– Hi guys, Welcome back to my channel. It’s your girl, Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ Today, I wanted to film a video on things that I learned in my 20s. This is also going to be kind of like a things I wish my 20-year-old self knew. So, at first, I was going to go into this with actual talking points. I take my responsibilities and duties as an auntie very highly. So I also just jumped on
Twitter and I was like, What kind of things do
you want to see me cover? And, (blows raspberry) 20 minutes later we have 300 responses! I’m just going to keep
this very conversational. Because the fact that you guys trust me and value my expertise I
think is very flattering. It says a lot, and I
appreciate that so much. I think that that says a lot about how much you guys trust me. And thanks! Even though I’m still figuring out how to get my life together (laughs) That’s the first tip though. You never stop figuring it out. I’m pretty sure once you get to your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, god willing, 80s, and so on, and so forth I think you’re always,
always, always learning. I’m 31, by the way. If anyone cares. And shout out to my girl Novella. Shout out to my good sis. I ordered my shirt like a week ago, and I’m finally wearing
it for the first time. It’s so comfortable too. Let’s just keep it all
the way cute and real, and talk about the things that people don’t want to
talk about when you grow up. Now, I haven’t moisturized my skin yet. And I’m going out tonight. Funny enough, I’m going out
tonight with some YouTubers that I’ll be meeting for the first time. So I’m really excited. Shout out to Eloho, and LovelyTi, and Lala is coming out with us. Lavie By CK is coming out with us. Oh, and Sharon from UOMA Beauty. We’re all doing a little girls night because it’s BET weekend. So a lot of people are in town who don’t normally live here in LA. I’m gonna moisturize my skin using the Olay Micro Sculpting Cream. This is the one without SPF. You guys have seen me talk
about this collection from Olay a couple times in my videos. This line, this collection is actually my favorite from Olay. Shout out to the sponsors. I partnered with Olay for today’s video. It’s pretty cool because
I get to just talk about products that I
would already use anyway, which is a big convenience for me. There is one with SPF. Exact same cream. There is one without SPF, and
then there’s another with one. I’m gonna wear the one without SPF. For sensitive skin and for people who are sensitive to smell, there’s unscented versions
of this moisturizer. It’s super light and breathable, and it kind of has this
satiny matte finish. I say, eh. Little Drake hand. It doesn’t matte where
it dries out your skin. But also doesn’t make it
oily, which is, I think, crucial, when you’re wearing an SPF because SPFs are always so greasy! That’s one thing I’ve learned in my 20s. Please wear your SPF,
especially black people. Wear SPF! It’s not too soon! It’s really not too soon. For those of you guys
that feel like your skin is a grease bucket, and you put on a moisturizer, it soaks right in, and then, throughout the day, it just gets oily, and crispy and chicken fried, this is the perfect cream for you. Because it does the opposite. It does work for all skin types. It holds and locks in moisture. And I do like the scent. I actually prefer a little bit of. (babbles) I actually do prefer
a little bit of scent. But there is a fragrance-free option also. I’m gonna leave links to
both of the multi-sculpting Olay creams in the description
box, as I normally do. Then, I’m going to prime
using the Milk Hydrogrip. Can I also just say that giving up dairy in my 20s was the freaking best decision. I know that sounds really vain. But I feel like a lot of
my problems were cleared once my skin was too. You’re talking about somebody
who lives in 4K for a living. By the way, I hope you guys don’t mind. This is going to be very
conversational, kinda casual. I’m gonna talk about the make-up and my talking points at the same time. Looking through some of
the questions that I got, the biggest one I think that
I got was all relating to finding what you really
want to do for a living. Finding your life passion. A lot of them were very
finance driven type questions. Nobody put more pressure
on themselves to be at a certain place at a
certain timeline than me. I’m taking my Laura Mercier powder. That was probably, I think,
the hardest part of my 20s. I literally felt like
