about this and I’d be really happy if you let me know
in the comments below: How do you like this video? how do you like this format? Do you enjoy the formula that we have here
and do you think that I should keep doing videos like this? And if this is valuable to you? Don’t worry about it. You’ll be able to post me another comment
at the end of the video, but just right now stop and let me know in the comments below
I’ll really appreciate it and then we’ll keep going. Awesome! Did you wrote your comment? Amazing! I really appreciate this! Now let’s continue… where did I get to,
right? I got to the efficient days. This is the next step and now pretty much
by the end of the video you’re going to know the full formula for getting rich. Right from the book “The science of Getting
rich” by Wallace D. Wattles. You’re going to know the full formula. I’d distilled the best action ideas in one
system so that you can take advantage of it. How awesome is that. And right now we’re going to be talking
about the efficient days, the efficient action and then we’re going to continue with this
specific industry. How do you chose the industry, that you should
be devoting your time in. For example if you want to become a millionaire
or whatever the case is, if you want to provide this financial security for yourself and your
family… in specific industry. How do you chose this industry? How do you become good enough in what you’re
doing so that you can make the money that you desire. I am going to be talking about this principles
from the book and then I am going to tell you how the money comes to you. Because remember, money is just an idea. It’s an exchange of value. So how do you exchange you value that you’re
going to create, alrighty everything start coming together to you, I hope. And how are you going to get the money that
you want in the return. I am going to be speaking about this and with
this we’re going to complete the whole formula and it’s going to be a lot of fun. So let’s continue. Well, right now what is important is to understand
that every day of yours has to be an efficient day. What does this mean. Well as Wallace D. Wattles puts it.. if your
days, if every single day of yours is an efficient day, you’re guaranteed to succeed in your
goal of getting rich. Maybe, right, so how do you make every single
day of yours as a success. Well the only thing to remember is that you
have to do is you have to do as much as you can do this day. Right Wallace D. Wattles says it, but see
it’s not that easy when you start doing it, right? Maybe you start today and you say Peter, today
I am going to do 7 things, I have them on my TO DO, I start taking action, but it’s
3 o’clock I kind of fall rap in Facebook, I look at the news feed, I am watching animals
on YouTube, what is happening I am wasting all my time. My day was not a success… Why is this? Well, you know at the beginning it’s kind
of like this, until you get the hang of it. And when you get the hang of it, Oh Boy! Does it become fantastic, because when you
get the hang of it you’re going to take so much action every single day that you’re
pretty much going to fill all your day with what do you have to fill it with. With creating, with being grateful, with believing
and doing the other things that I am going to share with you. And the easiest way to get the hang of it,
having as much action taken every single day, towards your goals, because the more action
you take, the more likely you are to reach a goal faster. The way to do this is by the end of each day,
and this is really easy, it sounds easy but so many people don’t do it. So by the end of each day, you sit down and
you say: Okay, what did I do today: First, I did this, great, was this good, okay.. fine. Then I did this, this, and this… Well, okay where did I get distracted today? And you see “OMG” I fall trap at Facebook,
I was looking at the newsfeed and I saw all these things happening.. I wasted 2 hours on Facebook. Well, guess what, tomorrow I am not going
to do this, but in order for you to succeed having every single day of yours as an efficient
day .. you have to look back every single day and say: “Okay, was my day successful,
and what distracted me from taking action? You see this is the real secret. Now Wallace D. Wattles doesn’t speak about
this, I pretty much added it, but he says every day of yours has to be an efficient
day and this is how you do this. You look back and you say: What distracted
me today? And tomorrow I am going to make my day efficient. And the goal is to eliminate all distractions
that you have throughout the day and when you do, maybe in seven days, maybe in a month,
maybe in a few month… The only thing that you’re going to be doing
every single day is to take action towards your goal and then you’re going to succeed
fast. Alrighty, the next thing that you have to
do is not only take as much action as you can every single day, right? You have to do everything that you can do
that day. The next thing that you have to do is every
single action that you take, has to be efficient, right. Efficient action. Now what does this mean? What most people do, for example we spoke
about YouTube channels, they would say Peter, I want to build my YouTube channel and they
would start creating videos, right… they’re creating, really important, I hope you start
