Hey, what’s up? Kris Krohn here. And today
I wanted to shoot a video about the top 4 limiting beliefs that I keep seeing
hitting my brand-new investors over and over and over again. And I want to tell
you right now. I can show you how to go out there and crush it in real estate.
But the biggest enemy that you have? It’s your mind. So today we’re going to clean
it up. We’re going to do a little brainwashing as in washing the brain.
We’re going to help you live it up large or succeeding in real estate with a winning
mindset. No one escapes childhood without a whole
pile of limiting beliefs and then they come to haunt you in adulthood. And if
you’re watching this video, yeah. I can give you the techniques for crushing it
in real estate. But whether you do them, whether you execute or not really comes
down to your mindset and how you’re choosing to think. So, what I want to do
is I want to share with you these 4 limiting beliefs and if we can get over
them together, it’s going to get over you one of the biggest hurdles that keeps
people from winning. Here’s the first one. Somebody’s going to sound familiar. You see but when you were a kid growing up, you know, your parents were terrified for
your well-being. And as a result, you’d ask for the world and their response was
what? No. In fact, by the time you were 16 years old, you had already heard that
word. No, don’t, can’t, shouldn’t thousands of times. And you know what that has an
impact on your ability of self belief and believing you can do anything because
mom and dad are constantly hit the brakes, hit the brakes. And you know what?
When your parent, you got kids you’ll see why they do it because you’ll do the
same thing. But we’re not kids anymore. We’re adults. And so, the first limiting belief that we’re dealing with is “I can’t do it.” And
there’s a lot of things in life that you won’t feel you’ll be able to do with
this one simple belief. I can’t do it. And real estate will definitely be one of
them. Because listen, we all have a comfort zone in life and it’s the zone
and we basically get a little bit of real estate walking room. But the theme
that I want is all the way over there. And guess what? I would love to get it
but I can’t get out of my comfort zone. Because I can’t do it. Well, the only way
you’re going to give yourself permission to learn how to do things is you got to
learn a brand new word. Do you know what that word is? “Yes.” The word is yes. You
need to create chaos in your life by saying these three magical letters. All
together. Yes is the new belief. The belief is I can do it. I am doing it. I
did it. Like how often have you said those words in comparison to these? Like
almost never at all. So, I’m just letting you know. If you want to succeed in real
estate, it’s a game of rejection. It’s a game of… Everyone’s going to tell you you
can’t do that. Your parents will tell you can’t do that, Realtors will tell you you
can’t do that. Investors will even tell you you can’t do that. But you know why
we win? Because we believe erroneously even at times that we can do things
when everyone else says that we can’t. And it starts with a personal belief. Now,
I’m going to show you how to lock the sin in a moment. I just want you to
understand. This is one of the 4 traitors. And you’re going to overcome it
with new language. Which is “I can do it.” Now, some of your watching that’s
literally skeptically like, “Dude. Kris, it seriously cannot be that simple.” Yes, my
friend. It is that simple. Get to the end of the video and I will show you how to
integrate it. Because knowing the language isn’t helpful. That’s the first
half. The other half of the battle is knowing how to lock that in and really
go somewhere with it. Here’s the second one. This is just for my YouTube channel.
“I’m too young.” I am so freaking sick and tired of older teenagers and people in
their 20s and early 20s telling me, “I can’t do it because I’m too young.” I know.
So, we got a small handful of you old fuddy-duddies watching like, “Well, I’m too
old.” Listen, it’s just there’s… Just garbage. It’s just bunk. Why would you
choose to believe something so stupid? It’s just an excuse to keep you from
doing something that you clearly can do. And I get it. There’s timing. But there’s
something you can do today. You can smart your brain, you can get your credit cards… So you can start using them responsibly to build your credit. You can
start putting money in the bank, right? You need to learn to say, “Yes, I can do it.”
And instead of saying, “I’m too young.” We’re going to go with “My time is now.” This is the time when I show up. “Now is my time.” That’s the belief instead of this
young, too young crap. Listen, I got started in real estate when I was really
old. I was already 22 years old. I wish I had
gotten started years earlier. Number 3. “It takes money to make money.”
Oh, my gosh. I’m so sick and tired of hearing that one. Listen, I’m making
millions of dollars from nothing. That’s what creation is. It’s not
technically from nothing because it’s from knowledge. And now it’s from track
record. This whole excuse guys of using money is the reason why I’m not
succeeding at something. Dude, it’s just lame. Never find yourself ever saying
those words. Because you know what? You’re giving yourself the perfect reason that
when it’s time to make your move, it’s time to make take your shot, you’re not
going to. Because you’ve got this stupid thing that says I can’t. You got think
something that says, “I’m too young.” And it says something that says, “Well, it takes
money to blah, blah, blah.” Whatever. Instead we’re going to combat that with new
language. The language we’re going to use here. “I have all the resources I need.”
Now by the way, that right there is a really awesome empowering belief. I got
all the resources that I need. Like just even try it on like feel it for a second.