my life was in shambles. I was divorced by 21. I was doing YouTube. And despite what most
people think about YouTube, back then, they didn’t even pay that much. Okay? You’re talking about a decade ago. A YouTube check maybe could have covered half a rent living in Los Angeles. People just thought that I
was balling out of control. And I wasn’t. Being a divorcee, and being
that I was supposed to have, around that time, graduated from college. Seeing my friends go on a
graduate through college and going into their
traditional career fields when social media wasn’t
a career back then, not a serious one. I’m gonna try and mix my
Mented Stick Foundation with the Lancome Teint Idole. Never done that before. Trying something new today. This is the shade M10. Then, around my mouth, I’m gonna take 520 Suede from Lancome. I really had to start
praying and being focused on understanding that just
because you aren’t where they are doesn’t necessarily mean you
can’t find new-found hope. I had to take a step back
and stop focusing so hard on what everyone else is doing. Because it was super counter-productive. It wasn’t doing anything
but distracting me and making me feel
worse about where I was, and where I wasn’t, and
who I was doing it with! You know? I just had to take a step back. Sis, you need to fall back. The moment that I stopped comparing myself to everyone else, and this
is why I constantly say this. I constantly say this. And I know that people mean well, but, let me try to put this in a way that doesn’t come off as mean. A lot of times, I’ll get comments
from people that are like, Why aren’t you at 10 million yet? You’re comparing your version
of success to someone else. Just because someone doesn’t
have the same numbers as James Charles, or NikkieTutorials. They’re the exception, not the norm. I know people who are on YouTube now and are eating pretty damn good for the sizes that they’re at. Some of those people don’t
even have half the amount of subscribers that I have. They’re doing a lot better
than the average American. They just are. Because they’ve been able
to work with what they have and utilize it to the
best of their ability. Also, a lot of the stuff that I talk about and I do on my channel
isn’t like what every other mainstream YouTuber does or
talks about on their channel. How can you even compare the two? And it’s the same with my career. I look different, I have
a different circumstance than a lot of mainstream YouTubers. So I felt like, as far as
getting to where I wanted to be, the first thing that I had to do, this is Farsali Skintune Blur. I feel like the first
thing that I had to do was take a step back
and be like, Stop, boop, comparing, boop, yo,
boop, self, boop, boop. Because for real, for real,
it’s gonna get you nowhere. And whenever people tell me, You should be like
so-and-so and so-and-so. I’m not trying to be like so-and-so. I’m trying to be me. This is the UOMA Beauty
Stay Woke Concealer. I always grab the wrong color, but this is Brown Sugar – T4. I’m using this around my
mouth to do some correcting. This feels like a beard. (laughs) 10 years ago, my dream
job didn’t even exist. So therefore, I can’t really tell people what steps I did to get to
where I am now in that aspect. Because there was no, I studied X, Y, Z, I was mentored by so-and-so and so-and-so. The dream job that I’m doing
now didn’t exist 10 years ago. What stood out to me about the careers and the jobs that I had. As you guys know, I have
a military background. I’ve also done other
things like retail jobs. Entry level jobs. All of my jobs were entry level, right? The one thing that I feel
like kept happen to me over, and over, and over again. These jobs all had one thing in common. They would never work out. (laughs) They would never work out! It wasn’t like a self-sabotage work out. No, it wasn’t like that at all. It just truly felt like an intuitive, like God was telling me and showing me, This ain’t it, Boo. This ain’t it. And get your coins, but
this is definitely not where I see you doing the
work that I need you to do. Because I didn’t realize that for a while, I went through a lot of very
interesting job experiences. I was working on a military base. And there was always that one employee who would just try it with me. I always felt like those people were put in front of me to test me. I usually failed those tests. Because I just was too emotional. I didn’t know how to
play the corporate game. I didn’t know how to just understand that not everybody is
gonna like you at the job. I struggle with that incredibly as a Leo. Because Leos don’t like