creating after finish this video. But you would start creating videos and they
say “Okay, I’ll just go out and I’ll shoot a video, then I’ll shoot another one
and I’ll shoot another one and they make 10 things at once. 10 videos they shoot at the same time. But what is happening is that they take action,
yes… but their actions are not efficient. The goal is not just to take the action, the
goal is not just to send the emails… The goal is not just to speak with the people. The goal is that every single action you take,
you do it 100% and you give it your all! For example, if you’re going to be shooting
a video, if you’re going to be creating something, you better make sure that is going
to be great, you better make sure that you prepare, you better make sure that you do
your research. Because what is the point of creating something,
if no one is going to watch it. What is the purpose of doing something that
is not going to bring you results, right. Because you’re going to have efficient days,
you’re going to do as many things as you can every single day… But if all these things that you do are not
efficient, if they’re not done in a proper way you’re not going to succeed fast. But what if you did 10 things today and all
these 10 things you did in a best way possible, right.. then you succeed, really fast! For example today you have to meet someone,
alrighty. Don’t just go to the person and say Hey
my name is Peter, go to the person and be hundred percent.. Say Hey my name is Peter, I’m really happy
to meet you, what do you do? Oh my God, that is amazing, right. You have to be hundred percent. You’re sending an email to someone, really
important.. maybe you have a list of emails, potential customers, research a little bit,
do the best email you can. Visualize in your mind how these people are
going to buy your product and service. Every single action that you do have to be
the best action. So this is the secret here. In this stage, you’re doing as many things
as you can do every single day and every single action that you take has to be done 100%. For example, today for me I had to do certain
amount of things, right I had to do 7 things. Maybe I have to shoot a video, maybe I have
to meet with a few people, maybe I have to send few emails, maybe I have to check something,
maybe I have to do research, maybe I have to give some tasks for one of our employees,
right? And every single to do thing that I have to
do, I have to really focus and do it 100%. If I do 50% is not going to be as effective. Does this makes sense? This is great, great, great and almost no
one is doind this. I hope you do this. Now the next thing is choosing the industry. Now how are you going to get rich? Right, how are you going to choose the vehicle
for getting rich. Because a lot of people get rich in the Silicon
Valley building Facebook and YouTube and all these other software applications, a lot of
people get rich in online marketing, network marketing, coaching, speaking… all kings
of industries. Whatever you can think of. And so the goal here is how to choose your
industry and if you’ve already chosen industry, if you already chose a vehicle to use, how
do you actually go about getting rich in this specific industry, right. Well here’s what you have to do and this
is what Wallace D. Wattles says, right I am not coming out with this formula out of nowhere. I am pretty much getting the best from Wallace
D. Wattles’s book and I am paraphrasing in a way so that you get, so that you understand,
giving you the examples that you can relate to, so that you’ll have the success in your
live, that you really deserve for yourself and your family, how’s that? Well what you have to do first is you have
to choose the industry, right and you have to build your skills to highest extend in
this specific industry. Now this sounds like a cliche but here’s
what it is, now almost no one is doing this. Let’s say people start with affiliate marketing
and they say, okay I am going to get rich with affiliate marketing, I am going to be
promoting products and services online. This is a great industry. I see a lot of millionaires I am going to
be doing the same. Well the mistake that a lot of people are
making is they say okay: I am going to practice and I am going to be doing this and I am going
to tribe to make money and sooner or later I am indeed going to be making a lot of money. Well that is not how you get to become rich,
the fastest way possible. The fastest way possible if you ask Wallace
D. Wattles, right what he put in his book is by identifying, alrighty… the skills
in the specific industry that are needed to be successful. You have to identify the skills in this specific
industry. Okay, well you chose to for example build
online course that is your own, take your knowledge, passion, skills and advice and
build your online course so that other people can buy it and you can serve a lot of people
at the same time throughout the world with their knowledge, advice and skills that they
buy your online course. Great, but then you have to identify: well,
what are the skills that are needed? What are the skills that I need? And then you’re going to say, okay maybe
I have to be good at researching, I have to be good at researching, if you put, if you
research for the best information, you put it at one place, you package it, you make
