Come, have your dinner. I’ll heat up the food. That’s okay, mom. I had dinner already. Come eat. The food is still hot. Eat carefully Take another one. That’s for your brother. I have to go… Mom! What are you doing here? I was about to ask you the same question. Every time you were outside, you’re wasting time playing games at the cyber cafe! And when you’re at home, you’re busy playing with your phone! But mom, I wasn’t playing … Enough!
I don’t want to hear anything. Don’t you pity me? I worked so hard to get you into college, and to prepare for the New Year celebration. Everyone’s talking about you! Enough! Boss… I’d like to excuse myself early. I need to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner. Happy New Year! May your business grow with the new year! Thank you, Mei. I hope all is well with you and your family. Actually… It’s not that I wanted to scold you so often, Mei. You work here in the daytime, and you have sewing jobs at night. Your son is all grown up I hear he goes to the cyber cafe, everyday. You have to talk to him about it. Here’s an Ang Pow for you. Thank you, boss Mommy! Get in here, quickly! What’s going on? Mom, I know you’ve been busy everyday. That’s why we made the Chinese New Year preparations for you. But where did you get all the money? Mom, relax. I have been working and doing well. That’s why I’ve been coming home late, often. What work? Online work. At first, I have been working at the cyber cafe… and sometimes through my phone. Mum, I’m sorry for neglecting you lately. I’ve been busy finishing my work before the Chinese New Year.