being misunderstood. And I always felt like, no, this person, no, It can’t be that! No! We were good, man! I thought we were cool! There was just an
overwhelming amount of proof to show that these jobs weren’t
meant to be in the long run. No matter how much I tried to be flexible, no matter how much I tried
to have learning experiences from those jobs, no matter how
much I tried to make it work with the awful co-worker who
was literally, sometimes, going out of their way
to make life hell for me, it never worked out. It never worked out. It never worked out. So the one year I decided, Okay, I’m gonna switch things up, and I’m going to switch gears
and do things differently. So that year was 2012-ish? 2012, 2013. I’m a proper Nigerian
gal, and I love beauty. But it’s never gonna
make sense to my parents until I have something on paper. So I’ll go to cosmetology school. It was challenging, but it felt like, No. I’m gonna keep this challenging, but I’m gonna keep doing it. I’m gonna keep doing it. I’m gonna keep doing it. I’m gonna keep doing it. You’re trying it, but
I’m gonna keep doing it. This is hard as hell, but
I’m gonna keep doing it. Nope, I’m gonna keep doing it. I’m gonna keep doing this. There’s a place for me here. I’m gonna do it. Even though the challenges
and the obstacles placed in front of me were hard as hell, it wasn’t enough to outweigh
the reward I got from doing it. Does that make sense? I also felt like sometimes
people underestimate how important it is to actually
like the work that you do. Our parents were raised and taught that you get
a job that pays the bills and doesn’t really fulfill you. I needed to be fulfilled. I couldn’t sleep at night
not being fulfilled. All of the other jobs
that I did before that were not fulfilling me
emotionally, spiritually. I did them to make money,
but I wasn’t happy. I was just doing them and I
wasn’t really thriving, right? Another thing that I wanted to say is sometimes you have to do those things to get to where you need to be. I’m gonna be very careful now and say this because I know that sometimes
people people can be hypersensitive to certain
things and certain messages. But, based on my experience in
working and in hiring people, nowadays, a lot of people aren’t willing to do those unlikable jobs to
get to where they want to be. And I’m not speaking on all people. I’m just saying this is in my experience. Honey, don’t be roasting me and
dragging me in the comments. Our parents were miserable. God forbid if you’re the
child of an immigrant. They went through it. And now, I feel like we’ve
gone so polar opposite, and we’ve become so anti-that. That now, we want to cruise
a little too much sometimes. You know what I mean? Little too much. You do gotta actually pay your dues. I’m just gonna say that. I hate to say this, but I see
it based on how people talk on social media. I see it. People throw in the
towel a little too fast. And I don’t think your 20s is throw in the towel age just yet. Once you get to your 30s, if
something is still not sticking and you don’t even like it on top of that, then you can start considering
doing other career paths. Changing your career in your 30s, there is nothing wrong with that. But, yeah, I just definitely
feel like people now give up a little too easily sometimes. I’m not talking about the people who were were unjustly let
go of jobs or whatever. I’m talking about people
who weren’t even willing to put in the work where
they were at at the time. Sometimes, those odd jobs,
they pay the bills, honey. But, let me tell you sometimes, there was not a day, and I
shouldn’t have been doing this, but, girl, I was editing videos at my job when I lived in Kaohe. Still editing videos. I worked from six pm to six am. Hashtag night owl crew. And I worked from six am to six pm even though I was tired as hell. Wasn’t really gaining much from this because I didn’t make a ton of money on my channel back then either. But, chile, best believe
once I got off my shift, I would go home, utilize
the daylight that I had, the natural daylight, and I would film. My salary, at the time, with
my regular job was great. I didn’t have to do that. But YouTube fulfilled me. And so I made sacrifices, like sleep, sometimes talking to my family, sometimes I couldn’t get errands done. I couldn’t utilize the little
bit of daytime that I had to do other things. And I sacrificed those moments
just to create content. It was a very get in where
