Mark Kohler here on the sidelines
reporting to you about the big game, and I’m not talking
about the football game. I’m talking about the game of the
American dream. That’s right, folks. There’s been a change in the
rules. There’s been a game changer. Are you ready with the
B roll? Okay, folks, let me report to you what’s going on out
in Congress in 2017 at the end of 2017 Donald Trump and the GOP got together
to change the rules for the American business owner, big corporations and
those working on main street. The result, the tax cuts and jobs act. This law was the biggest change
in tax law since the 1980s yes, that’s right. Changing the rules of what is deductible
and what’s not and how your tax return is going to be filed. This new tax law was no less than 550
pages of critical changes that the average small business owner needs to be aware
of in order to save money on their taxes. That’s right. You heard it here first from the sidelines
of the American dream and hold it. Yes. We’re getting reports from, from
business owners around the country, confused, not sure what’s a write off
and how to protect their assets. Folks, it’s mayham out there, but this
is what you need to succeed. The tax and legal playbook,
the game has changed. This is the playbook that will help you
understand the tax cuts and jobs act. Oh, what are we hearing? What
does, what does this book contain? This is the second edition to
the tax and legal playbook. The game has changed with 30% more
content covering topics such as the entertainment deduction gone! The
increased in the auto deduction for cars, SUVs and trucks. Put it in your family members on payroll
with the new and increased standard deduction, health care expenses and how to better
take advantage of the health savings account and health reimbursement
arrangement, and most importantly, the 20% pass through deduction
for business owners making
profit and looking for the biggest writeoffs to save money and
put more money back into their business. Okay. I’m hearing from the booth that
if you purchase a copy of the book at you get
a signed autographed copy, but it’s also available on Amazon, Barnes
and Noble and entrepreneur bookstore. Folks, thanks for tuning in. I’m here, Mark Kohler reporting on better
living the American dream, and I’ll be here for you. You’ve
got to get a copy of this book. It will change your game.