it competing, what else, maybe you have to be able to make really good presentations
so that other people see the value in what you have. So you get the idea, so basically you have
to learn what are the skills needed to succeed in this industry, while now this is kind of
like a common sense but what most people don’t realize is you have to look at the skills
in a little bit of a different way, alright you have to say: Okay let me look at these
skills in a different angle, how can I look at these skills to succeed in the specific
industry in a way that I am naturally good at? This is what Wallace D. Wattles says. He says if you choose an industry that you’re
naturally good at succeeding and if you have naturally these skills that you can utilize,
then you’re going to succeed way faster. So it’s about having the skills, there is
no way around it. You have to build the skills that are needed
in the specific industry but if you’re naturally kind of having a little bit of the skills
maybe you just build up on them, it’s a little bit easier. So you have to look at the specific industry
and and say what I am specific naturals that I can build upon. For example for me I am not great at speaking,
per-say. But I am very analytical, the way I build
companies, the way I build online course, the way I speak to you is.. I am very analytical I am really good at putting
systems together, So you see I am using my strengths right now and I build upon my skills
of how do I research and how do I build great systems to make sure that people succeed. I am building our companies the same way I
am putting different pieces together, different employees together, different people together,
and then I’m teaching people I am putting all these pieces together to make sure that
people succeed, because I am very analytical. You see and depending on your strengths you’re
going to build your skills in the specific way, alrighty? The second thing that you have to do here
when you chose the industry on how are you going to get rich is, you have to pretty much
fill your present place. Your present place. Now Wallace D. Wattles speaks about this a
lot and what this means is that see when you start in business, what you have to do is
you have to pretty much become great at what you spark. You know what I mean, for example before Global
Expert Space, we were building this other company for Europe and it was small company,
it was in different language and we were specifically serving, specific niche market. For example Global Expert Space in fact, we
just started this channel when the company and so forth so you haven’t it blow up yet,
But there is a big audience that we can reach and we can really serve a lot of people. Not so with the other company, it was a very
specific niche market that we’re helping people and so a lot of people are telling
me, Peter why are you giving you best why are you building you skills here why are you
doing this, you ave to serve the whole world you have to do this, you have to do that,
you can do way bigger things, but my goal was as Wallace D. Wattles puts it to feel
my present place. I wanted to build this company and really
wanted to help as many people as we can and I wanted to build it to the biggest possible
extend that we can, providing the specific case, we were a little bit limited, but providing
this specific I wanted to really fill it to the maximum. build it the best way possible, provide the
best support to people, really help them, because when you fill your present place what
is happening that you learn a lot and you improve your skills way quicker. You see what I mean, so when you start in
business, when you’re setting as a goal to make a million dollars for example what
I learned from a lot of billionaires, not only millionaires, but billionaires is that
their first year or two years they focus on learning as much, okay. They are not focusing on making as much money,
in fact, they would spend more time learning stuff and applying this stuff rather than
money making activities. Yes of course they’re truing to make as
much money as possible but this is not their goal at the beginning. Their goal is to learn as much and apply these
things that they are learning, so the same thing with you, You want to fill your present
place. You want to become the best that you can in
you specific position and then God, The Universe, Infinite Intelligence is going to provide
you with more opportunities to get even better at what you’re doing. And is going to provide you even more opportunities
to be able to get even bigger rewards. So at no time you say Oh what i’m doing
right now is small, you see what I am doing right now doesn’t have big opportunities
and because of this, getting desperate, you see if you have one customer, if you have
one person watching your videos, if you have only two people caring about what you’re
doing you know serve them the best way possible. Because only when you fill your place, only
when you do the best that you possibly can, at the certain smaller level only then you’re
going to be presented with bigger opportunities. Bigger ideas, with bigger challenges in business
and you’re going to have your skills improved in such a way that you can then crush it. Because most people succeed in their industry
in year four, in year five, kind of start to succeed in year seven. I kind of believe you can do it way faster. You can succeed on the second, third year,