you fit in type of mentality. Put it that way, okay? I filmed when I could. I edited when and where I could. But I made it work. Was it a sacrifice? Hell yeah. I had no clue it was gonna pay off. I wasn’t even thinking
strategically at that time. I wasn’t at all. I just was like, Oh, all right. This is growing a little bit. You know, I think that
was what motivated me to keep doing it. Which is so funny to me
when people accuse me of being money motivated. Because if you only knew. If your girl only knew
how long I was doing this for the opposite. No reward or very little reward. No sponsorships, no PR packages,
no one was checking for me for a good half a decade. I’m not even exaggerating. Five years. Five years. Probably even longer than that. What was that, 2010, 11, 12, 13, 14. Yeah, five, six years. You don’t do something for six years and barely succeed at it
because you’re money motivated. You just don’t. Do it because you like it. And you do it because you’re
genuinely fulfilled from it. I just found out that this was vegan. This is the best thing I ever learned. I am not a vegan. I am vegan adjacent. That means no dairy, no pork, no beef. ♪ Swing batter, batter ♪ ♪ Swing batter, batter, swing ♪ ♪ Powder up ♪ Now we’re going to use my Fenty powder in the color Cashew. And bake– (car horn blares) One thing that I wanna talk about is probably going to be looked at more of as a unpopular opinion. Also, bear in mind that these are. Laura Mercier. I go back and forth with
powders all the time. It’s not gonna be long. Just bear with me. This is coming from my personal experience as well as my lack on
knowledge about finances, saving, but, I think you guys know by now I’m not an accountant. I’m not a CPA. I’m in nowhere near the
Suze Orville Redenbachers, Suze Ormans, or whatever her name is. But, I did get a lot of
questions about saving. Please do not feel bad if
you don’t make a lot of money and you find it very difficult to save. It is also something
that I struggled with. The one thing, in my opinion,
that people don’t tell you, it kind of takes money to save money. When you’re barely scraping by and you’re living paycheck to paycheck, no one taught me to save for a rainy day. How to effectively do it in a way where I didn’t feel
guilty for not doing it. There’s always so much shame around broke people who don’t save. And it’s like, why are you
putting the burden on them? It’s not their fault if they are not in a certain tax bracket or don’t have a certain income. And I feel like there’s a ton of shame. More so now more than ever. To live a certain lifestyle,
flex, and be the, all that. I didn’t learn, while coming up, how to effectively save my money. I just didn’t. No one actually taught
me this is what you do, this is what you don’t do, this is a little area
that you could save money, here’s how you can cut corners, there’s how you can. Nothing. I will say, once Dennis got into my life, being that he has the banking expertise and background that he has, he taught me how to properly manage the assets that I have now. I didn’t really have the tools, and the expertise, and, in my opinion, the money to effectively save for goals. And that’s why one thing
that I just didn’t do was I just didn’t indulge in things like designer clothes or designer bags. I never wanted to be the person who had a $2,000 bag with less than $2,000 in it. I respect it, but it wasn’t me. There’s nothing wrong with other people saving for things that they like. But it just didn’t feel real to save up for things that I would have to put plastic covering over to enjoy them. That’s just not what I
wanted to do with my money. Because I knew deep down I
could enjoy this Louis bag, or this Givenchy bag,
or this Gucci bag now. But if I can’t maintain
it, then what’s the point? That was probably one of the
smartest things that I did. Now, the only time I would
ever indulge in something that was a financial risk for me is if there was some type of reward. So I’ll give you a great example of this. This was early in Mario
Dedivanovic’s career. This was when he was first coming up. He was doing this seminar in LA. And the tickets to attend this seminar, it was either $300 or $500. I wanna say it was closer to $500. So it was pretty expensive. And, mind you, this was back
when I was doing make-up at the time, professionally. Obviously, being that
Mario was very popular, I was definitely intrigued
in his techniques and into his whole style. And I think I had just under
what that ticket price was. That would’ve been more