Like, imagine that you had all the resources like you could fly, you can..
That’s called a plane. It’s like, I can… I can go travel anywhere in the world, have
anything that I want. Be anything that I want to be. Have all the resources, the
money that I need. It’s all available. It’s all real. If you first believe it,
you’ll figure how to put the puzzle pieces together. If you don’t believe it,
dude that’s like you staring at a puzzle and not even being able to get 2
pieces to work. Because you just don’t believe. This self belief that we’re
building in you, this is really core. Here’s the last one. I saved the worst for last. “I’m afraid.” You know, how much time we spent as
children being scared of the dark? Being scared of bullies, being scared of
people that abused us, mistreated us. Some of us sexually abused. Like, dude, you’re a
kid. And yeah, you’re totally at the whim of adults and other people. And you got
very little control. And we all cope with it with it a little differently. And one
of the ways to cope with it is to just be afraid. And live in fear. I’m telling
you, that’s wasted life. The student you learned that lesson the sooner you can
wake up to rebirth. The sooner you can take your life and start living it again.
And so, this whole thing of fear, it is entirely beneath who you are. It is not
your birthright. This life is not about fear. I don’t care what’s happened to you.
I mean I do I love you but like… When are you going to close the door on your past?
When are you going to let it stay there instead of haunting you again and again
and again? At some point, you just got to slam that door and say,
“I’m freaking done with you.” It’s time for you to go and freaking crush it in life.
Can’t do that with fear. What you need is courage. I had the courage to act. Fear
keeps us from acting and courage is what moves us forward. And faith. So check it
out. Look at what we got. I can do it. My time is now. I got all the resources I
need. I’ve got the courage to act. Holy cow, you’re starting to sound like Kris
Krohn. This is wild. Yes, these words. Your words are the building blocks that are
going to build your life. Now, I want to ask you, when you watch me here.
Either it’s Kris Krohn performing or I’m just freaking passionate.
I got passion coming out of every pore of my body. You know where this passion
comes from? You know where this love and this intensity this excitement comes
from? It comes from the words that I use to build my life. Now, I’ve seen these
four phrases as destroyers in many a young people’s life keeping them from
living the life that they really want. And I say it’s time we put our foot down
and say no more. So for you and I, what we can do about that? It’s time to get out
there and crush it. But this language is meaningless if you can’t back it by
emotion. So, what I want you to do for the next 21 days so you can grow the neurons
is that every day for 21 days, can you commit to saying these 4 phrases? And
when you say them, I want you to see them with emotion. I want you to feel them. I
want you to rise up. I want you to embody them. If you can’t connect it to emotion,
they won’t stick. I need 21 days of emotion. That’s what I’m asking of you.
And it’s not me asking. It’s me encouraging you to be the very best you
that you can be. Because if you can crush this, you and I we can go far. We can go
anywhere. I can give you my whole system and man, you’re going to go to the moon.
You’re going to crush it and real estate. You going to crush it in every part of your
life. If you can overcome the core limiting beliefs getting in your way. So,
here they are. Say it. I can do it. Not I can do it.
Remember. Wake up. I can do it. Like say it with conviction. Say it like you mean it.
I can do it! Here’s the next one. My time is now! None of this, “I’m too old, to young”
crap. I got all the resources I need! All the resources I need! And say it to you,
believe it. Say it to you, feel it. Because when you do, you’ll alter your perception
and the resources will start attracting to you. They’ll start coming to your life.
It’s like the genie in the lamp. The wish is your command. Last one, I’ve got the
courage to act. The what? I got the courage to act! I take action!
I am brave! I’m an actor. I’m an executor. I make it happen. I can do it, my time is
now, got all the resources I need. You feel it? Confidence? I didn’t have that in
the beginning. I suffered from this. And how you put an end to it? It’s pretty
simple. You figure out the new language which will unlock new doors of
opportunity. And you believe them even if you can’t understand why. If you have no
evidence and you’re like, “But Kris, this stuff is so weird and foreign to me.” I
don’t care. I don’t care. What I want you to do is to do what works. And
what I’m telling you, it works. So here’s what I’m asking you to do. I’m asking you
to commit to 21 days of saying these beliefs with passion, exuberance,
excitement, personal faith. And if you do, friends, you will open up not just
doorways of creating wealth and real estate but you will open up doors in the
rest of your life in your relationships and your health and your body. You’re
unlocking the secrets to your universe that you’re setting in motion that
you’re creating. Because in the beginning was the word. And the word created
everything. And these words will help create more of what you want in your life.
Now, you might realize at this point that, “Hey, I need a mentor. I need someone to
guide me pass my limiting beliefs. Strengthen my mind, give me the real
estate system.” And if you’re going to take me up for 21 days of doing this, then
you’re probably the person that I am looking to work with. Which means click
the link in the description below and get with my team. And explore what it
would look like to actually mentor with me. Have us give you a game plan and help
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