single vertical line on the mount of
mercury indicates sudden unexpected financial gains if triangles are found on or inside the Lifeline as shown the bearer will gain hugh amount of money at
that particular age triangle formed should not be distorted which reduces
the effect of its formation it should be well marked bigger the formation of the
triangle bigger will be the gains in the bearer’s life if a triangle is formed between fate
line and the headline as shown the person will earn good amount of money
through his or her profession or business it is also known as money
triangle size of the triangle denotes the magnitude of money retained by the
person if yav which resembles as a grain of
wheat is formed clear and long on the thumb as shown indicates person will be
very rich in his or her life it is considered as a very good sign for the
wealth in the Hindu palmistry if the fish symbol is present at the
bottom of the hand is an indicator of wealth depending upon the direction the
fish head is pointing towards denotes the type of success for example if the
fish symbol is pointing towards mercury mount success will come through business
activity or through his or her communication skills if the fish symbol
is pointing towards sun mount success will come through creative activity if the
fishtail is pointed towards any of the mounts indicates the wealth will come
late in his or her life If star formation is found on the mount of Sun indicates the bearer will be very wealthy and famous generally such
marking is found on the hands of big celebrities in entertainment industry or
those who are exceptional in the creative field if the star is found on
the Sun line without any defects the bear will achieve stupendous success at that
particular age if a small vertical line or a line gets
slightly bent between mercury and Apollo finger indicates inheritance which
brings a lot of wealth in a person’s life If a triangle also known as
triangle of earnings is formed by the intersection of headline,fate line and
the mercury line is found on the bearer’s hand indicates hugh amount of money earned
and retained by the person however many times the triangle formed is incomplete
by one of the side the bearer needs to look which line makes it complete if the
mercury line is not making the triangle complete work on your communication,
business skills if it is the fate line then work on current job a bit harder
and if it is the head line then you are spending much than you are earning lines
do change guys as our thinking process changes fate line ending in a trident is a clear
indication that the bearer will be highly successful and wealthy if the
fate line ending in Trident is found on the mount of Saturn as shown the bearer
will acquire significant wealth through land dealings if the heart line head line and the
Lifeline makes M shape as shown it is a clear indication of wealth after
marriage if it is clear and well marked the bearer becomes very rich after
marriage as his or her luck changes after marriage the marriage serves as a
motivation for such kind of person their intuition becomes much stronger and
excels in career that requires management skills thanks for watching guys please do like
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