than a splurge for me. It would’ve been overdraft. I was definitely trying it because I knew that I
didn’t have the money. For some odd reason, instead
of closing the website and just going on about my day, I entered my information anyway, and I tried to pay for the ticket anyway. Well, it was approved. (record scratch) And I was like, But how? I don’t even have that
much money in my account. But I also didn’t want to call my bank. I just didn’t. I was just like, Well, I guess we goin’ Top
Ramen this week, aren’t we? Was that class valuable for me? Absolutely. A great way to meet other
artists in the industry. I definitely learned a lot. I found the class very valuable. That was one of those few instances where I knew I didn’t have
the money for something. I could sleep at night knowing I could actually gain something from this. Does that make sense? I don’t know if anyone will
find that tidbit helpful. We already know that
there’s a lot of people who, seemingly, look really successful and aren’t actually successful
behind closed doors. And they’re buying all this
stuff to look a certain way to other people who don’t
even care about them. You guys, one person who really is good with finances and stuff
is Patricia Bright. You guys should definitely check out. And, funny enough, we
actually had an in-person conversation about this. Because she told me she
really, really, really wanted to start doing more videos on finances and saving for a house. You know, she has an
accounting background. And she really, genuinely loves the number side of her career. And she was just like, I don’t know how this
is gonna be received. And I was like, Girl, who cares? If you love it, just throw it out there. See if it sticks. And you never know. People may genuinely. I would enjoy that. And she ended up doing it. So, you guys should definitely
check out her videos on that kind of stuff. But, in the mean time, I’m just gonna… (spraying) Let me fix my hair. And somebody actually showed me that putting on your wig over your make-up actually holds better. And I kinda feel like several
points were not only made. Oh, God, I got concealer in my hair. Damn it! So, I got this California
Love pallette from ColourPop. Seems cute. I’ll play with that. I’m gonna take this color here. Sometimes I feel like the dark colors in ColourPop’s pallettes
can be a little powdery. I definitely wish I had a
little bit more takeaway about the saving part of this video. But the point of this video was really things that I’ve learned and the lessons to those
of you in your 20s. I just learned please
don’t beat yourself up about being a Suzy
Orville Redenbacher saver. It’s hard. It is really hard, especially when you’re
just barely making it. Oh, my God. Why did no one tell me to not
take anyone serious in my 20s? I was just so like, Oh my God. This is the one. And if it doesn’t work out,
I’ll never be loved again! Don’t get me wrong, my
20s were definitely fun. And I got to enjoy single-hood. I always say please,
especially my young women. And I understand everybody’s
circumstances are different. And I understand everybody’s
backgrounds are different. And some people just find
who they love in high school, and they find who they love in college, or whatever, or what have you. But try your hardest in
your 20s to spend at least one to two years single. At least. And when I say single, I mean not emotionally
soul-tied to someone. You need a year on your own
to get to know yourself, understand what you like and don’t like. Trust me, there’s a lot of
things that you think you love now, in your 20s, that you
may not be that fond of in five years or 10 years. There are even things in dating that you may think are non-negotiables that, in five to 10 years,
may actually low key start to hit different
once you get closer to 30. You’re like, Wait a minute, now. Now, if you just feel, in your
spirit, and in your heart, that at 23, you’re with
the person of your dreams, then, I would say, by all means,
do what you feel is right. But, I heard a quote, and
this was the realest quote that I ever felt. Mixed feelings is a no. Mixed feelings is a no. I’m gonna use Diego now. The biggest thing that I learned in my 20s was I was giving too much
too soon in relationships. I feel like I was settling. I was 100% settling. I was just doing way too much too soon. I just wanted to cuddle up and play house with guys who were not
worthy of that at all. You know who doesn’t date on potential? Men sure as hell don’t. Men do not date on what they feel women have a pretensity to be. Men date on what you are
