hey guys Mike from Coachmikemacdonald.com here and are you looking for a business that you can start from home
well today’s video I’m gonna cover the top four businesses you can start from
home today and some ideas you can use to start a business from home so stay tuned now a lot of people these days are
looking for a way to start a business from home or some different business
ideas that you can start from home right away and there’s a lot of different
options out there with how far technology is really advanced there’s a
lot of different options of businesses that you can start today with very low
investment very low overheads and a lot of them you can even do for free and so
today’s video I’m going to go through the top four businesses you can start
from home on a part-time basis so let’s get into it now the first one that you
can start off is blogging now a lot of people kind of make the mistake where
they think that they can just write blogs all day and money is just gonna
magically pour in it’s certainly a process right you need to be marketing
something usually with your blog or getting a lot of traffic and you have to
create valuable content now there’s a lot of options there different blogging
platforms you can do there are some free options out there but in my opinion I
would definitely recommend setting up a hosted blog like a self hosted blog that
you control that you own where you go out and you get a domain name and then
you own that blog right because there’s a lot of different platforms out there
that you can use like I said there’s some free options when it comes to blogs
but you don’t own those and you don’t really control those right because what
can happen on all kinds of social media platforms is you could build something
to massive scale right you could get hundreds of thousands of followers you
could be getting a ton of traffic right but if you don’t own it they can shut
that down at any time that platform might not be popular anymore they just
stop updating it or that company that runs that goes out of business right so
again if you have your own self hosted blog and website it’s something that you
actually own so it’s one thing that you definitely want to implement and have
when you’re starting a business and you can actually make a blog a business
itself right so what you can do is you can make
valuable base content right and then you can promote other things on that blog so
that could be like info products that you sell could be like affiliate
marketing or network marketing which I’ll get to in a little bit you can even
build it up to the point where you’re getting a lot of traffic you can start
running ads from Google so you can have like Adsense on your site where they’re
gonna actually run ads on your page and then you’re gonna get paid when people
go and click on those ads you can even get to the point where you can run
sponsored ads or basically sponsored posts where people actually pay you to
post about their stuff now obviously you want it to be congruent with what your
site what your blog is about but it’s a pretty cool thing that if you build it
to a certain point there’s going to be people that want to basically pay you to
talk about their content and you can have sponsored posts on your blog which
is another really cool way that you can make another stream of income and again
start a home business with blogging so that’s one great strategy
another cool business that you can start today is basically affiliate marketing
and so what is affiliate marketing well what that is is basically you’ll find
businesses that have products out there or maybe they’re individuals that have
products and again they can be products they could be services they could be
ebooks they could be courses right there’s all kinds of different options
for affiliate marketing you know I know one big program out there it’s called
Clickbank and it’s cool it’s free to sign up for and then there’s all kinds
of different you know affiliate products out there that you can promote to start
generating income to start getting a business going from home and you can
start it right away it takes a few minutes to set that up and you can go
out there and start a business like that now what’s cool is you can actually tie
this in with your blog so the other you know business I was talking about
earlier about blogging is that you can write blog posts that promote different
affiliate marketing products or again if it fits well or it’s congruent right so
maybe you saw your cook right so you did a blog post with cooking tips and then
an affiliate product you might promote is like a cookbook right so there’s all
kinds of different options if you’re in the health and fitness right maybe you
create some exercise guides or some videos or some training tips right and
then you promote some type of fitness type of health and wellness affiliate
product with that so it’s another really cool business that you can start it’s
usually very low cost if not even free depending on what it is that you’re
promoting and then again there it’s very easy to start promoting and jumping into
right away now again obviously you don’t want to be spammy about it right and
just post your affiliate links all over Facebook all over social media there’s
certainly a right and a wrong way to do it you want to lead with value you know
help solve your target markets problems but then you can offer them some type of
affiliate marketing course some type of products some type of service as an
affiliate that solves that problem so if you did start a business like that or
you want more information on how to do that actually put together a free five
day lead generation bootcamp where I kind of teach you how to actually market
affiliate marketing products a home business effectively online so if you
did want to check that out you can head on over to coach Mike McDonald com
forward slash five-day coaching or there’s also a link in the description
below this video as well I can teach you how to do affiliate marketing and
marketing your business online more effectively now the third business you
on a starter that you can start from home today is basically network
marketing and it’s very similar to affiliate marketing but in this aspect
you’re gonna find a company or a business that already has like products
in place service in place they’ve got the
corporate you know the corporate side in place they handle logistics so they
deliver the product or they you know ship the product to your customers right
you’re kind of like the middleman the distributor the sales rep and so not
only can you sell the products but you can also build a sales team build an
organization that also promotes the product so I look at it a lot like real
estate right so if you were a real estate broker you could go out and sell
homes and then earn income from that right earn commissions but then you
could also teach and train and build a team of agents a team of real estate
agents that sell homes as well but since you’re the broker you help teach and
train them you kind of help them get the setup maybe you contribute to
advertising whatever the case might be and you’re gonna earn a percentage when
those real estate agents sell a home so it’s a very similar concept
comes in network marketing and what’s cool about these businesses is that you
know there’s really three steps to creating wealth in your life or three
kind of ways to create massive wealth and so there’s putting money at work
which again most people just getting started maybe you don’t have a lot of
money laying around so it’s not you know maybe realistic to invest in things and
