How’s it going Youtube I am Landon and welcome
back to another most amazing top 10 video. I’ve personally never been inside of a prison
but I have read a ton of stories about how bad they can be. Many inmates can be mistreated and the environment
is just like no other. Well there are some rare prisons out there
that are luxurious. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 luxury
prisons that actually exist. It’s time to check out our first 5-star
cell with Federal Prison Camp, Duluth, Prison in at number 10. If you are a criminal and you got arrested,
this is the prison that you’d want to get sent to. This prison teaches you how to play the drums,
guitar and piano. You can become a Rockstar while wearing your
orange jumpsuit behind bars. I don’t think this is what Elvis had in
mind when he sang Jailhouse rock. Things get even more high class in at number
9 with Cebu Prison in the Philippines. Inmates incarcerated at this prison spend
four hours a day practicing a bunch of dance routines. They perform these dance routines as part
of their daily exercise and rehabilitation. They are actually really well known on Youtube
and a lot of people consider them to be viral internet stars because a lot of their performances
are filmed and uploaded onto Youtube. Watch this video of them This video has been
viewed over 57 million times. Whoa I wonder who is getting the money that
was generated from that clip. Locked up in at number 8 we have Aranjuez
Prison. Under normal circumstances, if a baby is born
to a person who is incarcerated, the baby will be sent to live with family or goes into
child protective services. However, this prison allows the children to
remain with their parents or mother behind bars until they are 3 years old. This is the only prison in the world that
has cells for families. The child will have access to a lot of toys,
other children to interact with, a playground and of course they can still bond with their
parents. This seems crazy to me because in a way, the
child is sort of imprisoned as well. Champ – Dollon comes onto this list in at
number 7. It’s no secret that prison cells are tiny
and uncomfortable. Well, that is not the case at the Champ-Dollon
prison because take a look at their spacious cells. These cells are recently renovated because
the inmates complained about the size of their rooms. I literally think this cell is bigger than
my bedroom. I would want to live there, except for the
barbed wire and iron bars on the windows. Sollentuna Prison in Sweden comes in at number
6. The buildings and facilities at this prison
are actually a lot nicer than most apartment buildings in Toronto. Prisoners at this prison have full access
to the kitchen so they can make their own meals, work out in a state of the art gym
and relax in beautifully furnished living spaces. It’s almost like being at home but for these
prisoners, they can’t leave. Her Majestys Prison Forest Bank in Manchester,
England comes onto this list in at number 5. The prisoners here are basically treated like
royalty. They were being served five luxurious meals
a day and they would be offered over 100 different types of meats, drinks and desserts. It’s no surprise that the public was outraged
when they found out that their hard-earned tax money was being used to feed criminals
these kinds of meals that would normally be served in a five-star restaurant. Some nights I make myself Kraft dinner and
these criminals are getting fed lobster tail, something’s not right with this picture. Things get even more out of hand in at number
4 with the Justice Center in Leoben, Austria. The prisoners here are able to move around
the building freely and each prisoner has their own bathroom, kitchen area and floor
to ceiling windows that open up to a balcony. Whoa, this sounds better than my condo in
Toronto. This five-star prison also has a gym, indoor
court and your cell comes with its very own television. This sounds like ever prisoners dream to be
locked up here. Alright moving into number 3 we have Halden
Prison, Norway. All of the prisoners here are assigned to
a private cell that comes with a mini fridge, flat screen TV and an ensuite bathroom. Is it weird that I am jealous of these criminals? Their “cells” don’t even have bars on
their windows so that more light can shine through. Oh and this resort, I mean prison has a recording
studio, huge library, expensive gym and a rock climbing wall. Norway has a very low crime rate and they
believe that if you treat prisoners well, they will be less likely to reoffend when
they are released. And now we have Suomenlinna Prison in Helsinki
Finland which makes it into number 2. This is the world’s only open prison where
there aren’t any gates, locks or uniforms. The prisoners earn about $8 an hour, have
cellphones, go into town to grocery shop and they get vacation time each year. They pay rent to the prison or they can choose
to go to school instead of working. They even get to take supervised camping and
fishing trips. Whoa, this sounds like summer camp or something. They have it so good at this prison. Finally in at our number 1 spot is Bastoy
Prison in Norway. Apparently, this jail feels more like a resort
and it is situated on a one square mile island that is full of beautiful scenery. There’s a beach where the prisoners can
sunbathe in the summer, they can fish and there is a sauna and tennis courts. These prisoners have committed crimes such
as murder, rape and drug trafficking but yet they have wooden cottages instead of cells
and they have so much freedom. It’s more of a vacation for these criminals. Hmm maybe I wouldn’t mind getting arrested
in Norway. Well there you guys have it…