really fast even in some cases in months! But you have to focus on learning as much
as possible building your skills and filling up your present place. Alrighty and now the best part, you’ll ask
me “Peter how do I make money now?” Alrighty this is the Science of getting rich”
achieving your financial goals, what does Wallace D. Wattles says when it comes to making
money immediately and how does money come to me, pretty much? And as I mentioned a little bit earlier, money
is just about trading your value, creating what you create and you can create to yourself
just like I mentioned with online courses or just by the other more complicated ways
for example, not the internet, not online course, software, this is the new era. I believe that this is going with the wave,
right now. This is how you succeed fast and really making
a difference but what other entrepreneurs have been doing, decades and decades and centuries
back as building real businesses, right. Like factories, and building a physical products
which is more complicated and still creating it, right, You still have to create, whether
is a physical product, whether is an online course, whether is a software, a website like
Facebook and this kind of stuff. But see the way to succeed fast is by having
other people buying your products, right because when they buy your products you accumulate
wealth and then you become a millionaire or whatever the case is so the way to do it fast…
the first thing that you have to do Wallace D. Wattles says is go the extra mile. So few people do it, so easy, this is the
easiest strategy for making money fast, I believe and really succeeding in your business
by adding massive value to the market. Going the extra mile. Now what does this mean? Napoleon Hill speaks about it all the time
in fact this is Napoleon Hill’s third principle for success, one of the most important and
he is saying see the way to succeed fast in business, he learned this from Andrew Carnegie
the richest person with John D. Rockefeller, back in the days and he said: The easiest
way to promote yourself in business, to promote yourself in live is for example, you create
a product, okay and you create a product and you say: Okay now what are other people charging
for this product? What is the competition charging for this
product, well other people are charging for example, $2000 for this products. Okay? Everyone is charging $2000 for this product
and when you buy it for $2000 from the competition, you get this, this and this, okay? Well you say, okay I am going to go the extra
mile, I am going to create this product, but I am going to make it better and if you buy
this product from me I am going to give you this, this, this and this and I am going to
give you something extra from me and I am going to hire more people to help you with
this. Even if you’re a single person, you don’t
need any employees or whatever the case is, you’re giving way more than what you’re
charging, right? So at the beginning you’re not making a
lot of money, you see at the beginning your goal is to build your business, at the beginning
your goal is to kind of build your sills and at the beginning your goal is to build your
reputation. You’re going the extra mile. Then what is happening is for example you
have this $1000 product, then you create a $1,500 products, which is $1,500 and then
you provide even more value to people for these product and again you say “I am going
to give you more – this, this, this, this and this and this more of than anybody else
and little by little you’re promoting yourself, little by little you’re getting more customers,
in fact Sam Walton, again he was the richest person in the whole world again in the Seventies
– Eighties something like this, here in the stated and in the whole world and he said
the same thing. Well, I don’t care about making a lot of
money with one store. I care about making everything that we sell
in our store really cheap, really inexpensive, I want people to buy cheap groceries and everything
cheaper for their house, so they are not paying a lot of money. I don’t care about making a lot of money,
right. I care about serving a lot of people, right? So the same thing. If you’re going the extra mile, if you go
this, then what happened to Sam Walton, he became the richest person in the world. Walmart is right now employing millions and
millions of people, it’s crazy it started with one store. One single store. One single Walmart for five years. He had this one little store and now Walmart,
the biggest probably chain in the whole world. Because he was going the extra mile. Provide more value than anyone else. This is the secret. And you can start out it’s really easy and
you would say: Peter why would anyone listen to me? Do stuff for free, tell to people I am going
to help you for free! How difficult is this? I am going to help you for free and try to
give people the best that you can, then say okay now I have a product also but it’s
really cheap, it’s $25, $20 whatever 50 bucks, and then give it people, right? Provide more than anyone else and they are
going to listen to you and then they’ll start working with you and little by little
you raise your prices and then still you give them way more than anyone else. Really easy, no one is doing this. Now there is another thing that Wallace D.