kind of have your money work for you on a passive basis that’s kind of like the
ultimate goal right that you want to get to but you might not have that starting
off right so that’s why probably you’re watching this video and you want to
start a business right so you could have more money coming in to invest to create
more streams of income right but again still money at work is one of the ways
that you can you know get wealthy with a business or you know in life right and
so there’s one strategy as money at work another one is having people at work and
that’s what’s cool with network marketing is that you can create that
organization you can create that team of people and create leverage that way
right you know typically people will create leverage with people at work by
starting a traditional business right and hiring employees building a team of
people that way and you know you can obviously go out and do that but if
you’re looking for a business you can start today and start growing or build
it part-time usually a traditional business where you’re hiring employees
it’s probably not the first place you can start off right away there’s a
higher barrier to entry right it’s a huge investment to do that right you’re
gonna have higher overheads every month we’re a network marketing business is
probably gonna cost a few hundred dollars probably under a thousand
dollars and then again your monthly overheads for that business probably
gonna be around a hundred to two hundred dollars a month right so nothing crazy
compared to like a traditional business and so again with that you can have
people at work which creates leverage just like a traditional business having
a team of employees so that’s what’s cool with network marketing and again
there’s all kinds of programs out there you can find one with a product or
service that you like that you’re fired up about you’re passionate about and
then again you can go out and build that side business from home and most of them
like I said is a few hundred dollars to get started you can get plugged in so I
know it’s definitely one of the income streams that I implement as well
because you can have that leverage right so you can build a team of people and
have people at work so that’s really the third business you can start today from
home now another one that’s really cool is what you’re kind of watching right
now right it’s YouTube marketing so that’s another really cool business that
you can start from home is you know building a YouTube channel building a
YouTube following and then you can do it in all kinds of different industries and
there’s so many different ways that you can monetize a YouTube channel now kind
of the main one that people think about is that you’re running ads on your
YouTube video and that’s certainly one stream of income that you can certainly
get to you know at the time that I’m making this video you need four thousand
hours of watch time for the year and a thousand subscribers and once you hit
that level you can start running ads on your videos now again it’s probably not
an overnight thing right because again to get to four thousand hours for the
year that’s a lot of watch time and a thousand subscribers obviously that
doesn’t happen overnight but with consistent effort and putting out
quality content on a regular basis I feel that really anybody can do that
it’s a skill set you can learn it you can learn what to talk about you can
grate create content out there and again as you continue to do that people are
going to resonate with you and then you can do it on a whole host of different
products and there’s a lot of cool ways that you can monetize a YouTube channel
beyond just the Adsense right beyond just Google paying you and running ads
on the video there’s stuff out there like patreon where you can create
value-based content you know maybe you’re doing free giveaways on people
you know contribute to your channel every month you can you know just have
PayPal donations there’s a lot of different stuff you can sell products
like affiliate marketing network marketing there’s so many different ways
that you can monetize a youtube channel and again it’s just something that if
you’re consistent with it you’re continually putting out quality content
you’re gonna build an audience people are gonna start to follow you and watch
your videos and it’s just kind of like a matter of time right so again obviously
none of these businesses are get rich quick thing by any means they take time
just like any business in the world to build but what’s cool is you can start
them today a lot of these businesses as you build them you can continue to work
24/7 right so again what’s cool with the YouTube marketing the affiliate
marketing the blogging you know I talked about the three ways to create wealth
right so I covered money at work and people at work well the third one is
having a system at work and that’s what really like the YouTube channel
marketing is like building a business without affiliate marketing with
blogging because you can create content that’s working for you on a 24/7 basis
so again obviously it’s not overnight but as you build up that content on your
blog on your website on your YouTube channel right what happens is that
that’s out there it’s kind of like evergreen content you call it so it
works for you you create it once but it works for you on a 24/7 basis that can
help you bring in leads help you bring in sales help you bring in income and
again create that profitable business from home and so what’s awesome is again
it doesn’t matter if you work a full-time job you’re super busy because
you can create this evergreen content that works for you 24/7 so you do it
once and I look at it kind of like you put out a little billboard on the side
of the highway that people are gonna continue to see over and over and over
again you pay for it once right you do the effort you do the work once and now
it’s out there and it continues to work for you over and over and over again and
again it brings in sales it can bring in leads it can help you start growing a
business you can monetize it with like a YouTube channel so it’s pretty cool and
what’s neat is like all of these businesses that I’ve gone through today
they kind of all feed on each other right which is awesome so like they’re
all part of each other but they could all be four separate businesses as well
you know I know for me I built several channels on YouTube that bring in
thousands of views every month and so it’s cool were again some of them you
can have ads running on them make that income stream as well or you can promote
to different affiliate products there’s so many different ways to you know
monetize it you can generate leads for a network marketing business there’s a lot
of different ways that you can do it but these are really simple businesses you
once you learn the skill set and then it just takes consistent effort over time
and then you can build that asset right you can build these businesses right
around what you’re and it’s something that I believe
anybody can do once they learn the skill set and take the consistent action to do
it so again I if you’re looking to start a business definitely you know choose
one of these it says four of the top businesses you can start from home today
you know again blogging affiliate marketing network marketing or again
creating like YouTube channel and promoting different things for the
business through that so again guys hopefully you got some benefit and value
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