Ultimate Teaching: God Gives Wealth
Unfortunately what has happened in almost all religions, God is on one side. On the
opposite camp is money. This is a very unfortunate development in the human psyche.
Is God poor? He’s not poor. He is the owner of everything. If you read the Bible, if you
read the Koran, if you read the Bhagavad Gita, read any scriptures. Who is the owner of wealth?
It is God. Then why did we develop this concept? It was
because of ascetic people, the teachers who are like recluses, you know, who were basically
were responsible for the teaching of religion. And they are ascetics. So the asceticism became
so important because they said that, “If you are wealthy, you will be deluded and you’ll
not have time to go to God.” So they have taken an opposite position and then keep money
out of God. But God owns everything. And then he is the one who gives everything, you know.
The one thing you have to do is ask. “Ask, and you will be given.” the Bible. And those
who don’t have, they ask not. “They have not, because they ask not.” Again, the Bible.
So we have, you know, innumerable evidences everywhere, you know, in all of the scriptures
that God is promising everything. In the Bhagavad Gita it says, “Ishtan bhogan hi vo deva
dasyante yajnabhavitah.” The Gods will give you whatever you want so that you can enjoy
those things. “Bhogan,” which means “Do you want to experience those wealth?” And
they will give you through the Fire Ritual. That’s why the Fire Ritual is a great technology.
It’s not just a simple ritual that people are doing and that primitive people are doing.
It’s a very important ritual. And here it is in the Bible again, “The
silver is mine and the gold is mine, says the Lord of Hosts. Every beast of the forest
is mine. And the cattle upon a thousand hills are all mine.” This is the Psalms. So everything
belongs to God. So we have to really develop our relationship
with God. And then we have to learn how to talk to God. And he will talk to you back,
on a daily basis. Oral Roberts used to say that he would talk
to God at least thirty times a day, not for himself, but for the people who came to him.
So the Ultimate Teaching will have a component of that. That will be a very important component.
God Bless.