Wattles says besides the going the extra mile is you have to do another thing that no one
is doing. Okay, and now I am going to tell you the secret
here. Wallace D. Wattles doesn’t give examples,
because he doesn’t want to pretty much make it feel kind of like it’s something that
people don’t really like. Sometimes people don’t want to be said exactly
what they have to do because most of the people would be like: You know this is not cool to
do this. You know this is not nice. But I am going to tell it to you anyway because
I feel that if you apply it, you’re going to have a big difference in your life and
business. What you have to do is you have to give people
the impression for increase, okay. What does this mean? Now Wallace D. Wattles says, this of course
you have to give people the impression for increase. What does this mean? Now every single person that you’re meeting,
okay… who did you meet today? I want to ask you? Well think about it, who did you meet today,
who are you going to meet tomorrow, how are your customers going to see you. Are they going to see you? How are your potential partners going to see
you, okay? And when you meet with them and when you met
with the people you met today, when you communicate with them, did they say “Oh my God” This
person is great, I want to work with this person, this person is really smart, I feel
like if I’m around this person I am going to learn a lot. I want to be around this person. Do people say this about you? Because if they don’t that means that you’re
not applying this principle that Wallace D. Wattles says.. You have to give the people the impression
for increase. So how do you do this? How do you do this? Well the way you do it is really simple. The first thing and he doesn’t says how
to do it, I am going to tell you how to do it in my opinion, right and you’re going
to check it out and you’re going to see if it works or not. The first thing is you’re going to try to
give maximum value to everyone that you meet, okay. When you meet your goal is hot to give this
person value, but the second thing that you ave to do than almost no one is doing is not
just about giving people the value. Because you give people a lot of value, they
don’t appreciate this, okay I get it that’s fine they’re just giving value but not big
deal. But what you have to do is you have to make
sure that people understand that what you’re giving them is valuable. You see this is very big thing that I just
told you I don’t know if you got it. Most people probably didn’t get if but you
have to make sure that what people see you’re doing they have to understand that it is valuable
and the way you do this is you can say for example just like I’m saying: I hope that
what I just taught you is valuable, okay? You see for example right now this video finishes
and I am telling you I hope that you liked this video, I hope it was valuable to you
and you say “Hm If in fact Peter, this video was valuable to me, you know this makes sense,
this video was valuable to me, actually in fact I did get a lot of value. Now you’d say this is obvious, they either
got value from you or they didn’t get value. But it’s not like this. People don’t thing about this stuff. Sometimes they get value and they say okay
that’s fine but when you tell them “I hope this is giving you a lot of value!” See I put so much time for example and building
this system and saying how can I help people to come to this video, right there are so
many people reading this book I have it right here, let me just take it. So many people who read this book and don’t
have the results that they want. So I wanted to build this video with our team. I wanted to make it really special so I really
hope that you enjoy this. You see what I am doing right here, I make
sure that you understand that I am working really hard to make sure that you succeed. Do you get this? So you have to ask yourself: Well how do I
give this impression to my potential customers? So that they really continue working with
me and now I can give them even more value? Do you understand? And now what do you think about this formula
I pretty much finished with the formula I think it was great. Now of course this is just my opinion and
now I’ll going to tell you some really cool stuff. Probably you’re asking what is this. This here that we just missed is the frequency
of your willpower. Your frequency of willpower. So the frequency of the willpower, you have
to think about your vision all the time,, you have to be obsessed about you goals all
the time. Your specific goal, you have to think about
it have to be frequently and you have to point your willpower as Wallace D. Wattles puts
it, you have to point it into thinking about your goals and plans, you have to create all
the time, being grateful, believing, having efficient days, building your skills in the
industry and filling up your present place. And when it comes to making this money, right
what you have to do is going the extra mile, providing the values so when you are charging
people money giving them way more than what anyone else who gives them and making sure
that they appreciate what you’re doing. See this is the goal. This is how you succeed. If I have to be honest, you know personally
I feel like Wallace D. Wattles missed some things, for example the mastermind principle,
I believe that you need other people to succeed in your business. You need to advice with other people on how
to succeed, Wallace D. Wattles skipped this. He didn’t speak about this at least not
to my knowledge or he mentioned it kind of but just a little bit. So this is kind of what is missing here, but
don’t worry about this for now. We’re going to be shooting other videos. I am going to be doing other videos on the
complete formula with the mastermind principle etc. But this is everything that you need to know
because most people, you know what it is the biggest reason that they fail? And we serve thousands of students with our
other company and right now with Global Expert Space we’re starting to serve more and more
people in English, maybe you’ll be one of these people. But the biggest mistake they make is they
don’t create. They don’t create. And you’re never going to get rich if you
don’t get into the habit of creating. And I was wondering well, what we can give
people who watch this video to the very end, because it’s a long video, ins’t it. What we can give them so that they can learn
something else from us, maybe.. People say “Peter what else can I learn
from you and the best thing I think you can learn if you’ve watched this whole video
is how to create something” So we created a great free mini series, 100% free it’s
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you passion, skills and advice what you’ve learned back through the days, maybe you know
about fitness, maybe you know about nutrition, maybe you’re great graphic designer, maybe
we have people even in network marketing. You know what they do, they create their online
course and then they promote this to other people and they say: Hey if you join the company,
if you buy this product, also I am going to give you this online course, they build their
teams quicker, we have people in affiliate marketing. We have coaches, that create extra trainings
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