right then and there. They take you for face value. ColourPop’s been doing
this pressed glitter. Ooh. Ooo, ooo! Okay, so this is Whiskey from Urban Decay in the 24/7 Glide-On Pencils. And I lined my top and bottom lash line. And now, I’m taking Mission,
which is the dark brown, And I’m gonna stamp that
right over brown liner. I’m gonna take Mission. I’m so sorry, you guys. I’m probably gonna block
my eye by doing this. But around the outer corner of my eye, I’m gonna take a little bit of Mission. So, I just discovered I have a pair of Lila
lashes from Lilly Lash. And they seem cute. So I’m gonna pop these on. While I prep this lash, I’m
gonna also talk about something that really bothers
me, not only in my 20s, but it bothers me into my 30s. There’s this ongoing need
for people to ask you about marriage and babies. You guys already know how
I feel about this topic because I’m constantly shutting this down when I’m asked, When
are you getting married? When are you having babies? I mean, these are questions
that most people don’t. I’m not God. I don’t have those answers. I think that in your 20s, there’s an incredible amount of pressure to know the answers to those questions. Especially for those of you
guys that live in a small town. Or maybe you have an African family. So some people might experience this more or less than others. This is going to be more of a pep talk. How to deal with that
and navigate around that is honestly the way that
you deal and navigate around any societal pressure, right? You gotta remember that these people are only saying these things because it’s almost like sometimes it’s a reflection of themselves. I can understand the concern when those comments come from family. As long as they’re not rude
and making you feel humiliated. Because that’s a thing. That’s a thing! If it’s coming from a stranger? Yeah, that’s a little weird. And it’s very invasive,
and also not your business. I’m tired of the question
being asked to women. And I wouldn’t say ignore them. Because you can’t. You physically can’t. You probably have to answer to them. But I would say at least
respond and make it funny. A lot of these questions are more like that’s a whole video. And then, Cruisin’, I’m
gonna put in my tear duct. I honestly feel like the 20s are finding that fine line between the decisions that I make now could effect me for the rest of my life. But also, relax. It’s not that deep. There’s a fine line. And be careful, but not at
the expense of not being happy because you’re constantly
overly critiquing yourself for not being where you wanna be. I’m gonna throw on this blush stick. I actually have two of them
from Charlotte Tilbury. There’s one in the shade
Es Vedra, and Formentera. Oh, I already like this one. Oh, yeah! I think I’m just gonna
wear that one by itself. Let’s see how it blends out! This is nice ’cause it’s shiny so it adds a little highlight in there. And then, I’m gonna throw
on this highlight trio from Too Faced. This looks cute. (sniffs) It’s not scented. That’s fine. I’ll let it slide this one time. And I think I’m gonna take the gold shade. The one all the way at the end. Oh. Ooh, ooh. This is almost wet. Or it looks wet. I’m lining my lips with Kay liner. And then, filling in with Clover
Lip Blaze from Lime Crime. Oh, I forgot! I wanted to mix them! I’m gonna mix Fern in. So, I’ll just put it on my
top lip so that it’ll mix. (smacks lips) Oh, those are pretty mixed. Lastly, I’m gonna throw on a Milani gloss in the shade Rosy Bronze. Oh, I love the way these smell. And that is pretty much it! I really hope you guys learned something. I always say, If one
person learns something from my videos, then
that’s all that matters. If you guys have any questions about any of what we talked
about in today’s video, please let me know. Maybe we could do another video and expand on it a little bit more. Advice in your 20s is
very general and broad. Now that I’ve gone out
of the phase of my 20s, I can look back and say there were way
too many times where I was way too hard on myself. And I was way too influenced
by what other people thought. Shout out to Olay again for
sponsoring today’s video with yet another product
that I absolutely love. And I hope to see you
guys on the next video, which I’mma put right here! Hey! Would you look at the time. Look at the time. Class was canceled. You’re snowed in, aren’t ya? Nevermind the fact that
you live in Florida. That’s beside the point. Just watch another video. Thanks.