Hitchhike to travel for free CouchSurf to get accommodation for free You must have learnt this by watching my videos until now Today I’m going to tell you How can you travel for almost no money for a longer duration! its 8 pm This is the month of November I started this trip almost 2 months ago I am in a hostel in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan I am making this video for a few special reasons this is closely connected to my last LIVE video You must have seen a lot of travellers from around the world in that video Most of them were travelling for a very long duration Some of them have already been travelling for a few months Some of them have just begun their journey and will be travelling for months together However, after watching that LIVE video Most of you asked questions related to managing their travel expenses! “How did they get so much money to travel for longer durations!” “How do they manage their budget while travelling for long durations!” I have published a lot of videos on my channel which are broadly based on the ways of budget travelling You must have seen me travelling on a budget in most of the videos But today I am going to introduce you with an innovative concept of travelling it is called ‘Volunteering’ I have done volunteering on this trip (Kyrgyzstan) it helped me to keep my travelling expenses on the lower edge infact, some of the days when I was volunteering… I didn’t even have to spend a single penny on my food and accommodation because my host gave me free food and shelter In this video, I will not only share my experiences of volunteering I’m also going to share experiences of a few other travellers I have included both male and female travellers I have asked them a few important questions like 1. Is volunteering safe for everyone! 2. How long can someone volunteer! … and many more related questions Let me explain you the concept of volunteering in easy words You get free accommodation and food in exchange of your skills and services You can find such opportunities around the world There are a lot of people who are in need of your help, skills and services in return, they also have a lot to offer you they can give you a free stay at their place they can offer you free food You can get the most authentic experience of their local culture which is why I always recommend you to do couchsurfing In fact, some of the volunteering experiences can teach you some new skills But here is the most important question! How will you come across such opportunities! There are a lot of online platforms on the Internet which gives information about such opportunities Workaway Worldpackers.com Today I have got something special for you about worldpackers.com Most of these online platforms will show you such opportunities but if you want to contact the concerned host For example here are a lot of opportunities After seeing them you will need to contact your host To tell them that you are willing to work for them but, for contacting these hosts, you have to subscribe to these websites and there is a fee to subscribe to such websites for Example… Most of these sites have a subscription fee of $49 But let me share something very important WorldPackers is offering a 40% discount for the viewers of this channel So after watching this video, if you have started loving the concept of volunteering and willing to know more about such opportunities And have decided to pay a subscription fee of $49 Then I can share a discount code for you The code is mentioned in the description of this video Apply that code while making the payment of the subscription fee And you will get a discount of 40% I wish I could have got such promo codes while I subscribed to such websites I had to pay the full subscription fee This subscription fee is valid for one year You can use any number of opportunities in one year By using such online platforms you can work anywhere in the world I’m sure there must be some volunteering opportunities in India as well Through Couchsurfing you get a similar kind of travel experience but the duration of such a stay is very less but If you use online platforms like Worldpackers.com You can get such travel experiences for a longer duration this way you can get to know about the local culture without paying for accommodation Most of the times you also get free food I’m going to share experiences of a few travellers which will help you to understand this concept better They are quite experienced volunteers some of them have even volunteered continuously for months For this video I had to convince three other guests staying in this hostel let me Introduce all of them She is Olga (Russia) and He is Hiroshi Hiroshi is from Japan You must have already met him What is your name! SHUBHAM! He is Shubham, from India He has already visited 20 countries He stayed in a village near Rishikesh for one and a half months He did farming, film making and painting in return, he got free food and accommodation He is Hiroshi from Japan He has volunteered in all these countries in return, he got free food and accommodation he taught slum children in the Philippines In Australia, he learnt how to make alcohol from mango Before this trip, he was not knowing How to make it! It means while volunteering yourself for such opportunities… It is not necessary that you should be an expert of a particular skill Now Olga is with me. She is from Russia You must have seen her in the LIVE video She also has got some experience of volunteering even I have volunteered in this hostel In return, I got a place to stay for free for example, now I am going to see ‘volunteer opportunities’ Now I am looking for an opportunity in Europe I can see there is an opportunity in a farm in Italy Likewise, there is another farming opportunity in Spain Homestay in the UK, hostel in Germany Another hostel in Bosnia For example there is an opportunity in the hostel in Romania You will get a day off every week You will get a shared dormitory, free laundry, Free drinks and beverages You can also get a bicycle There are some more benefits However, you can just see this opportunity on this website But if you want to apply, then you have to make a profile You have to pay the subscription fee after making the profile Now lets get back to this 18-year-old guy from India For how long you have been travelling? 20 MONTHS If you still do not know him, then let me give a brief introduction You must’ve seen him in Dipanshu’s vlog & my earlier video You must have also seen him in one of my Instagram stories He is Shubham from Bihar He is just 18 year old He started travelling to years ago He has his own way of travelling I always wanted to travel in such a manner I wish I could have travelled this freely in the age of 18 years! I travelling experience would have been very matured by now I am happy with whatever I am doing The best part is that you are also the part of my happiness we are close to 1,000,000 subscribers now Gentlemen! first of all let me know how many volunteering experiences did you have in the last 20 minutes NEAR 10 Most of my volunteering experiences lasted for a day or two So this means it is possible to volunteer for just one or two days I directly approached the hostels for a work Okay! so this is also how it works! People also let volunteers work without any online application where did you get such an opportunity? I DID THIS IN HOSTELS OF THAILAND AND LAOS I also worked in a hostel in Kyrgyzstan Also in a Russian city called, Perm How long were your these experiences in general! Hiroshi got opportunities to work for one and half months Whereas he was getting stays only for one or two days it means volunteering can be done… …on the long term as well as on a short-term basis When I landed Astana for the first time I signed up for worldpackers.com to reach a hostel So actually you got to know about this website there itself! Yes,
I got an instant reply And finally, I went there My job included housekeeping and handling the reception I stayed there for two nights & three days Besides all of these, I did a longer stay in Malaysia I got an opportunity through WOOFING IN AN ORGANIC FARM wwoofing is related to farming I also learnt how to extract honey This is the most interesting part of this concept Hiroshi was sharing that he learnt to make alcohol in Australia. I never worked on a farm before coming to Kyrgyzstan You will see me doing something in the upcoming videos I learnt how to harvest potatoes and carrots on this trip so this concept also helps you in learning new skills I came to this country to explore the mountains Far from the crowded and commercialised towns By this opportunity, I not only get to stay in such places But also I get free accommodation and food Plus some other benefits like learning new things So for me, this is overall a very good deal So do volunteering and learn a lot of new things for free I was in Ufa, Russia For the first time, I got something else than just free food and accommodation it was a free train ticket o wow! My couch surfing host in Ufa wanted me to work at her home She wanted me to teach English to her daughter oh! that’s great! you got this opportunity from your host! I stayed there for four days in return for teaching English I just had to talk with her not actually ‘teach’ now let me share something important While volunteering it is not important to be an expert of something I know how good is my English! I know it’s enough for conveying my message to someone My level of English is not like professional teachers But it is not required There are a lot of volunteering opportunities related to English teaching But for that, you really don’t need to have a professional qualification in English CouchSurfing is usually for a short duration (like 1 or 2 days) Whereas volunteering opportunities are usually available for longer durations for Example, Hiroshi spent 1 1/2 months in Uttarakhand My best wishes are always with him May he and all of you keep travelling He travels in a different manner You are welcome!